25 Signs She Likes You


25 Signs She Likes You

Reading a woman and trying to guess if she is into you is never easy. You don’t want to accidentally be a creep, but you also don’t want to miss out if she does like you. How can you tell if she is just being polite, creeped out, or if she actually likes you?
Here are 25 signs she likes you and how to avoid misinterpreting them with her being friendly.

1She Plays With Her Hair

A Sign: Pulling hair away from her face, swiping a strand behind her ear while maintaining eye contact or twirling a strand around her finger. All while she keeps looking at you.

Not A Sign: Putting her hair in a ponytail or bun while not looking at you or even looking away.

2She Laughs At Your Jokes

A Sign: She laughs and giggles when you make a joke or say something funny, even when it is not actually that funny.

Not A Sign: She only laughs at jokes that are funny and when others are laughing as well.

3She Makes An Effort To Hang Out With You

A Sign: She (sometimes) ditches other good friends to be with you or if she cannot make it, she will always suggest alternative options.

Not A Sign: She likes hanging out with you but is not phased when you have to cancel and she won’t go the extra mile to make hanging out with you possible. If you or she have to cancel, she is ok with just seeing you “a next time”.

4She Finds Excuses To Touch You

A Sign: Her touch is soft and gentle. A hug might linger a bit longer and none existent dust is gently wiped off your shoulder.

Not A Sign: She hugs you the same as her other friends, slaps you on the shoulder or efficiently wipes away real dirt.

5She Asks About Your Day

A Sign: She is asking about your day, how you are, details about what happened and how you are feeling

Not A Sign: She is only asking “how are you” to be polite.

6She Wants To Know Your Opinion

A Sign: Whenever you talk to her, she is very interested in knowing what you think about anything. Not just things that matter, but also random stuff like what is the best dog breed and if Christmas sales should start before or after Thanksgiving.

Not A Sign: You know something about a subject and she comes to you for help or your opinion about that specific subject.

7She Gives You Compliments

A Sign: Whenever you see her she compliments you on something random. Either a sweater, work you did averagely, or the way you ordered that beer.

Not A Sign: If you are wearing something new and obvious and she comments on it.

8She Looks You In The Eyes

A Sign: When you talk to her, she looks at you, looks away, smiles and looks again. When she is talking, she looks you in the eyes.

Not A Sign: When she is making normal eye contact without the little smile that reaches her eyes, she is just communicating, not flirting.

9In A Group Setting, She Listens To You More Than Others

A Sign: When you tell a story and it seems that for her the rest of the group disappeared and you are the only one in existence. Even when someone else continues on the topic, she will stay with you and what you were talking about.

Not A Sign: When everybody is listening to you, so is she. When the group’s attention shifts, so does her attention.

10She Will Do Special Little Things For You

A Sign: She knows what you like and buys you random little things just because she saw them and thought about you.

Not A Sign: Giving you a birthday or Christmas presents, or getting you a drink when it is her turn to get the drinks.

11She Touches Her Neck

A Sign: When talking to you, her hand moves softly around her neck while she looks at you. She softly caresses her neck almost as if she doesn’t know that she is doing it.

Not A Sign: She is choking on some food and grabbing her throat. Or she’s been bitten by a mosquito and scratching. When she is touching her neck sensually but not looking at you, that is a sign… but for someone else.

12She Adjusts Clothes To Draw Attention To Certain Aspects

A Sign: Her clothes look fine, but still she adjusts her cleavage to reveal just a tiny bit more when she sees you. Or maybe opens her blouse with that extra button or takes off her sweater because she is warm.

Not A Sign: If she takes off her sweater because it is warm, and it is actually warm. Or if she pulls up her shirt to hide her cleavage when you look at her. That is a sign by the way, but one that means that you should stop staring at her breasts.

13She Will Mimic Your Body Language

A Sign: When you move a bit closer, so does she. When you take a sip of your drink, a little bit later so does she.

Not A Sign: If she is mimicking your body language for her friends. In that case, I am sorry to inform you that she is making fun of you. And not in a good way.

14She Does Not Move Away When You Move Closer

A Sign: When there is plenty of room and you take a little step closer or move your arm a bit closer to her and she does not move away. Maybe she even moves closer as well.

Not A Sign: If it is physically difficult for her to move away because it is crowded or she is already standing against a wall. In that case, don’t move closer. Let her make the move and make sure she always can get away if she wants to.

15Her Knees Or Feet Are Pointed Towards You

A Sign: When she is sitting, her body and especially her knees or feet are turned towards you.

Not A Sign: When she is standing right in front of you and her feet and knees point the same way, which happens to be towards you.

16She Asks Sips Or Bites From Your Food Or Drink

A Sign: Even if she has her own drink, and you have just a regular beer, if she asks for a sip, that is a sign. If she has the exact same drink as you, that is a super sign.

Not A Sign: If you ordered something special and unknown or french fries. It does not count if it is french fries.

17She Looks At Your Mouth A Lot

A Sign: If her eyes move from your eyes to your mouth and back again, and especially if she wets her lips, she is probably thinking about kissing you.

Not A Sign: If you look like the joker, or if you have a piece of spinach stuck between your teeth.

18She Keeps Talking To You

A Sign: If she has other options, other friends around to talk to, but she keeps talking with you. Even when one topic is exhausted, she will keep asking questions to be able to keep talking to you.

Not A Sign: If it is a professional setting where she has no other choice besides talking to you. Or if you are the only one there to talk to. Then she might just be friendly.

19She Stands Close To You

A Sign: It is not that crowded or loud. And yet, her body is so close that you can definitely say that she is inside your bubble.

Not A Sign: If the place is packed and she literally cannot move anywhere else, it is out of necessity, not desire, that she is so close to you.

20Her Voice Gets A Little Bit Higher

A Sign: If her voice gets a tiny little bit higher talking to you vs talking to her other friends, she is into you.

Not A Sign: If she is singing, if she hit her pinky toe on the corner of the table, or if she is doing silly voices.

21She Asks For Your Number

A Sign: If she wants your number or wants you to have her number that is a good sign.

Not A Sign: If it is work-related, or if when you ask for her number, she asks yours instead and then never writes to you.

22She Playfully Teases You

A Sign: If she slightly makes fun of something innocent and keeps checking if you enjoy the joke as well. This can be accompanied with playful soft pushing you on the shoulder.

Not A Sign: If it is actually hurtful bullying and she enjoys seeing you cry, she is not into you. Also, if she teases you exactly the same amount as her other friends, you are just another friend.

23She Actively Tries To Spend Time Alone With You

A Sign: If instead of trying to organize a group thing, she specifically wants to hang with just you. The group might go get a bite to eat but if you are staying, she is staying as well.

Not A Sign: If she just happens to also need to use the restroom at the same time as you, that’s a coincidence. Once or twice being alone is a coincidence.

24She Puts Away Her Phone When She Is With You

A Sign: If she is always on her phone, but puts it away in her purse when she hangs with you, it means she wants her full attention on you and nothing else.

Not A Sign: If she always puts her phone away in social situations, it is nothing special that she does it with you as well.

25She Tells You She Likes You

A Sign: She literally tells you “I like you”

Not A Sign: If it is followed by “but just as a friend”



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