Twin Flame Signs

Twin Flame Signs


Twin Souls Signs | What Is A Twin Flame?

Are you finding yourself experiencing a love and connection unlike any other? Then you may have found your twin flame. Twin flames experience a love that is more than love. Its energy runs deep both physically and emotionally. Twin flames share a rare transcendental love that focuses on the divine wholeness of the soul. It is fully encapsulating, balancing, electric, and bigger than anything we can truly understand.

But, to try to understand this kind of love a little, here are some signs that you’ve found your twin flame.

1You Feel Like You Already Know the Person

When you meet this person for the first, you may feel like you’ve already encountered them. That is because your souls were likely born together. Or, you may have met each other in a previous life…or many previous lives. Twin flame souls are souls that always go back to each other. They find a way to find each other through fate. Twin flame souls mirror each other, so there is complete spiritual understanding and recognition right away.

2You Have A Feeling They Will Help You

You get this intuitive “gut feeling” that this person will help you in your life. I don’t mean they are just a really nice guy and will assist you in unloading your car of groceries. I am talking much bigger than that. A twin flame will help you personally grow in a way that no one else can. They will nurture your progress, teach you along the way, and encourage you on a soul level.

3There is an Immediate Intense Connection

You will legitimately feel an unpoppable bubble of energy between you. It’s energy that moves with you wherever you go. Even just thinking about this person will send tingles and vibrations through your body. And, lovemaking with this person is absolutely electric. Nothing can compare to this physical sensation.

4You Can Communicate Without Speaking

Verbal communication takes a backseat to body language and physical touch in a twin flame relationship. Twin flames are so in tune with each other that silence is common. In a twin flame relationship, the souls do all the talking.

5They Feel Like Home

You feel most at ease when you are with this person. It feels like a home you never even knew you had. It’s something even more comforting, relaxing, and nostalgic than a childhood memory. A twin flame will make you feel more comfortable than you ever thought possible. Often times this will result in making big moves or life changes just to be with them. Their soul is now your home.

6You Can Be Your True Self Around Them

You never have to worry about sharing your thoughts or looking silly around your twin flame. This is because your souls mirror each other, so your thoughts are theirs. This element just adds to the relationship and allows it to go farther and be stronger than others you have previously had. You feel totally and completely authentic when you are around them and they share their true self with you, as well.

7You Balance Each Other

The good qualities that you have balance the bad qualities that they have and vice-versa. That’s what makes you such good lovers and friends. You work like a well-oiled machine in all of life’s difficult situations. Together, you are an unstoppable force.

8You Feel Bigger When You’re With Them

Being with your twin flame will have you feeling like you can conquer anything. If you have had dreams piling up on your bucket list, your twin flame will be the one to help these dreams come to life. Constant support and encouragement in this relationship are natural because you are both working as a team to accomplish spiritual goals.

9They Make You a Better Person

They make you want to be a better person by making good decisions. On a higher note, they will make you want to spread happiness and love to others. Treating your twin flame with kindness is easy-peasy. And, accepting the love you deserve is just as natural.

10You Can Feel Their Energy

If you’ve met your twin flame, you will be able to actually physically feel their energy. You don’t have to even be with them at the time to feel this surge. Perhaps you were simply thinking of them when you got a tingle down your spine. Since your meeting, your souls are connected in such a way that it affects you in a multitude of ways including these physical sensations. This love is all-consuming.

11You Are Attached But Not Tied Down

You are together, you are attached, and you are committed, but you are not tied down. What I mean by this is that you are in a very freeing relationship. Since the deepest essence of your souls mirror each other perfectly, you will never feel stuck in a cage or unable to do what you truly want. You both have the same desires and you nourish them together.

12You Feel Like You’ve Been Waiting For This Soul

You’ve been in and out of bad relationship after bad relationship, and this new love you’re experiencing is unlike any other! You will have a feeling in your core that you’ve been waiting for this person to come along. Twin flames usually find each other at the perfect time in each other’s lives; Usually at a transition point. These souls find each other when they are truly ready to experience this intense supernatural love.

13You Mirror Each Other’s Values

Your souls are mirrored, so that means so are your values. The traits that you value most in people and the morals that you strongly believe in will be shared by your twin flame. This not only makes the relationship feel really easy, but it will also make it that much more soulful and passionate.

14There Is A Magnetic Attraction

When you are with a group of people, you will always be drawn back to your twin flame. No one else seems to matter to you. The eye contact shared between two twin flames will be extremely intense, passionate, and emotional. They will be able to fully see inside of you and explore your essence. Nothing can keep two twin flames apart.

15You Teach Each Other

You and your twin flame will teach other on a spiritual level. Words don’t even have to be said in order to do this. As you grow together as a couple, your souls will organically teach each other throughout time. The lessons taught may not even be conscious, but you will start to develop a better sense of self and the world you are living in.

16You’re More Than Just Lovers

If you are in a relationship with your twin flame, you are more than just lovers. You are friends. And, you are family. There is a special bond that is indescribable between the two of you; it’s unbreakable and everlasting.

17You Don’t Try To Change Each Other

A Twin flame does not try to change you. Their connection to the essence of your soul is powerful and passionately nurturing. Their soul is completely in love with everything that your soul is.

18You Can Be Truthful With Each Other

Even if something rough happens within the relationship, twin flames have an easy time of being truthful with one another. Twin flames understand that their love is bigger than them and they understand that even though they’re experiencing a special kind of love, they are still human; Mistakes and misunderstandings are inevitable, but they will without a doubt get through it easier than other couples.

19You Are Both Working Towards A Higher Purpose

Twin flames understand that there is a higher purpose in life and they are both motivated to understand it and do something for the greater good. They think on an extremely spiritual level when they are together. And, when they let their souls live together, magic happens.

20They Have Awoken You

There are some things that we have always had inside us, but have never had the opportunity to let out. If you meet your twin flame, they will awaken these hidden gems inside of you and let you shine. They will expose your inner beauty and make you understand the world around you with clearer eyes.

21You Will Feel Emotions You Have Never Felt

Meeting a twin flame can be terribly emotional. You will start to feel emotions that you have never felt before. Tears, laughter, and anxiousness all at once is a very common occurrence. It’s a powerful surge of energy that will affect you both physically and emotionally. It might have you a little confused at first, but letting your twin flame in will allow you to make sense of it.

22They Feel Like Family

A twin flame will feel like family to you because essentially your souls are related. This will make your love life even more comfortable and secure. You will feel like this is a person you can rely on no matter what and in every situation.



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