Monday Quotes

Monday Quotes


Monday Motivation Quotes

Everyone needs a little Monday motivation. Mondays are not always naturally the happiest of days. But, there is no reason why they can’t turn into the best days of the week for you. With these Monday motivation quotes, you will feel inspired to make your Mondays productive, positive, and your new favorite day of the week. Well, maybe besides Saturdays.

1When Life Gives You Monday

Everything is better with glitter! So, why should Mondays be any different? Put a positive new perspective on your Mondays and learn how to walk through your day sparkling!


Monslay is the new verb, so don’t wear it out! It’s the new way to survive your Monday. All you have to do is be motivated and determined to crush your weekly goals! You’ve got this, girl!

3Never Forget

Mondays may seem like a drag sometimes, but try to put a whole new perspective on it! Every single day is a blessing, so make your Monday productive and make it count and you will be a whole lot happier.

4Monday Motivation

The biggest way to make it through a Monday is to stay positive, even when it’s crazy and you think you are losing your mind. Remember, you don’t have to do every single thing today, you still have more hours in your work week.

5Monday Morning Reminder

By being productive on a Monday and really staying determined throughout the day to meet your goals, there is a possibility that you will change your life. Be grateful for your Mondays and use them wisely.

6This Is Your Monday

It’s Monday, and that can be super stressful. But, it’s important to remember to remain calm when life throws distractions and unexpected things your way. You can make it through!

7Mini New Year’s

Mondays are the perfect time to set new goals and really go toward your dreams! So, treat each Monday like a mini New Year and you will see your productivity level improve drastically.

8New Goals

You should be making goals every single week. Old goals should be coming to a close and new goals should be started. Improvement and ambition every Monday is what will make your week the best it can be.

9Enlarge Your Vision

Monday is a time to refocus. It is a time to prepare yourself for the goals you have set and to start working at them with all your might. Don’t let your Monday go to waste!

10Create Something Amazing

Mondays are the ideal time to create something amazing! You are well-rested from the weekend and your brain is on fire thinking of all the creative things you could do! Use that energy and explore!

11Back At Your Passion

Hopefully, you have a job that you love. If you do, you will never work a day in your life. Find something that sets your soul on fire and work toward that every day.

12Monday Is A State Of Mind

Don’t be dragged down by the talk of the Monday blues. Turn Monday into the best day of the week by putting on your positive pants and getting to work on something you love!

13Let Nothing Stop You

Nothing should stop you from reaching your goals. And, if you have the power of Monday behind you, you can make anything happen. So, keep moving forward and never give up!

14I Love Mondays

Mondays are often criticized. But, really, they have so many positives! It is the perfect time for a fresh start. You can make this week great. All you have to do is stay positive throughout your Monday!

15Something Special

Think of Monday as a new day; as the beginning of a new week. It is the time to seek out opportunities and create a life that you want to live. Learn to find the magic in every Monday.

16Fresh Starts

Everyone says Mondays are the worst. But, maybe that’s just for the people who don’t know what they want in life. If you are a go-getter, you will love the fresh start that Mondays give.

17Magic Monday

Mondays are no longer manic, they are magic. So, turn that magical Monday into something unforgettable by working hard at everything you do and making steps toward your dreams.

18Monday Gains

Monday is just a gift from the universe. It is the start of the week and the start of making your dreams a reality. Don’t get bogged down by the negative Monday thoughts, stay positive and work hard!

19Make It Happen

It’s Monday, so what’s on your to-do list? Making your dreams happen, of course! Wake up this Monday with a strong coffee, some bright heels, and the determination to make it happen.

20Oh Hello

Don’t be scared of your Monday. Instead, greet Monday like a familiar friend. I mean, really, you see each other every week! Learn to get along.

21New Fabulous Week

22A Problem With Monday

23Let Nothing Stop You

24Set The Tone

25Productive Monday

26New Journey Of Success

27Powerful Beyond Measure

28Monday Plan

29Beast Mode

30Bring It On


32It’s Monday

33Get A New Perspective

34Sparkle And Shine

35Meet A New Monday


Mondays really seem to get a bad rep. But, there is no reason why they should. Sure, they might be the end to an amazingly memorable weekend of relaxation, partying, or whatever!

But, they are also the perfect time for a fresh start. A perfect time to get inspired and motivated to go after your dreams. And, the perfect time to improve the quality of your life!

These motivational Monday quotes are the perfect way to get you inspired to reach your goals. Whether your goal is to be a professional painter and have your paintings sell for billions at auctions or if you just really want to drop 10lbs by May by hitting the gym and eating healthy, these quotes will keep you motivated and driven.

In order to get the most out of these quotes, keep them in a place where you can see them. Maybe write them on post-its and stick them to your mirror so you can be reminded that every Monday is a gift. Or, maybe put them on your phone as a reminder so that every Monday a quote will pop up that will help get you through the day. Whatever works for your lifestyle!

The most important thing though is to pick the quotes that resonate with you, so that you can learn to get the most out of your Mondays and start to think of them in a positive light instead of a negative one!


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