I Have No Friends – Helpful Tips If You Think This Is You


What Do You Do When You Have No Friends – Helpful Tips If You Think This Is You

There are times in our lives where we go through phases where we may feel like we don’t have any friends. This could be because of a big move, a career change, or maybe you and your friends just started growing up and growing apart. No matter what happened, feeling alone can definitely get you down. Here are some helpful tips to help you ace the friend game!

1Be More Social

In order to make new friends, it’s essential that you like, actually, leave your house. Don’t get stuck in the routine of going to work or school and then going straight home to binge some Netflix and eat your takeout leftovers. Instead, put yourself in social environments. Whether it be a class, a networking event, or even just the gym. And, always say “yes” to parties, coffee dates, concerts, and other events when someone asks! If they’re asking, they want you there for a reason. Don’t miss out on potential friends because you have Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer. 

2Try Something New

A good idea for meeting some new friends is to try something new. Putting yourself in a new environment will surround you with people you haven’t encountered before. So, think of something you’ve always wanted to try. Maybe it’s yoga or painting or maybe it’s horseback riding. Whatever it is that entices your soul, go for it. Since you have similar interests, chances are you’ll find a lot of other people there that you can relate to!

3Start A Conversation

Maybe there is a girl in your philosophy class that always has amazing things to say, and you feel like you would totally hit it off. Well…take the chance and ask her to hang out. What’s the worst that could happen? Or, even just say “hi”. A simple greeting could lead to a full conversation, which could lead to a potential new friend. 

4Don’t Isolate Yourself

When you’re in classes or at work, be sure not to isolate yourself. Even if you are shy, try to make yourself apart of the group in order to ensure you are being seen. No one can reach out to you, if you’re hiding in your cubicle during lunch. Also, be sure to always go to work and school events. Show that you are apart of the community and you will be accepted. 

5Try Smiling

It’s a fact that smiling is an overall attractive quality. And, it totally attracts potential friends. When people see a happy person, they want to get to know them. Good energy is always welcomed! So, brush those teeth and flaunt that smile, girl, because you have potential friends scoping you out!

6Find People With Similar Interests

If you’re involved in an activity, try to get to know other people that are involved in it too. For example, if you’re on a soccer team, take the time to ask your teammates about themselves and their personal lives. Check up on them! People like that and it shows you have a caring nature. Let them know you are on their team on and off the field. 

7Reach Out To Old Friends

There is no shame in reaching out to old friends. Sure, the friendship may have fluttered out, but there is no reason why it can’t be rekindled. A thoughtful idea would be to send a nice letter, or even a long text, letting them know you are thinking about them and would love to meet up. The worse thing that could happen is they don’t answer. And, if that happens than maybe it is time to move on to someone new. 

8Don’t Be Flaky

Flakiness is so off-putting. No one wants to keep asking the girl who ditches plans to hang out again because they don’t want to be disappointed. If you find yourself being flaky, then you need to ask yourself why. Do you care about this friendship? If not, then maybe look elsewhere. Not everyone is the right fit for you. 

9Age Doesn’t Matter

Something very important to note, especially when you grow older, is that age doesn’t matter. You can have a friend who’s 15 years your senior and it’s totally acceptable. Souls don’t know age, they breathe off of connection. So, don’t feel ashamed if you find yourself gravitating towards a different age group. Maybe, you’re just more mature for your age, or maybe you just appreciate the wisdom they have to give. 

10Make Friends Online

Another option if you find yourself sad and without friends is to make some new friends online. There are so many apps and services now. And, some of them even allow you to meet up in person with other people who have similar interests. Just be careful not to get too sucked into the online world. It can become toxic by taking over your entire life. You have to remember there is an outside world. However, there is no shame having someone online to talk to and create a constant communication with, as long as it’s positive. 

11Create Deeper Connections

Sometimes, you may feel like you have no friends because the friends that you have just aren’t that genuine. It’s hard to find people you can really connect with on a deep level. So, if you find yourself surrounded by people, but still feeling alone, it might be time to take a deeper look at these connections and try to dig a little deeper with them. Or, maybe just find some new people. True friendship is about quality, not quantity. 

12Be Present

Being present is key in order to create lasting friendships. No one wants to be friends with someone who is always on their phone. Or, just not really listening when the other is speaking. Friendships are relationships. They take time, effort, and accountability. So, stop that texting and opt for some real one-on-one time with your friend. Show them that their presence is enough to keep you satisfied. 

13Don’t Be Too Clingy

No one wants to be friends with someone who is too clingy. Especially, right off the bat. If this is a new friendship, be sure to go slow. It’s like a relationship; You don’t want to scare your friend off right away by blowing their phone up all day and nagging them about hanging out. Take a chill pill and hit them up to make plans once in a while and to check up on them. You don’t want the friendship to die out, but you also don’t want them to think you’re a psycho. 

14Be Positive

Positive people are the best people. They are surrounded by good energy that is welcoming and fun. And, who doesn’t want a fun BFF? Negativity turns people off right away. So, when having a conversation with a new potential friend, be sure to only make positive comments. It’s ok to vent to a new friend about a bad day, but don’t let it overtake the whole conversation or put you in a negative mood. 

15Look To Yourself

It’s important to always look to yourself and reflect on the situation you are in. You have no friends- ok – but why? Is it something you are doing? Is it a situational factor? Figure out the issues behind the problem, and the whole “no friends” thing will be much easier to solve. 

16Get A Pet

If you’re in a “no friends” situation that seems long term, it may be a good idea to get a pet. Having an animal companion can definitely help ease the pain of feeling alone. And, who doesn’t love a cuddly puppy?

17Ask Yourself What You Want

Maybe, you haven’t found your friends yet because you haven’t found what you’re looking for, making it hard to form a connection. It’s important to ask yourself what you desire in a friendship. By asking yourself that, and defining your ideal friend,  it will be easier to recognize in your everyday life.  

18Make Work Friends

Everyone works. So, why not make it fun by becoming friends with the people you work with? It only makes sense as you already have something in common. Also, this will make the job much more fun. And, you’ll always have someone to hit the gym with after a stressful day in the office. 

19Be Open To Different Types

It’s important to be open to different types of people. People that aren’t like you. They say that opposites attract and it’s true. Friends who are polar opposites tend to balance each other. Where one is strong, the other is weak, and they learn to work together as a team. 

20Open Up

In order to create a meaningful friendship, you must open up. Being vulnerable is the only way to really get to know someone and let them see the real you; only then will you feel a connection with another person. Also, vulnerability is very contagious, so if a potential friend hears you opening up about something personal, they will feel safe enough to entrust you in their secrets. And, BOOM, that’s how a friendship is born!



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