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Beard Quotes

Who doesn’t love a man with a nice thick and well-kept beard? Beards are sexy and a total turn on. They’re a sign of masculinity and power. And, points to the dude who actually knows how to groom his. So, here are some fun quotes to celebrate these bearded hotties and remind us why bearded men are the best men.


No girl can deny that when a bearded stud walks into the room their heart drops. Who could deny such a delicious piece of meat? Ladies, if you experience a beardgasm, know that you’re not the only one.

2Makes My Heart Race

A furry face definitely will make any girls heart race. You’ll get tingles down your spine as your bearded man kisses your neck. The feeling of scruff on your chin will make you say, ‘yes, please!’ Be warned, it’s hard to stop your horomones when kissing a bearded hunk.

3Touch Your Beard

Playing with your man’s beard when you’re cuddling is definitely addicting. It’s just like how guys get with breasts; they don’t have them so they like to constantly fondle them. As girls, we don’t have beards, so yeah, we have a hard time keeping our hands off of them! Get ready, guys; our hands have no chill!

4Pull Off My Underwear

This is for the girl who has a beard fetish. And, yes, that’s definitely a thing. Her number one standard is that her man must have a good beard. So, if he has a face of fur, she’s totally down to play. If not, she’s not interested.

5Women’s Best Friend

Real women love beards. They see the value of having a real man who can take care of her. And, they see a man with a beard as a sexual, but loving and loyal being. They don’t need materialistic items and expensive goods; All it takes to win her love is a good beard…and, maybe a personality to back it up.

6Touch Your Butt

If a guy lets you touch his beard, then it’s only fair that you let him touch your booty. You gotta give a little to get a little. And, touching that gorgeous facial scruff is totally worth it.

7The New Six Pack

Six packs are so early 2000s. Now, it’s all about the beard. It’s strong, manly, and you know just by looking at him that he’ll be able to take care of you. Lumberjacks over surfer boys every time!

8No Thanks

If you don’t have a beard, then it’s just not going to work. Sorry, boy, bye! Women need a real man.

9Exceptional Dude

Bearded guys definitely trump all other guys. A beard on a guy is the difference between a boy and a man. So, get growing, little boys. We need to see some hair on that chin to get our engines running!

10Kissing A Man Without A Beard

Kissing a dude without a beard just doesn’t feel right. The feeling of scruff against your face is a total turn on and totally amps up the makeout game. And, who wouldn’t want some extra heat in the sheets?

11Well Hung

Some guys are just gifted at growing long thick beards. And, actually taking care of them! Long beards definitely don’t need to look messy. All it takes is some patience and a little bit of effort.

12Every Time A Man Shaves

Boys, don’t make your girl weep by shaving your bearded face. A babyface is definitely not what she is looking for. Do both of you a favor by keeping that manly asset right where it is.

13Raise Your Standards

Be proud if you’re with a bearded bro. Like, seriously, girl, good job! And, the ladies who aren’t- you should probably rethink your choice partner. Or, get your boo to get growing; that’s probably a nicer alternative.

14She Wants The B

The only thing better than the D is the B. There’s no wonder some girls thirst over a well-kept beard; it’s the ultimate sign of manliness. And, every girl wants a real man to take care of her in every way.

15I Like Big Beards

Just like big butts, big beards are hot and there is no denying it. A guy who can keep a long beard looking good, will definitely be able to handle whatever baggage you have!

16Beards, Pizza, And Sex

The three best things in the world: Beards, pizza, and sex. There is no one in the world that does not love all three. And, it’s great when a guy has all three to offer you! Find that man, ladies; that’s the goal.

17That’s Beard Love

Nurture and love your man’s beard to encourage growth! A little talking, a little stroking, and a little love and care will definitely get those hairs longer and stronger.

18Remember That Guy

A man with a beard is much more distinguished than a man without one. So, that man with the thick facial hair will definitely be the one the ladies will remember.

19A Good Man

A beard is a sign of masculinity. Paired with a flannel shirt and an ax, and he’s the image of the ultimate provider, the ultimate father, and the ultimate lover. Who wouldn’t want that in their arms?

20May Your Beard Be Splendid

If your beard is on point, then your life will be too. And, when your beard is tamed and groomed, so will your life. The beard rules all.

21Bearded Men Stay Faithful

Keeping your beard well-groomed takes time and effort, so no man that is spending that much time on his appearance will be looking anywhere else for love. He simply doesn’t have the time.

22If You Touch My Beard

The beard is a powerful aphrodisiac, so be careful of touching just anyone’s beard. You may just lose your mind…or your panties.

23There Are Two Kinds Of People

Everyone should appreciate a beard! Do you know how long it takes men to grow those things? It’s like growing long hair as a girl. It takes patience, love, and care. Respect the beard, ladies.

24Life Is Better

A man’s life is always better with a beard. A bearded guy looks powerful and manly, and he’ll be able to channel that inward and project a confident masculine vibe outward.


Men that don’t like beards just can’t handle being a real man. A beard is not all frills, sometimes it will get itchy, but the benefits of a beard trump all the hassle.

26Feel Safe At Night

Sleeping next to a bearded man will always make you feel safe. You’ll feel like Beauty with her protective Beast. No one is going to hurt you when he’s around.

27The Ultimate Proof Of Patience

Like most things in life, beards take time. Beards take patience. That’s why men always acknowledge when one of their kind has a great beard. They get it!

28I Grow It

29Ideas Are Born

The iconic beard stroke, whether you have a real beard or not will definitely bring about your best ideas. So, get stroking!

30Don’t Hate Me

Beards are beautiful. And, the ones who can’t grow a beard are definitely jealous. But, hey, don’t be a hater! It’s a special skill that not every man is gifted with, and that’s unfortunate. So, dude, if you can grow a beard, take advantage of that gift.

31Excuse Me, Miss

I know it’s hard not to stare at a man’s perfectly groomed face, but try to control yourself, ladies. Eyes can be beautiful too! And, men don’t want to be loved for just their beards, I’m sure they have a lot of other good features too; it’s just hard to see when there is a beautifully grown beard in front of you.

32Beards Don’t Conceal

A bearded man is much easier to remember. When describing a man people will often use his beard to identify him. So, if you’re trying to stand out in a crowd, a beard will definitely do the trick.

33A Lion Without A Mane

A man without a beard is not really a man. He’s a boy. So, ladies, don’t settle for anything less than what you desire. If you want a real man in your life, then search for that facial-haired prince.

34My Beard Is Bigger

Sometimes, a guy’s beard is bigger than his heart, but for some women that’s ok! It depends what you’re looking for a hottie for the night or for the love of your life. Either way, any man with a beard is better than a man without one.

35Grow A Beard

A girl doesn’t need flowers, expensive vacations, or fancy chocolates, she needs a beard she can stroke and play with! Men, take note, women aren’t that hard to please! Give her a good beard, and you can make her happy for life!


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