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Top 30 Thigh Tattoo Designs

Top 30 Thigh Tattoo Designs


Top 30 Thigh Tattoo Designs

Summer is finally here and that means getting your legs out in cute cut off shorts or that new mini skirt you have been dying to wear! Why not add something personal to your legs with a beautiful thigh tattoo? Whether they have a deep meaning or just bring back memories, they are a unique piece to have on your body. If you are looking for inspiration, we have got 30 cute ideas for you!

1How To Chose Your Tattoo Artist

With a lot of dodgy tattoo salons out there, how do you know who to trust? We recommend chosing a clean salon, for obvious reasons, and also don’t hesitate to ask people where they got their tattoos done! They can also warn you of the ones to not go to!
Also, check your tattoo artist’s speciality, if they can’t do mandala designs, don’t make them do one, sure they will be happy to earn the cash but it might leave you with something less than substantial.
Don’t be afraid to spend a lot of money, tattoos are meant to be expensive and getting an affordable one might just mean it is badly done, the salon isn’t hygienic, or the person has no idea what they are doing! Ask the tattoo artist to see their previous work, if they have a portfolio full of beautiful pictures, you know you are in the right place! Finally, the most important point – the artist must have a licence to tattoo you, if they don’t, run for the hills!

2Floral Designs

To get you started, we have got some seriously beautiful floral designs. This one is a rose design, that would look absolutely gorgeous with some black ripped shorts. It screams rock chick!

3Floral Designs

If you want a bright girly tattoo, this is a good one for you, your thigh will be looking like it should be in some expensive art gallery! This will brighten your day no matter where you are.

4Floral Designs

Another rose design but with a lot more detail than the first. If you are not a scaredy cat then you can go for this one and get a less basic tattoo. We love all the tiny details, it must involve so much work!


Because what would be a top 30 tattoo list without a dreamcatcher design? This is so summer festival! Show this baby off with high waisted denim shorts and get rocking out to those tunes!


It is quite rare to see tree tattoos, but what do they mean? Here, the leaves decaying represent death, so here it is more of a meaningful tribute. Your tree can be full of leaves, which symbolizes growth and rebirth. It can stand for self reinvention, as you grow, you change.


This amazing tattoo was designed by Jessica Kinzer, a very talented tattoo artist. You can find her designs all over social media. This design is very eclectic and can symbolize so many different things. We wonder if it means that you should be adventurous, and travel.

8Curosity Leads To Trouble

With the release of the new Alice film, many people have come forward to show off their amazing Alice-inspired tattoo. We love this quote as it is intimate and different, as well as being discreet. Get your favorite movie or book quote, as it is so much more personal.


Everyone loves Disney, and everyone dreams of going to Disneyland! If you had a phenomenal time at Disneyland with a loved one, why not get a tattoo to remember it by? This is ideal for the hardcore Disney lovers!

10Mandala Designs

This design is regularly used in Henna as it is an ancient and traditional design. They also make wonderful permanent tattoos, thighs being the most popular place to get them done. Mandala designs represent the circle of life, so its meaning is philosophical too!

11Go Wild!

Don’t be afraid to try out lots of little designs on your legs! If your style is more eclectic and you are forever changing up your style, then this is a great idea! Get quotes, flowers, butterflies, anything you want!

12Out Of The Woods

If you love designs that are book cover-worthy then this one is beyond perfect. It looks stunning and atmospheric, making sure that all eyes will be on you this summer!

13Away We Go

This is a seriously cute travel-themed tattoo! This sweet design will bring back memories of your travels with friends or family, and get you feeling all nostalgic in winter!

14Symbolic Quote

This quote is so important! Never let anything or anyone stop you from living your dream. No matter what people can say or do, it is your life! Get this tattoo to reflect this, and stand for your beliefs.


For those who didn’t know, wanderlust means a strong desire to travel. If you are forever looking at travel vlogs and turning green with envy, this is a perfect tattoo to get! The design is unique and edgy!

16Marine Anchors

Anchor tattoos are one of the most popular designs out there. As an anchor holds the boat in place, it tends to represent strength and stability. It will get you through the darkest of times and help you make the best decisions.

17Skull And Bones

If your style is kinda grunge then this is the thigh tattoo for you! This looks so edgy with ripped jeans it’s unreal! We love the contrast between shade and light here for a complex and detailled tattoo!


This tattoo will get you chirping with happiness! The colors are neutral, and perfect for nature lovers. Birds represent freedom and feeling uninhibited. The design is unique and sweet for summer!

19My Body My Rules

A crucial message for body-shamers, or bullies. Live your life to the full and do what you want with your body. It is unique, so get some beautiful tattoos on there! This message is so touching and important in today’s society.


Aww, look at this cute rabbit! Not only is it cute but rabbits also represent luck and prosperity as well as spirituality. You will be feeling magical thanks to this gorgeous tattoo!

21Harley Quinn

With Suicide Squad hitting our screens this summer, why not get into the mood with this Harley Quinn tattoo? This is for the ultimate comic book fan! Harley is unapologetically fiesty and fierce, so she makes quite the tattoo!

22There’s No Looking Back

Another impressive quote that would make a stunning tattoo! “There’s no looking back from here, no more dwelling on my fears” is in fact a song lyric from A Day To Remember by Monument. Song lyrics make beautiful tattoos, so get your iTunes playlist out and start looking through the lyrics!

23Alice In Wonderland

This is so fun and brings back childhood memories. Who didn’t love the Disney version of Alice In Wonderland? This would look great at a festival or with a cute romper at a party!

24Music Lover

For all music lovers everywhere, this is a novel idea! A tape cassette is so retro and a brilliant idea for all those 80s tunes you love to bop along to!

25Always On My Mind

This heart-warming quote makes such a nice thigh tattoo, as it is intimate like the quote itself. It remains discreet and lovely. It can be a tribute to your partner, a friend or a family member, and we love the cursive font!


A lion is fierce and represents wisdom, power, courage and strength. It could be a reference to a lesson you learnt, or a rough period you managed to get through. Be proud of yourself and treat yourself to this brilliant tattoo.

27Mexican Skulls

Also known as the sugar skull, the meaning is rather profound. It represents Dia de Los Muertos or the Day of the Dead. People usually get them to remember a loved one, so it is a sad but magnificent tattoo to get on your thigh(s).

28Without The Dark

Yes, a Twilight quote, but no need to sigh and raise your eyebrow! It is a beautiful, deep quote, which totally reflects everyday life. The hardest times allow you appreciate the happier moments. Hold on!


This E.E. Cummings quote is the story of our life. Stop listening to those around you and become who you want to be. Get this beautiful quote to match your bold original personnality! This tattoo looks just like a lovely Tumblr quote!

30Shaking Hands

We find this one super original! This tattoo is of two hands shaking, showing peace and serenity. If you are a laid back kinda girl then this is a wonderful tattoo to get! It also shows being at a stable point in your life.

31No Thanks

This is a rather funny tattoo, and it is small and discreet if you are a bit squeamish! If you want to get a message across it is a unique design to get! It is simple, but efficient!



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