Inspirational Anxiety Quotes

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Inspirational Quotes for Anxiety


Many people deal with anxiety on a regular basis. Whether it’s a stressful day or a struggle you’ve had for years, it’s important to know you’re not alone. Anxiety comes up when we try to micromanage our lives, rewrite mistakes of the past, or control what will happen in the future. I’ve collected this list of quotes to help you remember to breathe, take things one day at a time, and trust yourself a bit more. I know you’re unsure, but find a quote and allow it to help you navigate today. Just take it one day at a time. You’ve got this!

1Let Things Arise

When we have anxiety, expectations and worry can exaggerate the feeling. Taking things one moment at a time can help you find relief.

2At Peace

Staying in the moment is easier said than done. Keep practicing and it will become easier to let go of your worries for the past and future.

3Really Brave

Sometimes anxiety is the result of fear or uncertainty. Just remember that it’s normal to be afraid sometimes. Usually, this discomfort is where you begin to grow!

4Day by Day Quote

When we feel overwhelmed, we often want to solve every problem in the same moment. Breathe, and know that you don’t have to have it all figured out right now.

5Breathe Anxiety Quote

Breathing exercises can really help with anxiety. Inhaling calm and exhaling worry might help you alleviate any tension in your body and mind.

6I Lied

Sometimes anxiety can make us want to cancel plans, and that’s okay. Taking care of yourself is a perfectly valid reason to take it easy.

7You Made it

If your anxiety makes you worry about the future, know that you were once unsure you’d be where you are now. Just like you made it here, you’ll arrive at your future destination when you’re meant to.

8Conquer Things Anyway

When it feels like anxiety is holding you back, remember this. You are stronger than your anxiety and you can conquer the things that make you anxious.

9Wanting Control Quote

A need to control things can often make us feel anxious. Remember you can only control the present moment, and the future will unfold when it’s time.

10I Don’t Quit

When anxiety feels like a limitation, it’s good to come up with a game plan. Finding reminders to inspire you to breathe and relax can help you push through and achieve your goals anyway.

11Go Easy On Yourself

When you get to the end of the day, it might be tempting to be hard on yourself for not getting enough done. Remind yourself that your accomplishments are enough and you deserve to rest easy.

12Face it When it Comes

Hagrid’s words of wisdom come in handy in the context of anxiety. We can’t deal with the future until it comes, so relax and trust that you’ll know what to do when new situations arise.

135 by 5 Rule Anxiety Quote

Anxiety might make you want to replay past mistakes in your mind. It’s good to remember that mistakes happen, and it most likely won’t matter in five years anyway.

14Let it Flow

Maybe all you want to do is suppress your anxiety and make it go away. Try just letting it flow and you may realize it’s not as scary as you thought.

15Doing Your Best Quote

Anxiety can often convince you that you are falling short. Give yourself credit for doing your best and practice being gentle with yourself.

16Despite Your Anxiety Quote

When anxiety feels limiting, remember that people accomplish things despite their limitations all the time. You will too, no matter how difficult it may be to believe.

17Have Faith

Our minds are like tools for helping us solve problems. When our minds want to overthink, the best thing to do is to stop thinking and have faith.

18Healing Takes Time

Anxiety often makes us want to get in the fast lane and race to figure everything out. Have patience and know that some bumps in the road are perfectly normal.

19Find Steadiness

When life feels chaotic, it may be difficult to catch your breath. Remember that you can take a moment to find steadiness inside yourself no matter how much chaos you’re dealing with.

20I Am Worthy Quote

It’s great to find a saying to repeat in your head when anxiety tries to convince you that you are not enough. Remind yourself that you are worthy and capable no matter what your anxiety says!

21Don’t Believe Worried Thoughts

22Your Anxiety Is Lying

23Master the Day

24Good Days Quote

25Let Go and See

26I Will Not Stress

27One Step at a Time

28What’s Meant to Be

29A Useful Quality of Anxiety

30Today’s Peace

31Proud of You

32Remember This

33Rocking Chair Analogy

34Not Designed to Be Perfect


36Right Now

37You’ve Got This

38Just Visitors

39Ride the Waves

40Worry is a Down Payment


Believe me, I know first hand what it’s like to deal with anxiety. It can feel uncomfortable or even painful and scary. You are not alone and you’re strong enough to overcome your limitations. I hope these quotes inspire you to find hope and trust yourself in even the most difficult moments.

Some of the quotes in this list provide helpful advice for when you’re feeling anxious. If it’s possible, you can try to breathe, let go of anxious thoughts, and even cancel a plan to focus on self-care if you need to. Your mental health is so important, so care for yourself and jump back into your plans when you’re ready.

Some quotes remind us what anxiety really is. Remembering that anxiety is an attempt to control the future or rewrite the past can help us navigate back to the present. That is where the real healing begins.

There are also quotes here to remind you that you are stronger than your anxiety. Your anxiety is lying to you, and you can accomplish your goals despite any anxious thoughts that come up. When you remember this, you can begin to let go of your limiting beliefs a bit more easily.

If you deal with anxiety, seek the help you need and talk to someone you trust. Allow these quotes to provide a bit of hope on your path to healing. The fact that these quotes exist is proof that you are not alone, and so many others are using them in their own situations.

I hope these quotes help you find hope and inspire you to breathe a bit easier today. Whatever you’re going through, you are strong enough to get through it. Be proud of yourself for taking steps to take care of yourself!


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