How To Date A Guy

How To Date A Guy

How To Date A Guy

Dating is tough in this day in age. There are so many rules and regulations to follow, like, how do we keep up? The truth is, though, dating really isn’t that hard. We put so much pressure on finding our one true love and that person to post Instas with, that we overcomplicate the whole thing. Here are the secrets to making dating absolutely pain-free.

1Make Them Feel Appreciated

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, so when you’re dating a new guy always be sure to show them that you care. That doesn’t mean you have to give them an expensive gift or take them someplace fancy. Sometimes, it’s the little things like being there for them when they’re having a bad day or saying ‘thank you’ when they hold open the door for you.

2Don’t Do All The Talking

Yes, you’re a girl, so you love talking and you definitely have some great things to say, but when you’re dating someone you have to learn to listen to. If he doesn’t feel like he’s being heard, he will quickly lose interest. Relationships cannot be one-sided and you’d definitely feel the same way if he wasn’t listening to you.

3Be Confident

Confidence is key in every situation, especially dating. Being sure of yourself is totally sexy and such a turn on for a guy. Be sure not to act insecure or seek gratification from him, he’s not there to compliment you 24/7. He wants to see you rock whatever it is you’re doing and be totally confident in everything that you are!

4Make A Good First Impression

First impressions are everything. From the moment you walk in, he will be picking up clues from your appearance and your body language, so be aware of how you are coming off. Self-awareness if very important. You don’t want to give him any wrong ideas!

5Keep Conversations Fun

When you first start dating someone, it’s a good idea to keep the conversations light and positive. It’s great to have crazy deep talks under the stars, but they can be extremely overwhelming at the beginning. Focus on getting to know each other in a fun way, because, well, dating should be fun!

6Don’t Be Glued To Your Phone

Being on your phone during a date is a major turn off. It makes you look like you’re not into him; Which is not the impression you want to make. Being on your phone will make him think you have no life other than social media, which is super not sexy.

7Don’t Be Afraid Of Making The First Move

Making the first move is extremely attractive to a guy. It shows that you know what you want and you’re going to do whatever is in your powers to get it. And, that will definitely get his motor running. So, be a little devil by grabbing his face for a passionate kiss or running your hands up his thighs.

8Be Yourself

There is something to be said for just being yourself. When you’re first dating someone, you should never try to hide who you really are. I mean, you’re both in this to find out if you’re a good match, so why waste the time trying to be someone else? You’ll just end up disappointed down the road or in a relationship that is not fully satisfying.

9Just Be Nice

Being nice never goes out of style. The idea of ‘games’ in the dating world is really overrated. Everyone really just wants to find someone that is kindhearted and treats them well, so why not start at the very beginning?

10Make It Simple

Simple dates are always the best dates. Overcomplicating things with helicopters, elaborate shows, and classes really should be saved for when you are well into a relationship and want to do something different. In the beginning, it’s always best to settle for a nice Netflix and chill or a coffee date, so you can really get to know each other without all the distraction.

11Always Flirt

Flirting is important to discover if you have a sexual connection with a person or not. And, sexual connections are key for a truly satisfying relationship. So, don’t be afraid to tease him a little, twirl your hair, and give him a sexy wink. He will love the fun you’re bringing to the table.

12Manners Are Everything

There is not enough good that can be said about manners. Saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ should be mandatory in dating. And, in all aspects of life! It shows respect, kindness, and a good upbringing, which set a good foundation for a healthy relationship.

13Don’t Talk About The Future Just Yet

The future is a scary subject to people, especially men. So, definitely hold off on talking about marriage, kids, or moving in unless you want to scare bae off real quick. And, definitely, don’t show him your Pinterest wedding board. Yikes!

14Look For Red Flags

Always be aware of red flags when dating a new guy. If he treats his mother a way that you wouldn’t dream of, then he needs to go. Or, if he values material things over quality time with you, then maybe he’s not the one. Red flags often have to do with morals, so be true to yours and watch out for his.

15Don’t Settle

Do not ever settle. You are dating to find someone that will make you happy and improve your life and make a positive impact. Do not date someone just to date someone, because, girl, you are fabulous enough on your own. You don’t need him!

16Date At Your Own Pace

It’s ok to want to take things slow. But, it’s also ok to want to take things fast. Move at your own pace, whatever that may be. Just make sure the person you are dating is on the same page as you.

17Don’t Make Comparisons

Just because your BFF, Jessica, is dating someone who brings her coffee every morning doesn’t mean that your lover has to do the same. Never compare who you are dating to who your friends are dating. Jessica’s relationship dynamic is her own, and yours is equally as special. Also, never compare them to an ex. It’s just not cool. And, it could seriously ruin the great thing you have going with your man.

18Focus On The Present Moment

Being present is important in all aspects of life, but especially when it comes to love. In order to actually fall in love, you need to be present, authentic, and give yourself fully to someone. That means eye contact, an ear to listen, and vulnerability. And, when the sparks happen, it’ll feel like magic.

19Don’t Be Too Needy Too Quickly

No dude likes when a girl is too needy too quickly. Or, too needy in general. Men find it attractive when a girl can properly take care of herself. And, you can girl! However, if he’s unwilling to be there for you ever…then you have a problem and he’s got to go. There definitely needs to be some dependency in a relationship to create a deeper connection and make it a functioning partnership.

20Ask Questions

Always ask questions. It doesn’t matter if they’re deep and philosophical or if you’re just asking how his day was. Your bae will feel appreciated and cared about no matter what you ask. Curiosity is super sexy and it shows that you want to create a deeper connection with him.

21Don’t Try To Win Him Over

Just because he loves sports, doesn’t mean you have to. Don’t try to win him over by pretending you are something you’re not. You don’t have to fake interests or hobbies and you definitely don’t have to tolerate his heavy metal on blast if that’s not your thing. Also, don’t try to dress up just to impress him; unless you plan on dressing like that throughout your whole relationship.

22Don’t Be Overly Judgemental

Try not to judge things about him too quickly. Just because he’s not your usual type, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t make a bomb BF. Be open to changing your dating routine, and give him a chance. Who knows, maybe skater boy will be your new type?

23Balance Your Life

Life is all about balance. And, it’s very important to have a proper balance between your dating life and your personal life. You need to have time to focus on you if you’re going to give your boo the best of yourself. Self-care is everything. So, girl, treat yourself to that rainy day home alone reading books, doing a face mask, and listening to Ariana on repeat.

24Don’t Fall Too Fast

Falling too fast can be detrimental to a relationship. Sometimes, you can’t help it because it’s just ‘right’. But, there are other times when you idealize a person because you just really want a relationship at the moment. And, that’s really not worth your time. Always try to look at the situation clearly, or you may end up hurting yourself.


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