Signs He Loves You

Signs He Loves You


Signs He Loves You

Sometimes, it’s hard to know if he really truly loves you or if it’s just some silly fling for him. And, it’s definitely important to know that you and your bae are really on the same page in your relationship. Here are some signs that will let you know if this guy will be around long-term or if you’re just wasting your time. Because, hey, every girl deserves the greatest love!

1He Really Listens To You

It’s important that your guy really truly listens to you. And, not only listens but contributes to the conversation. If you ever find yourself in a relationship where you get the feeling your lover finds you annoying because you are talking “too much”, then definitely cast this guy to the side. You should always feel heard in your relationship.

2He Let’s You Be Yourself

No one that loves you will ever make you feel like you can’t be yourself. You should never have to worry about being “too much” in a relationship; too emotional, too clingy, too over-the-top, etc. The right man will love every single thing about you and would never ever think about asking you to change.

3He Remembers Things

It’s important that a guy remembers little things about you, like how many times you like to hit snooze in the morning, or how toss your head back when you laugh. But, it’s also important that he remembers things like birthdays, events, and plans. When he really loves you, he will put in the effort to memorize these special times, so that he can properly celebrate with you.

4He Spends Time With Your People

If he actually wants to spend time with you friends and family then he is definitely in love with you. Someone who truly loves you will want to get to know you in every aspect and by getting to know your people, he will be able to understand you that much more. He also probably understands that you will be happy if he enjoys the company as your people too, so he gladly puts in the extra effort.

5He Understands Your Emotions

No girl likes to be misunderstood. There is a lot that affects our emotions on an everyday basis and sometimes they overwhelming feelings are pretty hard to control. That’s why if he seems to understand and cater to your feelings and emotions, he definitely is in love with you. No guy would take the time to understand your feelings if he didn’t feel strongly about you.

6He Likes Physical Contact

Have you ever been in a relationship where your boo just always has to be touching you? When your bae always finds a way to rub your shoulders, or touch your leg, or play with your hair, it is definitely a sign that he loves you. He does this to make you feel comfortable, loved, and taken care of, but he also does this because it’s comforting for him, as well.

7He Encourages You

A good loving relationship always has an element of encouragement. If your lover wants to see you reach your dreams, just as much as you do, then he is definitely a keeper. Bonus points to this Prince Charming if he actually works with you to help you succeed with your dreams. There is no better gift in a relationship.

8He Talks About The Future

If your babe is talking about the future with you then it’s obvious that he is head-over-heels for you. Most guys have a hard time discussing future plans, even if it’s just a weekend date-night. If your guy is talking marriage, children, or moving to a new location with you, then he is definitely serious about his feelings for you.

9He Follows Through

Following through with plans is one of the sexiest things a man can do. And, this act of following through, even if it’s just him picking you up from work, should definitely make you feel loved. He is willing to give you his word and following through with it makes it solid. Remember, ladies, love is an action word.

10He Acts Like Your Teammate

It’s so sexy when a couple acts like a team. And, if you find yourself constantly feeling like you work so well together, chances are it’s probably because he is totally in love with you. No guy would put in the effort to help a woman unless he was super truly feeling her. Making dinner together, purchasing something together, or even picking out the movie you’re going to watch as a team, are all signs pointing to the fact that he’s totally smitten. Because, let’s face it, it would be much easier for him to just have you cook for him.

11He Apologizes

If a guy takes the time to actually sincerely apologize than he is definitely in love with you. It’s hard for people to admit when they are wrong and if he apologizes and then works to fix issues, he is putting in efforts that a person that doesn’t love you just wouldn’t do! So, be easy on the guy if he screws up but is genuinely trying! Nobody is perfect.

12He Tells You He Loves You

Sometimes words don’t mean much. But, if your guy tells you that he loves you and he has actions that support his words, then he definitely does love you and you shouldn’t question it. Instead, ask yourself why you are still feeling unloved if he is doing all the things that should make you feel loved. Take a look inside and maybe you’ll find the answers inside of you. There is no shame in feeling insecure, but be sure it doesn’t start to affect your relationship.

13He Introduces You To His Family & Friends

If he wants you to meet and spend with his people it is because he is proud to have you as his girlfriend and he wants you to be apart of your world. So, always say ‘yes’ to group outings with his bros and family dinners at his parent’s house. These people mean a lot to him and he wants to share it all with you; that’s extremely special.

14He Asks Your Opinion

Guys usually have a harder time opening up than women do. And, we all know guys hate asking for directions and getting outside input because they want to show they can be independent and do things for themselves. So, if your guy asks for your opinion and he really wants to hear what you have to say, than he is definitely in love and he feels comfortable to show you his vulnerable side. Dependency can be sexy!

15He Checks Up On You

If your guy always makes sure to check up on you, then he is definitely in love. Not only does your man want you to feel safe, but he also worries about you and wants to always remind you that he is there for you if you need him. And, that’s what we call love, ladies.

16He Let’s You Vent

If a guy allows you to vent about your day, or the way your hair looks, or just your emotional response to certain situations, then he is definitely a keeper. If he acts annoyed, or overwhelmed, then maybe his love just isn’t as strong as you thought. And, girl, you deserve better; Everyone has their days!

17He Respects You

Respect is key in a relationship. And, if your lover respects your moral and physical boundaries then he truly does love you. No girl should ever feel pressured to sacrifice their standpoints or boundaries in a relationship; They should always feel heard and respected.

18He Makes Life Easier

If life just seems easier for both of you when you are together, then this special connection is filled with love. The effort it takes for a man to recognize and address issues in your life and then find ways to fix them or make them easier is great and should not be overlooked. Making life easy is a gift that will improve your quality of life and overall wellness.

19He Wants To Be With You

If he really loves you then you’ll know by the fact that he always wants to be with you. Not because he doesn’t trust you, but because he feels more himself when he is with you and you both make each other happy! Human connection is so underrated!

20He Goes Out Of His Way

It’s nice when a guy goes out of his way for you and puts in the effort to make special moments even more special. It doesn’t have to be a fancy vacation every time, but even a cute breakfast in bed could have a lasting impact on a relationship. It’s the thought that counts and if he is putting in that thought, you’ll feel his love, for sure.

21He Tries New Things

If your guy wants to try new things with you, then he is definitely feeling the love. New things can definitely be scary, but if you give him the confidence to push his boundaries, then the comfort level in the relationship is high!

22He Tries To Be Better For You

It’s sexy when a guy tries to be better for you. He can do this by learning a new craft, helping you out when you’re in need, or even just being consciously kinder. Whatever it is, if a guy is trying to better himself for you, he definitely means business…love business.

23He Never Makes You Question It

Silly games are for boys not men. So, if you find yourself always questioning your guy’s love for you, say “bye boy” and find yourself a man that doesn’t play games. You shouldn’t feel insecure or as if you can’t trust your lover. If he truly loves you, he will make sure you know it.

24You Can Feel His Love

Sometimes in a relationship, we can just feel that our babe really loves us. And, it’s important that you have that gut-feeling in order to have a successful, all encapsulating relationship. So, if you get that wonderful butterfly-full feeling of love when you’re around your significant other, embrace it and know that your heart is truly being taken care of.



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