Signs A Guy Likes You: Body Language of Men

Signs A Guy Likes You


How To Know If A Guy Likes You – Obvious Signs He Likes You

How to tell if a guy likes you? Have you ever spoken to a guy that you are really, really like, but you’re just not sure whether or not he’s into you?  He’s a bit shy, doesn’t speak that much and when he does, and anything that could come across as flirty is probably least likely to come from his mouth.  It doesn’t mean that he’s not into you or not wanting to get to know you…he may just be shy and even uncomfortably intimidated by speaking to the opposite sex, so make sure you look for clues in his body language. Body language definition: Body movements and positions that express someone’s intentions, thoughts, and feelings.

Keep A Look Out For These Signs That A Guy Likes You:

1How do you know if a guy likes you? Check His Body Language

Body language is a great way to know what a person is really thinking without any actual mind reading.  I personally am the queen of talking with my hands, facial expressions (many of them awkward lol) and several other body gestures. If I’m uncomfortable in a situation, I may cross my arms or turn sideways a bit avoiding eye contact, but if I am intrigued by a conversation, I will make lots of eye contact, lean in and hang on every word. You need to know how to read some popular body language signs that men send so you can decide for yourself whether to take the next step.

2Body Language of Men – Start with His Eyes…

How to tell if someone likes you? His gorgeous eyes will take in all the beautiful features of your face and hold eye contact much longer than he would with someone he wasn’t as interested in.  Often, pupils will become dilated when he’s feeling very amorous.  When you catch him doing this, use those gorgeous lashes of yours and slowly look down and shyly back up to show a little flirtiness back at him.

3Signs of Attraction – Eye On The Prize…

Or so to speak. Maybe you don’t want to consider yourself a ‘prize’ or maybe you do, but, guys are very competitive and they usually will try to win what they have their eyes set on.  They have all their focus on the prize and usually, won’t take their eyes off of it.  Pay attention to when you guys are having a conversation, notice that he is focusing on only on you despite the fact that beautiful woman may be walking by or are spotted across the room.  Take this as a huge compliment.  He’s only interested in you. Keep in mind that not all guys are like this, but if their attention is drawn away for a brief second, don’t worry; as long as he’s not checking someone else out, there is no need to worry about wandering eyes. So enjoy the attention 😉

4The Eyebrow Raise…

Guys tend to use their eyebrows as a way to communicate their interest to girls.  Look around when you see a guy speaking to his girlfriend or someone he’s interested in and you will notice they will raise their brows up many times in conversation while they not only listen to what is being said but also as they speak.

5Body Language of Men – Bigger is Better…

Or they say. It could be the biggest muscular man or the guy who probably hasn’t even stepped foot in a gym in their entire life, either way they will tend to make their appearance ‘bigger’ as for guys, bigger is better.  Look out for guys standing up tall, puffing out their chest (as they suck their stomachs in even if they have abs),  and  keeping their arms forward a bit or crossed so you will notice their muscles and every time they are flexed. He wants you to see what he has to offer.

6His Stance…

No man wants to feel small and weak, so when it comes to his stance he wants to appear big and strong.  Guys typically will have a wider stance meaning feet are set further apart as they stand tall and will usually have their chin raised a bit.  This is a great way for any guy to look tough and show you that he could take care of you.

7Leaning In To You…

A great way to know that a guy is really interested in you is that he will usually lean in, sometimes even in your personal space.  It shows not only is he into you, he wants to get closer. But, make sure you steer clear from the guys who violate your personal space immediately, as they usally tend to have one thing on the mind.

8The Power Of Touch…

This is a gesture of body language that I absolutely loveeeeee! This is one of these signs a shy guy likes you. When a guy ‘accidently’ touches your hand while handing you something one time is one thing but, a guy who is interested wants you to know he’s giving you hints and he is thinking about touching you so he will usually quickly touch your arm, hand or anything he possibly can to get that attention.  What I love about this is that instant ‘shock’ or ‘electric’ feeling you get when you first touch one another and that alone is exciting enough!

9Check Out His Feet…

No, we’re not looking for the size of his feet or the type of shoes that he is wearing, but we are looking to see which direction his feet are pointing.  If he is interested in a conversation with you, his feet will be faced towards you as he is giving you his full attention.  If he’s really not that interested he may have his feet pointing away as to walk away and end the conversation.  Just think of it like this, when you see someone you are avoiding like the plague, would you 1. Have your feet towards them to go their direction or 2. Have your feet pointing the opposite way so you can avoid them as quickly as possible. I’d go for the second one.

10Grooming For You…

You know when you see a cute guy how you adjust your hair, make sure boobs are held high and your belly is sucked in? You’re grooming yourself to look good for him and that is what he does for you.  When a guy sees a girl he’s into whether it is across the room or after he has begun a conversation with them he will continue to make sure he is looking good. Men typically will run their hands through their hair, straighten their shirt, adjust their hat and anything that will show that they are trying to look their best to win your interest.

So the next time you see a guy you’re into, keep an eye on his body language and mannerisms and let that help you decide your next move. Even the shyest of guys tend to show they like you through body language in hopes that you will get their subtle hints and show them signs that you too are just as interested. Relax, enjoy the moment and make sure you listen and take interest in the conversation.  If you’re so busy worrying whether or not he likes you or not, you’re not in the moment nor are you getting to know more about the type of guy he is.  So make sure you smile, take a deep breath and go talk to that gorgeous guy you’ve had your sights set on…you know what you’re looking for, so go get it!



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