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The 12 Ultimate Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

12 Ultimate Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know


Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

We all girls want to look beautiful and flawless; whenever we are hanging out with friends, at work or before a big date. To have bright sexy eyes, big lips, smell pretty, gorgeous legs and just to look perfect whenever, wherever! No worries… Check out these 12 easy life-changing beauty hacks to make your beauty routine as easy as possible!


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Don’t throw away your old toothbrush! Brush your lips every 3 days with it to have a healthier and bigger lips.


Perfume and vaseline
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If you want your perfume to last longer, before applying it smear first some Vaseline in the desirable areas and afterwards apply your perfume!


Almond oil
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Before shampooing your hair, apply natural almond oil from about halfway up all the way to the ends and leave it for about 20min. Repeat this twice a week. This way your hair will be more shiny and it will help your hair grow faster!


Body scrub
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If you run out of face/body scrub, create your own natural one super fast and easy: milk, honey, lemon juice and crystal sugar ! Get the recipe here.



Before doing your home manicure apply some regular hair conditioner to your nails to soften faster and easier your cuticles or calluses.


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If you want your clothes to smell wonderful and fresh, place several drops of your perfume on a cotton ball or tissue and place it in the wardrobe or your closet.


white eyeliner

For bigger and brighter eyes use some white eyeshadow to dot your inner corners of your eyes and line with a white eye liner the wet line of your eye!


baby powder and eyelashes mascara

Powder your eyelashes with regular baby powder and then apply mascara to add extra volume to your eyelashes.


light beautiful scent perfume
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Spray your brush with your perfume before using so your hair will have a light beautiful scent.


tea for dry skin
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Drink tea almost every day, it tones and moisturizes dry skin. Also put the used tea bags on your tired eyes. They can reduce the dark circles under eyes.


olive oil

After taking a bath, apply some Vaseline or pure olive oil all over your feet and then put your socks on, go to sleep or just leave them for about 4 hours. Afterwards you’ll have super smooth, soft feet!


How to get silky and shiny legs

For silky and shiny legs, mix natural olive oil with sea salt. Make this scrub for your legs and rinse off with warm water! The results are amazing !

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