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Quotes About Letting Go

Letting go of someone you love, or of baggage from the past, can be difficult, but it is worth it when you know it is the right thing to do. You have a right to be happy and love your life. Everything that does not contribute to that goal, you are allowed to let go off. Take inspiration from these letting go quotes to stay strong, choose yourself and open up to new possibilities.

1Let Go Of Those Who Are Already Gone

Trying to hold on to something that is not there anymore only causes heartache and pain.

2Life Is A Balance Of Holding On And Letting Go

Know when to do which, and you will lead a happy and fullfilling life.

3Breathe. Let Go. And Remind Yourself That This Very Moment Is The Only One You Know You Have For Sure.

The past has already happened and cannot be changed. The future is not sure. Only now exists. Let go of everything else. Be here now.

4Broken Hearts Hurt But They Will Make You Strong.

Just like a broken bone grows back stronger, so does your heart. Learn from what broke it, let go, and move on.

5One Of The Happiest Moments In Life Is When You Find The Courage To Let Go Of What You Cannot Change

Acceptance and letting go are two things that go together. Sometimes it takes courage, but it is always worth it when you know that is what you have to do.

6Don’t Dwell On What Went Wrong. Instead, Focus On What To Do Next. Spend Your Energy Moving Forward Together Towards An Answer.

Letting go of past mistakes while learning from them will help you move on and improve your life. Dwelling on them only makes you miserable without doing anything to improve your life.

7In The End, I’d Loved Him Enough To Let Go. From Afar, I Would Love Him Forever.

Letting go does not always mean to stop loving someone. You can continue to love the person, just not be in their lives.

8You’ll Never Get What You Truly Deserve If You Remain Attached To What You’re Supposed To Let Go Of.

Sometimes when we needlessly hold onto things, it keeps space occupied for better things. Letting go frees up that space and allows for better things to come to us.

9Happiness Is Letting Go Of What You Think Your Life Is Supposed To Look Like And Celebrating It For Everything That It Is.

Living in the moment and being grateful for what you have is what gives you peace and happiness. Let go of what is supposed to be and accept what is.

10Stay Away From People Who Make You Feel Like You Are Hard To Love.

Let go of anyone who is not a positive influence in your life, who is not happy that you are in theirs and who causes you more heartache than happiness.

11Sometimes Holding On Does More Damage Than Letting Go.

And often times you will only notice this once you let go. There might be some guilt, but more relief.

12Holding On Is Believing That There’s Only A Past: Letting Go Is Knowing That There’s A Future.

Change is inevitable in this life and oftentimes it is for the better. Don’t hold on to the past when the future is waiting for you.

13Let It Hurt Then Let It Go

Nobody is saying it is easy to let go. It hurts when you think about what you will be missing in your life. Let it hurt. Feel what you have to feel. And when you have done that, let go.

14Incredible Change Happens In Your Life When You Decide To Take Control Of What You Do Have Power Over Instead Of Craving Control Over What You Don’t.

Letting go of trying to change things that you cannot change gives you an immediate feeling of freedom and calmness.

15Let Go Of The Illusion That It Could Have Been Any Different.

The past has already happened and it happened exactly the way it was supposed to happen. And even if not, you cannot change it anymore.

16Sometimes We Have To Let Go Of What’s Killing Us, Even If It’s Killing Us To Let Go.

Although we might know something or someone is not good for us, letting go might feel like we are dying. Not letting go will be so much worse long term.

17“Was It Hard?” I ask. “Letting Go?” I Nodded. “Not As Hard As Holding On To Something That Wasn’t Real.”

When you are making the decision to let go or not, look at reality. Not at what you wish it could be, or what you think it should be. Look instead at what is.

18Life Moves On And So Should We.

The only constant in life is change, so change and don’t hold on to what does not fit in your life anymore. It is only natural.

19You Don’t Need Strength To Let Go Of Something. What You Really Need Is Understanding.

Once you understand the reason why you should let go of something, it becomes natural. It does not mean it won’t hurt, but it does become easier.

20It’s Not Healthy To Stay With People That Don’t Even Bother To Ask How You Are.

Relationships should be balanced. If they are not, let them go.

21Just Because I Let You Go, Doesn’t Mean I Wanted To.

Letting might be the healthier choice or it might be your only choice. But that does not have to mean that it is something that you wanted.

22Letting Go Doesn’t Mean That You Don’t Care About Someone Anymore. It’s Just Realizing That The Only Person You Really Have Control Over Is Yourself.

You cannot change someone else, but you can change having them in your life or not.

23It Hurts To Say Goodbye To A Person You Love Knowing That Life Won’t Be The Same Without Him. But It’s Better To Give Up Rather Than To Fight Knowing That You’re The Only One Fighting.

There has to be a mutual effort in any relationship. Love or friendship. If not, let go of the person because they do not belong in your life.

24In The End, Only Three Things Matter: How Much You Loved, How Gently You Lived, And How Gracefully You Let Go Of Things Not Meant For You.

Letting go can be painful. That does not mean that you have to hurt other people when dealing with your own process.

25The Toughest Part Of Letting Go Is Realizing The Other Person Already Did.

Maybe it is an ego thing, but humans always want to be the first to let go. When you find out that the other person already let go, it can hurt even more. Still. Let go of what was not meant to be.

26When It Hurts To Move On, Just Remember The Pain You Felt Hanging On.

If letting go is difficult, it helps to remember how much more painful and difficult it was to keep going.

27Pain Will Leave You When You Let Go.

When you really let go of all that was supposed to be and all that you wanted it to be but it never was, that is when you will find inner peace.

28Letting Go Means To Come To The Realization That Some People Are A Part Of Your History, But Not A Part Of Your Destiny.

When you let go of someone it does not make them a bad person. It just makes them not compatible with where you want to go in your life.

29Closure Happens Right After You Accept That Letting Go And Moving On Is More Important Than Projecting A Fantasy Of How The Relationship Could Have Been.

If you keep being stuck in how you wanted life to be, instead of how it really was, you will never be able to move on and find happiness.

30Sometimes All You Have To Do Is Forget What You Feel And Remember What You Deserve.

Love can get in the way of letting go of that which is harming you. Remember always what you are worth and what you deserve in life and make your decisions accordingly.

31Sometimes The Hardest Part Isn’t Letting Go But Rather Learning To Start Over.

When you let go it leave you space to fill. That can be exciting and fun, but also scary and overwhelming.

32The Reason Why We Can’t Let Go Of Someone Is Because Deep Inside We Still Have Hope.

Make sure that the hope is founded in reality and not in fantasy before you decide to hold on instead of letting go.

33To Heal A Wound You Need To Stop Touching It.

Letting go of someone completely can mean not seeing or speaking to that person for at least a little while until the wound is healed.

34Some People Believe Holding On And Hanging In There Are Signs Of Great Strenght. However, There Are Times When It Takes Much More Strenght To Know When To Let Go And Then Do It.

Knowing when to let go and when to hold on is one of the most difficult things you have to learn in this life.

35If he’s Not Doing Anything To Keep You, Then Why Are You Fighting To Stay?

Let go of those people in your life who do not want to be there. You will be much happier when you have more energy for those who want to be with you.

36If I have to ask for your attention…

No one who is taking you for granted is worth being with you

37I’m too full of life to be half loved

If you love someone, don’t be afraid to show it. Anyone is worth loving and feel loved to the fullest.

38Don’t be afraid of losing someone

If he doesn’t appriciate you , he is definitely not worth it and its time to let go.

39In the end, you tried…

Anyone deserves a second chance, but is they keep on with their old ways and you feel unhappy, it is time to say goodbye and move on.

40Treat me like a joke…

“…and I’ll leave you like its funny.’
Anyone who disrespect you, let alone someone who’s your partner, is not worth having you in their lives.

41Freedom is found

Happiness comes within, once you embrace who you are, you’ll feel happier and truly free.

42iving the life…

Choose to let go of the past. Choose you today and live in the moment.

43Know this..

Make every day a fresh start, doesn’t matter what was yesterday or what will happen tomorrow.

44It might take a while

Letting go of someone is a hard thing to do, but like everything in life is passes and something new comes along.

45Keep the ones who worth it

Surround yourself with people that lift you, not with the ones who do the opposite.

46I have learned

Letting go means you need to accept things at a current moment cannot change, and that you need to carry yourself into a new place in your life.

47Let go of what was

Have faith in yourself and your future. In life, things have a way of working out.

48Let go list

If your answer is yes to most of these questions, then it’s probably time to let go.

49If you have to force it, leave it

Some things, some relationships were never meant to last.

50Do not chase people

Stay true to yourself. Surrounding yourself with the right people changes everything.

51Different roads

Sometimes we need to take the road less traveled, the unknown road takes us through a new jurney into fresh new starts.

52Old Ways Quote

Let go of the past, open a fresh start! That’s only way to move on and start a happier beginning.


You cannot always be in control, so sometimes you just need to relax and go with the flow of life.

54Let it go



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