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How to Get into Modeling – Tips on Surviving a Model Call

So you decided to be the next new face in the good old model industry? As a very tempting job in fashion industry and other relevant industries, the common that it has with other types of jobs is that, there’s always going to be THAT interview, your first model call, which defines whether or not the gate leading to the professional modeling world will open for you. Outside of that gate of course, gathered other thousands of your potential competitors, whose pretty eyes are all locked on the limited hiring slots available for you and for them.

You probably already know that it’s all about how to survive in this “battle arena” without gun fires, to out-survive others, in order to get the slot you crave for. Below are some useful tips in preparation for the model call “battles”, which might grant you better chance in your future model calls.

1#Tip 1: Know exactly what you want

It might sound silly, but isn’t it obvious that you wanna be a professional model? Actually, not quite. By knowing exactly what you want to model for in your potential future modeling career, your performance in the future model calls might be greatly improved, because you will have better idea on how to at least act professionally, as well as becoming more confident because of a more clear goal. What also come with knowing what you want is the specific demands for different modeling areas. Ranging from 5’7 at the minimum to 6’1, know exactly what area you want to model will locate you a much better focus and better chance to get signed at a model call.

2#Tip 2: Know what you have

It’s about knowing your physical advantage that will make sure that you’re making your second solid step forward to prepare for your future model calls. Model agencies are always looking for something in candidates that either catches their eyes, something they really like; or simply just something that meets their standards for certain types of modeling needs. And if they need to know exactly what makes you stand out, so should you. Ask yourself questions such as: what exactly in my physical appearance that I have to offer?

3#Tip 3: Know what they need

After knowing what you have to offer, it’s time to focus on what different modeling agencies need from you. Different agencies have different standards in choosing the ideal models. While the agencies might be choosing among potential candidates, the candidates also have to choose the right agencies. Some modeling agencies are generally pickier than other ones, while some only need certain types of models just for certain type of things that they need you to model for. So in this case, it’s becoming very crucial for you to decide the best agencies that might want you. And by knowing that, you’ll have to do your own research and compare different agencies and their backgrounds so to be able to pick the ones that you think you will have the best shots being chosen.

4#Tip 4: Know the odds

Apart from choosing the right agencies that might grant you better shots in model calls, sometimes having model calls could really be a “number game”, a game of faith, in which you’re always required to have maximum faith in yourself. And by saying that, I was talking about trying as many agencies as possible; because however much research you’ve previously done, you never know the actual person who will be there waiting for you in the casting spot, hence there might be unexpected good chances for you even if you can’t see that from the research you’ve done for the model agencies.

5#Tip 5: Know the time

How many times do people always talk about the importance of being punctual for an interview? If you couldn’t even make it there on time, there wouldn’t be any good first impression for the agents right?

6#Tip 6: Know what you’re showing

As for model agencies, every time when they’re spotting a potential new face, they want to make sure that they can see their candidates for what they really look like, not after heavy makeup or fancy large heels. It’s considerate to always try to disguise the blemish of your body but you have to balance between that, and the actual physical quality of you, which the agents can see, so they could make accurate decisions upon your natural looking.

7#Tip 7: Know the rules

It should really be part of the research that you might want to do before the model call. By knowing specific requirements front he agency you’re interested in, you’ll possibly make better impressions on that day because you’re the one who’s playing by their rules, and they like you to follow the exact instructions. Sometimes even subtle things could make a huge difference. If they want you to provide the photos of yourself with a professional camera, you don’t want to give them the ones taken by a webcam.

8#Tip 8: Know yourself

They always have this old saying, to know your enemies better, you have to first know yourself, as you can be your very own biggest and worst enemy. You ask how? Many times you could over-prepare for your first step into the fashion industry – your model call, trying to be something you’re yet to be, whether it is making yourself look elegant and sophisticated, or trying the style that you didn’t realize that you can actually pull off. This is when knowing yourself better comes in handy as one of the essentials to aid you go through your future modeling career, as well as your first model call – you look the truest and best when you’re yourself. Letting your model agencies see your real face without any makeup is one step, but getting to know better your own personality and your own style also play a big role. In the hidden game of competition on personality – finding out who are more positive and easy-going, who’s more interesting, kind and charming, you will have a much brighter future in winning such game by examining yourself in these perspective and evaluating before figuring out the way to make others like you more, being as yourself.



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