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Hazel Eyes: Best Eyeshadow and Makeup For Hazel Eyes

hazel eyes makeup


Makeup and Eyeshadow For Hazel Eyes

The best thing about brown eyes is that they look good with pretty much every color! Creating that perfect shade can be tricky as if the highlighters are too dark, it will make brown eyes look merely black. Another thing to keep in mind is that very dark colors like black or dark grey will make brown eyes look much smaller. If you have dark brown eyes, try to avoid any very dark eye-shadow shades. Stick to lighter browns and golds to make your eyes look more enhanced. If you have medium/light brown eyes you should stick to colors of a green base.

1Dark and Light

With all eye colors, dark eye shadows will minimize the contour and appearance of your facial features. Meanwhile, lighter eye shadows will brighten and make your eyes look bigger. Another thing to keep in mind for those with brown eyes, is to keep the rest of your makeup rather neutral. Heavy makeup on the lips and cheeks for example, could create a very unnatural look, making the entire contour very harsh. Brown eyes are meant to be the focus of all features, so let deep eye shadows do all the real showcasing. Brown is never a solid shade, so keep in mind that the undertones of your hair could also make your eyes pop.
To make it easier for all you brown eyed-beauties, we’ve created this list of the best makeup and eyeshadows for hazel eyes.

2Brown Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes (of Course!)

Warm browns enhance the richness of the darker brown eyes. The neutral browns can be base colors, of the full effect. If you have really dark hazel eyes, it is probably best that you try and find some lighter brown colors. People with brown eyes have to be careful not to darken their eye makeup too much, or else their natural eye color comes off dark and beady. To make your brown eyes pop that much more, add some brown liner to your look, and make your eyes really noticed.

3Green Eye Makeup

Warm green and hazel are a match made in heaven, and will truly brighten up you entire beauty look. Runway shows have been using green eye shadow for decades, because of how flattering it is to all the models with darting brown eyes. Adding just the perfect amount of soft green on your eyelids will surely make your eyes standout that much more. The green is also the perfect addition to make your natural hair hues pop. Add a slight amount to your under eye as well, to create the perfect contrast of deep brown and green.

4Gold or Bronze EyeShadow

The gold or bronze tones will bring out any green undertones in your eyes. Not to mention the gold flakes will make your eyes shine in the light, deepening the brown hues. If you by a flakeier eye shadow, you can really see the glitter in your eyes sparkle in special lighting! Brown eyes have that appearance that can glisten is specific lighting, so find the perfect gold eye shadow that will give your eyes that special twinkle. Use gold as a highlighter, or just gently sweep it across your upper lid to give your eyes that glimmering effect.

5Prunes and Purples EyeShadows

Another way to enhance the natural brown hues in your eyes is to shade in a dark purple. Contrasting the two colors will enhance all the deep brown, and make your lashes look fuller. The deep contrast is also the perfect smoky eye for those with brown eyes, and adds drama without the harshness.

6Rusty Reds EyeShadow

Any red that is close to maroon or bronze is the perfect undertone to highlight brown eyes as well. The red can be pulled off as an everyday look, or done up for going out. Add the perfect black mascara to create the ultimate night-look, and your brown eyes will surely make quite the statement.

7Taupe EyeShadow

One of the trendier eye shadow looks is the taupe color. This color was seen on many runways this past Fall/Winter season, and looks amazing with brown eyes. This tone is the perfect shade for an everyday look, and really brings out all the natural hues in brown eyes. Add an additional black-winged-cat eye liner to your lids for an extra glam look!

8Peach EyeShadow

To change it up, a light peach tone is the perfect summer beauty looks for brown eyes. Any peachy color that has an almost yellow base makes brown eyes pop! The small flash of color is the perfect detail to every fun or out going outfit. If you buy a light enough peach color, you can also wear it day-to-day. The delicacy of the peachy tones really adds drama and enhancement to brown eyes. The peach is also the perfect shade for going out, and adding the perfect pop of color!

9Wonderful White

The last shade that is an almost must for brown eyes is the simple white, base eye shadow. White eye shadow can lighten up your entire face! Every eye color appears brighter with the white-colored base, especially eyes with darker hues. Uses the white base color as the initial highlighter, then add some silver or light grey tones to create the perfect glittery commination. Add some more highlighter under your eyes to create the perfect highly polished metallic look.

10Brown Gold and Greens

If you have hazel eyes, you are usually told to create a palette with browns, golds and greens. The biggest thing to keep in mind when decided on which hues you should apply to your daily make-up routine is to bring out the richness of your very own eye color. It can be tricky to match your eye shadows with your natural eye color, mainly because people forget that the best way to highlight brown is to blend it with other brown shades. With brown eyes you have to be careful to not overwhelm your lids with harsh tones like black. This will make brown eyes look smaller and darker, rather rich and natural.

11Hazel Eyes Makeup – Summery

So there you have it! Brown eyes are luckily easy to cater to, and can be done up in many different ways. Don’t be afraid to try some new shades and really add a pop of color to your everyday look! Your natural eye color is the most complimentary to your whole face, so you might as well add that extra enhancement to really make your most desirable features standout! Another very important makeup feature to keep in mind when creating your daily beauty routine is mascara. The darker the mascara, the more drama to a look. Brown mascara will create the perfect natural look, and help your eyes pop as well. Black mascara is perfect for an evening look, and helps elevate your lashes! Brown eyes are the perfect accessory when it comes to makeup, and can be done up in so many different ways! So head on over to your closest makeup store and find a tone that intrigues you. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your local makeup professional about which shade is the best fit for you! It never hurts to play around with multiple shades before committing to a purchase.

12Yellow Golds


We’ve already mentioned that gold are a great color for hazel eyes. This gorgeous yellowish golden eyeshadow is applied all over the lids, making your eyes look bigger and brighter and giving them a glimmering effect.

13Browns and Pinks

This makeup look is absolutely stunning and looks so natural and warm. The soft hue brown eyeshadow and pink blush really makes the eyes pop!

14White Gold

We love this smokey dark brown and white silver makeup! The light silver glitter really makes the eyes sparkle!

15Long Lashes

Sometimes all you really need is super long eyelashes and a touch of lipgloss!

16Smokey Brown Eyes and Glitter

This look features smokey brown eyeshadow above the eyelids and under the eyes and a white eyeshadow at the inner corners. This is a perfect match of colors if you want to get that ultimate sexy night makeup look.

17Dark Brown and Liner

18Inner corner glow

19Shiny Smokey Look



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