Sad Breakup Quotes

Sad Breakup Quotes


Sad After Breakup Quotes For Her and Him

Breakups are never fun. Most of the time, they are downright miserable. But, you can find comfort in embracing sadness sometimes, and by knowing that you are not alone. That is why we compiled a list of the best sad breakup quotes for her and him. Hopefully, they’ll help you get through this tough time.

1The Hardest Thing Breakup Quote

It’s hard to walk away when you still love someone, but sometimes it is completely necessary for your mental health. Never stay in a toxic place, trust us, it won’t get easier.

2With My Feelings Quote

Sometimes breakups are unclear. Are we together or not? Being lied to, or given mixed signals is never ok. If that is happening, learn to walk away.

3One Day Quote

We may not always feel this confident right after a breakup, but you should know that you are worth the fight. It hurts when someone makes you feel like you’re not. But, you’ll make it through!

4The Realization Breakup Quote

Being somebody’s person is a special job. And, when it is taken away from you it definitely hurts. Especially, if you still consider your ex your person.

5Look At Us Now

Memories hurt. Looking back on the times when you used to stay up all night talking and kissing and loving can be very difficult during a breakup.

6Loved The Way Quote

Relationships are not always equal. A lot of the time there is one person that puts in a whole lot more effort than the other. And, eventually it leads to a breakup.

7A Million Memories Breakup Quote

It’s hard to see the person that you loved turn into someone completely different when you breakup. It’s like they are a complete stranger. Someone you have never talked to.

8Every Sad Song

When you breakup with someone, there are always things there that remind you of what you once were. Whether it’s a sad song or a movie, it can make your heart break all over again.

9I Called It Love Quote

Sometimes, when you are in a relationship you are put to the test. But, when you are never happy and constantly fighting a battle with your boo, it’s not love; it’s hell.

10Time To Say Goodbye Breakup Quote

Relationships end for different reasons. And, none of them are ever easy. But, the worst feeling is when you have to say goodbye even though you don’t want to.

11You Made Me Feel Quote

Being blindsided is the worst kind of breakup. Nothing is worse than not seeing it coming. At least if you felt it slowly falling apart, you could prepare yourself for the hurt.

12Once Close Sad Quote

It’s always hard to see your ex when you are out. To think about how close you used to be with them is a very painful thing. It gets better over time.

13It’s Killing Me Quote

Sometimes, love hurts. Especially, when you can’t be with the person that you are in love with. The thought of them can fill your mind all day and slowly drive you crazy.

14It Hurts The Most Quote

It really hurts when it feels like the person you are in love with totally flips a switch and you are left feeling alone, unattractive and unwanted. Have faith that things will get better.

15Real Feelings Quote

They say that real feelings don’t just go away. If they really loved you they would have stayed and tried to work it out. Or, it would take much longer for them to get over you.

16All My Secrets Breakup Quote

It really sucks when a breakup happens and you cannot even recognize the person you used to be with. They seem like a stranger who knows all of your deepest darkest thoughts.

17Still Alive Quote

Losing someone but still seeing them on a regular basis is difficult. You are no longer close to them, but you have to watch them continue to live their life.

18You Don’t Die

When your heartbeats have no meaning anymore, that is when a breakup occurs. When your heart stops holding a special place for your bae, things start to fall apart.

19I Used To Think Quote

Breakups can make us feel worthless. Many of us, after a breakup, will find ourselves exploding with emotional energy. There will be tears, screams, and anger. You’ll get through it though.

20Piece Of My Soul Breakup Quote

During a relationship some people give a piece of themselves to their lover. But, what happens after a breakup? Do you get that piece back? Or, do they have it forever?

21In The End Quote

22I Cared Too Much Quote

23You Told Me Love Quote

24I Want Him Quote

25The Flashbacks Quote

26To Be Broken Quote

27Let Go Breakup Quote

28The Toughest Part Breakup Quote

29With You Breakup Quote

30Loving You Breakup Quote

31All You Can Do Quote

32My Worst Enemy Sad Love Quote

33Sad You Broke My Heart Breakup Quote

34I’m Still Alive Quote

35That Feeling Breakup Quote

36So Many Tears Breakup Quote

37Tells You Everything Quote

38A Little Girl Sad Breakup Quote

39Don’t Be Sorry Breakup Quote

40I Gave You Breakup Quote


Breakups are never easy, even if you are the one who is ending the relationship. They are always sad in some way. And, it’s helpful to know that you are not the only one going through this hard time. That’s why we compiled a list of sad breakup quotes that will let you wallow for a bit and get back to your A-game.

Some of these quotes talk about the memories that haunt us after a breakup. It’s hard to reminded of your ex-boo with love songs, places you used to go together, or an item of clothing. Going from being someone’s number one to being someone’s no one is difficult to get through.

There are also quotes about being the one left in the dust. Sometimes breakups aren’t mutual. A lot of times it is one person doing the breaking up and it takes the heartbroken person longer to get over the relationship. It’s always hard to see your ex continuing their life as if nothing happened, but you’ll be there soon too!

Then there are quotes that remind us how breakups make us feel really insecure. Losing your person is like losing a piece of yourself. And, how can you be confident when you’re not whole?

Hopefully, these quotes help you wallow a little before you continue killing it as your special self. The dating game is waiting for you to jump back in! Take your time and go when you’re ready, but don’t be afraid.


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