Platonic Love

Platonic Love

Platonic Love

People experience platonic love in their lives through many relationships. Platonic love is a friendship on fire; extremely strong, never-wavering, and with the utmost respect, appreciation, and empathy between the parties. Here are some ways to spot a true platonic love relationship.

1You Respect Boundaries

You and your platonic love respect each other in every way. Whether it’s physical boundaries like how much touching and hugging is too much, or whether it’s emotional boundaries such as talking about personal sensitive subjects or delving into the dynamic of your relationship with one another, a platonic lover will never cross those unspoken lines. They will unconsciously abide by all the boundary rules of your relationship and you will never feel uncomfortable or confused by their words or actions.

2You Are Not Afraid To Share

There is nothing that you are afraid to share with your platonic love. This is a person that you can be completely authentically you around and you never have to question whether you can open up to them about something or not. Your platonic love is always understanding and there to listen because they know the real you. And, don’t try to hide anything from them because they will find out.

3There Are No Expectations

Cuddling and watching a movie with a friend is perfectly acceptable. And, with a platonic love, you don’t have to worry about wandering hands, awkward moments, or weird social expectations. So, feel free to relax, put your hair down, and snuggle up, or not; It really doesn’t matter because they aren’t thinking about anything beyond friendship and what you’re going to choose on Netflix.

4There Is No Jealousy

In a platonic relationship, there is absolutely no jealousy. That’s because you don’t want each other in a romantic way; You’re both in it for the friendship! So, it’s totally cool if you bring John, or Michael, or Jeff along to the carnival or the beach. Your BFF will not be jealous or act weird at all. You want each other to be happy and find romantic love, so there is never any jealous tension between you two.

5There Is No Flirting

Sexual tension in a platonic relationship just doesn’t exist. There is no flirting, weird touches, or feelings of attraction. You and your platonic lover show your love in other ways such as listening, talking, understanding, and just always being there for each other. So, you definitely don’t need to worry about your BFF falling for you or things ever feeling weird.

6You Are Not Sexually Aroused By Them

If you find your friend sexually attractive then you are definitely not in a platonic love relationship. It is ok to notice they are attractive and understand why other people are attracted to them, but you should in no way want to kiss them or have lingering hugs with them. That’s a big no-no in a platonic relationship. If you do find yourself feeling that way towards your BFF, then there is definitely some unrequited sexual tension present.

7You Don’t Try To Impress Them

You would never dream of being anyone but your true self in a platonic love relationship. And, your BFF must feel the same. You are never afraid to act silly. And, you are definitely never embarrassed in front of them. You also never dress to impress when hanging out. You don’t care what you look like; If your eyeliner is smudged, your hair is in a messy top-knot, and you’re rocking jeans and an old tee, that’s just fine because your BFF won’t care either. And, they probably won’t even notice the stain on your shirt, but if they do, prepare yourself for them to tease you about it.

8Your Friendship Can Make It Through Anything

Platonic love is different from romantic love because it can make it through anything. It was built on something much stronger than sexual chemistry and it has been there with you through the good times and the bad. Whether it’s the death of your dog, your failed science project, or something positive like you moving to a new city because of a job opportunity, nothing will change your friendship dynamic. Your platonic lover is essentially your ‘ride or die’. They will go with you on your life journey. They are with you for the long-run, unlike a romantic summer fling.

9It Is Where You Came From

Your platonic lover most likely stems from your roots. They could be a childhood friend, or maybe someone that just really loves something you are passionate about, something you consider an essence of who you are. For example, if you both grew up around music, you may be able to connect and understand each other on a deeper level because of that.

10You Don’t Worry About Sparing Their Feelings

A platonic lover will always tell it like it is, so you never have to worry about wondering how they really feel. This makes the relationship strong because of its ability to accept criticism. With a platonic lover, you will never question their loyalty or their intentions, and you will never ever be stabbed in the back.

11Platonic Love Quotes

To further define platonic love, here are some quotes that explain it in the best possible ways.

12Romantic Love Isn’t Everything

Love is everywhere from friendships to soulmates, to two people dating. There is no need to determine which love is the best because they all have their own individual advantages. However, platonic love remains tough through even the roughest of situations.

13From The Neck Up

Platonic love is smart love. Its center is the brain, rather than the heart. We may love our BFF, but it’s because our logical thinker, the brain, is the ruler of this platonic relationship. So, you definitely don’t need to worry about emotions and matters of the heart getting in the way.

14Inactive Volcano

Volcanos are strong whether they are active or not. With a platonic love being like an inactive volcano, the friendship gets all the strength without the explosion of emotions that accompany romantic relationships. Strong and steady wins the race.

15Friends Come And Go

Platonic friendships never break and a platonic lover sticks to you like an octopus to your face, so you will never forget that they are there. That is why you can always rely on a platonic lover to have your back. And, you will know that you can go to them for any reason.

16We’re More Than Friends

Platonic relationships are more than just friendships. Essentially, platonic lovers are soulmates without a romantic aspect in their relationship. And, without a want for romance in the relationship; Want is the keyword.

17Real Friends Don’t Get Offended

You can say whatever you want to a platonic lover because you know they will either laugh it off or accept the criticism. These are friendships that have no filters, so if you walk into class uncharacteristically, looking like a bum, be prepared for your platonic lover to point it out right away.

18More Than Love

Platonic relationships are special because unlike romantic relationships that can flutter out because of eruptive emotions, they stand strong and evolve over time in order to protect the special friendship. This love is really more than love. It cannot be broken.

19Just Your Company

In a platonic relationship, there is not a lot of sacrifice or compromise, like in a romantic relationship. It is simply two people who have found each other, connect on a soul level, and can just be themselves. Your platonic lover will never try to change you or make you feel guilty for your actions or emotions. They will allow you to fully be yourself because that’s what they love about you, and vice-versa.

20Let’s Run Together

Platonic relationships are ‘ride or die’ friendships and they go with us wherever we go in life. Unlike romantic relationships, distance and life changes do not get in the way of this type of love. So, new partners, children, a move cross-country will not allow your friendship to break. You are stuck with this BFF for life, so get ready!

21Embrace Platonic Intimacy

It is true that guys and girls can be just friends. And, it’s ok to show our friends we love them through both verbal and physical forms. So, go ahead kiss their cheek, hug them tight, and tell them you love them! That’s all anybody wants to hear!

22Old Friends

Platonic relationships are built off of something deep within our souls. There is an immediate understanding of each other that takes this BFF duo to the next level. Sometimes, you may even feel like you’ve known your platonic lover for longer than you have.

23He’s Not My Boyfriend

Romantic love can be overrated. We don’t always need the perfect guy in our lives. Being single, but having a great BFF can make your life perfect in so many ways. All anyone needs is someone to talk to, listen, and feel understood by.


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