Vacation Quotes

Vacation Quotes


Good And Funny Vacation Quotes

Everyone needs a little vacation every once in a while. Especially, with how crazy the hustle and bustle of daily life can get. I mean, seriously, it’s exhausting to live nowadays! That’s why we compiled a list of good and funny vacation quotes that will have you dreaming of soaking up the sun on your next break from work!

1After Vacation Quote

Going back to work after vacation is something we all dread. But, it is nice to show off your tan and your vacation pics to everyone at the office.

2Better Barefoot Quote

If only we could live barefoot, like we do on the beach! What a happy life that would be. The feeling of the warm sand between your toes is one of the best feelings in the world.

3Happiness Is Holiday Quote

Not having to set your alarm for work is always a treat. And, it’s a bonus when you are on vacation! You can wake up at any time you want! Breakfast anytime of the day!

4Family Vacation Quote

Family vacations are supposed to be fun, right? Well, for anyone who has been on a family vacation before, they know the truth. It can be stressful and very very tiring.

5My Parents Complain Quote

Some people are total vacation freaks! They travel all the time, even if it’s only for the weekend. But, hey, experiences are everything, so why not pack your bag and head to Italy?

6In The End Quote

Money should be spent on experiences rather than material things. So, the next time you get paid think about what you want to spend that check on.

7Pre-Vacation Quote

There should be a thing called “pre-vacation”; a time when you get yourself ready for your actual vacation. It can be hard to unwind all at once. Better take it slow!

8Winter Vacation Quote

It’s hard to leave the house in the winter. And, if you don’t have the money to fly to the Caribbean, then it’s definitely ok to jump in a warm bath with a glass of cab.

9Airports Travel Quote

If you are a big vacation traveller then you know the drill. Drinks at 8AM are perfectly acceptable. What better way to pass the time than a nice glass of wine and a conversation with a stranger?

10A Destination Quote

Sometimes, a destination is all you need to disappear from that daily hustle. If you need a break, don’t stop to think! Just book a vacation and get your bags packed.

11Six Month Vacation Quote

Vacation time is the best time. Why can’t we have it all-year-round? I am sure we would much happier, much more positive, and much less stressed.

12Unplug Quote

Sometimes, life feels hard. But, the trick is to unplug once and while and give yourself a break. We all need time to refresh ourselves and refocus.

13I Need A Vacation Quote

If only vacation was a daily lifestyle! It would be heaven to be able to find a job where your office was the beach and your laptop was actually just a cocktail in your hand.

14Remember Why Holiday Quote

Family vacations are the worst. You are stuck in a new destination where you don’t know anyone except for your family, who you already see way too much.

15Watch Me Vacation Quote

Sipping and laying on the beach are your only two duties on vacation! Don’t let those work emails get through. Send an away message and keep on sipping.

16Monday Rolls Around Quote

Vacation is fun until it’s over. When it’s over, all you feel is the dread of going back to work, dealing with dumb everyday stress, and taking off the bikini and putting on the bra.

17Forgot To Shave Quote

Forgetting to shave on vacation can totally kill a day at the beach. Always remember to prep before you throw on that swimsuit. You don’t want to scare anyone.

18All My Passwords Quote

It is so nice to unplug during vacation. Learn to leave your phone in your hotel. And then bring your skills home and learn to leave your phone in another room after work. Treat your evening as a mini vacation!

19Vacation Calories Quote

On vacation, there is no such thing as a diet! Vacations are meant for you to enjoy yourself. And, part of the experience of traveling to a new place is trying new food!

20A Chocolate Box Travel Quote

All vacations are good vacations. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling across the country, around the world, or down the street for the weekend. Enjoy it!

21In Desperate Need Quote

22Plane Tickets Quote

23With Kids Trip Quote

24Inspired Me To Book Quote

25I Love My Job Quote

26A Time Out Quote

27That’s All Vacation Quote

28So Ready Vacation Quote

29Out To Live Quote

30Back To Work Quote

31Can’t Afford A Vacation Quote

32An Air Freshener Quote

33I Did Nothing Quote

34Kidnap Me Quote

35I Believe Vacation Quote

36You’re A Mom Quote

37I Look Forward To Quote

38Disney Quote

39Instant Vacation Quote

40Just In Case


Vacations are something that everyone needs once in a while. It is a time to totally unplug, refresh, and refocus. So, of course, we decided to put together a list of good and funny vacation quotes that will have you craving your next trip to the airport.

There are some quotes on this list about unplugging. And, let me tell you, unplugging is so important for your mental health. By putting away your phone and putting up an away message on your work email, you will be able to fully relax and experience the calmness of vacation.

There are some funny quotes about family vacations that are way too true. Family vacations don’t always feel like true vacations. They are more like stressful trips where you are stuck with the people that annoy you the most. Of course you love them, but enough to spend a week on an island with them?

Then there are quotes that talk about the dreaded first day back to work after a nice relaxing trip away. Yes, it is nice to tell the stories to your co-workers and show off your tan lines. But, actually doing work after being zen for a week is definitely hard.


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