Sexual Tension

sexual tension


Sign Of Sexual Tension

So what is sexual tension? Sexual tension can be totally frustrating, but it’s also very common.  It’s a build-up of sexual desires that never come to a climax for a variety of reasons. Maybe, you feel it with a friend’s ex, or a co-worker, someone that is completely off limits. Or perhaps, you’re both just really shy.

Whatever it is that’s making the tension build, here are some ways to clearly identify it.

1There Is Magnetic Eye Contact Between You

If you find yourself having magnetic eye contact with someone, chances are you are both feeling attracted towards each other. No one looks into someone’s eyes deeply for no reason. It’s not a social norm. So, when your eyes meet and they lock for an abnormal amount of time, know that there is something there.

2Your Conversations Feel Awkward

If you find that your conversations are awkward with this person you probably are both feeling that all-consuming sexual tension. I know that sounds strange, like why would it be awkward if you are both into each other? But, that’s because you aren’t verbally saying it, but rather beating around the bush. It will feel like there is a bubble between you that could pop at any minute, so in order to keep it intact, you watch what you say and this can make the chit chat feel super weird and almost forced.

3You Keep Staring

If you find that you are staring at him constantly, you probably already realize that you find him attractive. Sometimes, as hard as you try, it’s hard to control your prolonged gaze. Catching him looking your way when he thinks your head is turned is a surefire sign that he is thinking the same thoughts about you.

4There Are Butterflies In Your Stomach

Everyone hates and loves the feeling of butterflies in their stomach, which can make those winged buggies extremely confusing. It’s an exciting feeling, of course, to be crushing on someone. But, it can also make you feel incredibly nervous around that special person. If you feel these flutters happening regularly around this person, chances are sexual tension is the cause.

5You Daydream About Them

Sometimes, there is someone you can’t get out of your head and it’s obvious that they’ve left an impression of you. If you find yourself constantly daydreaming about whats-his-name with his perfect lips and gentle smile, and don’t even get me started about the way he says your name…then, you definitely have the hots for him.

6You Feel Like There Is Something Unsaid Between You

A little myself can be fun. You don’t have to spill out your desires to him all at once and you wouldn’t want him to get down on one knee and propose on first meeting. Having that special something unsaid between the two of you will definitely keep that tension building. And, when it finally does come to a climax, it will be electric. If you feel like there are powerful thoughts not being verbalized between you two, sexual tension is likely the cause.

7You Find Yourself Fixing Your Hair

Maybe you notice that he keeps checking his phone. Or, perhaps you notice your own little tick of playing with your hair or fixing your dress. People tend to find subtle things to do when they’re experiencing sexual tension in order to get their mind off of it and let go of a little energy. A lot of times this has to do with vanity, as they want to look good for the person they are trying to impress. But, it also could be your way of trying not to look awkward…even though, having these ticks, might increase your awkwardness.

8Your Heart Rate Increases

When you’re near him your heart starts pounding and maybe your palms get a little sweaty. This is a physical reaction to the sexual tension that you’re experiencing. It’s not just a myth that a lover can increase your heart rate with just a look. No wonder there are so many love songs mentioning heartbeats.

9You Can’t Stop Giggling And Smiling

He is always making you laugh and smile and that’s not just because he’s a super funny guy. It’s due to the fact that you are experiencing sexual tension and the natural love-drug oxytocin is being released from your brain. This is science, girls! So, don’t feel bad about having an uncontrollable giggle when you’re around him. Hopefully, he’ll find it endearing.

10You Both Playfully Tease Each Other

Playful teasing is the oldest flirting method in the book. And, if you both use this adorable teasing banter with each other, then you’re definitely both feeling it. Continuing to tease and flirt will only build sexual tension, so make sure you can handle it.

11You Feel Horny

Maybe, this one is obvious, but if you find yourself looking at this guy and feeling extremely horny and wanting to see what’s underneath his clothes, then you’re definitely vibing on him. And, hopefully, he is feeling the same way about you.

12There Is A Change In The Tone Of Your Voice

The change in your voice could be anything from trying to sound higher and girlier to trying out a more sultry and natural sound. Meanwhile, he could sound quieter and more sincere when talking to you or maybe more manly and confident. People unconsciously change the sound of their voice when speaking with someone they are sexually attracted to. You may even bring the volume from a high cheer to a low whisper for a bit more intimacy.

13He Subtly Touches You

If he brushes his arm up against you or touches the small of your back while crossing behind you at a crowded party, then he is probably crushing on you. Subtle touches like that are conscious and will successfully impact the receiver. It might send shivers down your spine or make you gravitate towards him.

14You Move Closer Together When Speaking

When you are having a discussion, he always moves in closer. Maybe he tries to pass it off as if he can’t hear you. Or, maybe he does it without any explanation. Either way, sexual tension can act like a magnet drawing people closer together, almost crossing boundaries of societal norms.

15There Are Long Pauses In Conversation

Sometimes, there are long pauses in conversations and it’s like you are the only people in the room. These pauses are due to the things that have been left unsaid. There are two options in this situation, either you let the sexual tension keep building or you make a move. You’ll have to make the wise decision in accordance with your situation.

16Other People Make Comments About Your Connection

We’ve all had friends who have told us that we would make a super cute couple with someone. Friends like to be involved with matchmaking and if they see a definite connection between two people, they try to ‘make it happen’. If outsiders see the sexual tension that you and this guy are sharing, then it’s definitely the real deal.

17You Pay Special Attention To Each Other In A Group

There is always that person that you gravitate to at parties and other social gatherings. Whether it’s who you are hanging out with all night or if it’s just the person you always seem to come back to or make eye contact with throughout the night, know that there is probably some tension surrounding your friendship.

18He Gives You Subtle Compliments

Two people experiencing sexual tension won’t come right out and say something bold and upfront. A guy will most likely give you a subtle shy compliment that could be taken completely platonically, just in case you do not feel the same way about him as he does about you. No one likes to be rejected, so people want to make sure that the other person is feeling the same way before they take the leap and open up.

19You Make Excuses To Be Near Each Other

Say you and a big group of your friends are all going on a trip and this guy decides he wants to ride with you. This is a major sign! If you find him constantly making excuses to be around you, then he is definitely feeling the addictive tension too.

20You Make Sure You Look Good Before You See Them

If you both always come dressed to impress, that is because you are both trying to best your best selves for each other. Obviously, you don’t want to show up in a messy bun and sweats when seeing the apple of your eye. If there is tension, you will definitely notice the extra effort you put in once you hear that he will be at the event you’re going to.

21Your Eyes Light Up When You See Them

Eyes are windows to our souls. And, if you notice that his eyes light up when he sees you and you feel yourself doing the same, then there is definitely an unspoken sexual connection there between the two of you. Eyes are all-telling and for some reason, you can’t keep your eyes off of his.



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