Badass Quotes For Guys

badass quotes for guys

Badass Quotes For Guys

Everyone loves a guy who’s a total badass. A badass guy is strong-willed, ambitious, and determined to become successful no matter what. He is strong and overcomes obstacles with ease, all while being himself. So attractive! Here are some quotes to commemorate these sexy men.

1Your Opinion 

Badass bros don’t care what other people think. They have their eyes set on their goal, whether it be a big pay check, a lover, or a grand adventure. They don’t take into consideration what others say. Their confidence in their decisions come from themselves alone. 

2No Guts

Badass guys take risks. They must have guts in order to become legends. Making decisions for badass guys is easy. They are strong and they know that the end result will be worth it, even if the road to it is a little rocky. They understand the journey.  

3The Most Dangerous

If a man listens, thinks, and observes, he will gain more knowledge about his enemies and competition. This is a vital tool for the badass guy. It will aid him in sizing up his competitors, stealing the tricks of the trade, and creating an even bigger empire. Badass guys understand that sometimes it’s intelligence and mindfulness over strength and physicality. 

4Losers Quit When They Fail

If you don’t succeed at first, try and try again. This is the motto for the badass guy. He knows that persistence is the key to success and he won’t stop until he gets there. A minor setback will definitely not derail him from his goal; it will only motivate him more.

5Don’t Raise Your Voice

Intelligence is sexy and it’s definitely badass too. Men who understand the power of knowledge go much farther in life than those who rely on their looks, strength, or other physical attributes. 

6You Have Enemies

Standing up for what you believe in is totally badass. And, if people end up hating you for that, that’s ok. That means you have actually made an impact. 

7My Assistant

For the businessman badass, a sign of success could be obtaining an assistant through their hard work and dedication to their careers. A badass who was doubted early in their career will take pride and joy when the haters and doubters see how far he has come. 

8I’m The Danger

Badass men are not afraid of anything. They are dangerous because of their ability to keep going no matter what and overcome any obstacle. These types of men understand that they are the real threat and people should be scared if they decide to cross them. 

9Every Scar Tells A Story

Scars and hardships are always apart of the journey to success. Badass men are not afraid of these battle wounds because they understand that it will all be worth it in the end. 

10You Can’t Fear Success

Badass men understand that success is something that a lot of people are afraid of, but you mustn’t be if you want to be your best self. A high level of recognition and power can be intimidating to the average human, but badass men crave it and will do anything to get it. 

11Coming For Everything

Part of being a badass is going against all odds. The badass guy will grow into a man by trying to accomplish the things that he was told he could never do or that were unreachable.

12For All The Doors They Slammed

Badass men do not believe in closed doors. There are no opportunities out of his reach. The badass guy will take full advantage of everything in life and find new ways to reach his goals. He is creative in his problem-solving and he won’t take “no” for an answer.

13Die On Your Feet

The badass dude understands that it’s better to live a full life than live a timid dull one. They understand the importance of taking risks to fully satisfy your thirst for life. Spontaneity is a common trait in the lives of badass men. 

14Self Improvement

Badass men do not see competition in other men; they see it in themselves. They understand the importance of self improvement and know that to really live a full life, they must be the best they can be. The goal for them is to move forward positively every day. 

15Failure Isn’t A Responsibility

The idea situation for a badass man is to create a life where failure is not possible. That means the man must have set goals, strict determination, and the ability to be flexible and roll with the punches. 

16I Was Brave

Badass guys realize that risks are necessary to create the life that you wish to live. Brave moments, that take guts, are the ones that matter because those are the big decisions with the power to change your life. 

17Stop Crying 

Of course, a Godfather quote had to be included; He’s the ultimate badass man! And, he knows that to be a man you need to suck it up and just do it. There is no time for emotions. There is no time to be timid. A badass must keep going. 

18Eyes On The Prize

Success takes a lot of time and effort, so don’t expect to get to where you want to be overnight. Badass men know that it might be a bumpy road, but they’ll get there eventually if they keep persisting. 

19Don’t Pray For An Easy Life

An easy life is a boring life. And, it won’t teach you anything! A hard life that you can overcome is much more satisfying. Adventure is the key to an exciting life. 

20Do One Thing

To keep life interesting, you must take risks. Though, in the moment risks can seem scary and unstable, they are vital in order to create a truly satisfying experience here on earth. So, don’t be afraid to make that move, ask that person out, or try out a new career. It will all be worth it in the end!

21Rich People Plan

Badass guys think of the bigger picture in life. They don’t plan short-term. They have their eyes on the life that they want to create and they take the necessary steps to make it happen. 

22As You Think

Badass guys believe in themselves. They understand the power of positive thought and confidence when it comes to creating their dream life. Badass guys never doubt themselves because they know that it will just set them back. 

23I Never Lose

Badass guys don’t take losses personally. They understand there is some good that comes out of failures. They learn from them, which will only help them improve for the future. 

24Crave The Result

Hard work doesn’t scare badass guys away. They’re passionate and their goals are their number one! Work doesn’t feel like work when you’re hustling for your passion. 

25No Basic People

Badass dudes know that surrounding yourself with the right people is the key to success. If you surround yourself with average people who shy away from risk, you will be held back. Look for the big thinkers!

26Glad I Hustled

Badass guys hustle. And, they hustle hard! They do this because they know that in the future, they will be living their dream lives while the others who didn’t hustle will be living averagely. 

27They Will Bully You

Never give up on your dreams and always fight for what is right. Badass guys don’t listen to what others have to say. They stand strong and don’t let people affect them negatively. 

28Glory Is Forever

Part of every badass man’s journey is fighting throw tough times. But, it’s really attractive when a man can endure hardships and overcome obstacles. Women want a strong man they feel secure with; one they know can take care of them. 

29Look In The Mirror

The only person that can change your life is you. No one is going to come in and make everything magical, so hard work, passion, and dedication are necessary to make your dreams come true. 

30Destroy The Fear

Badass men know you can’t be scared of anything. Risk-taking is a huge part of success. And, you can’t let the fear drive you away from those big decisions. 

31I Don’t Have A Plan B

Badass men don’t change their goals or their dreams. They change the ways in which they will meet them. Giving up is not an option. It’s all about the approach. 

32First They Watch

Badass guys know that people are always watching what they’re doing. They are role models for any career man. So, if you’re a badass guy, don’t take the hate to heart (not that you would), take it as a compliment and know that you’re doing a damn good job. 

33Be A Loner

Sometimes, being a loner can actually benefit the badass guy more than all the networking and ass-kissing. It allows them to be introspective, discover, and see the bigger picture. They will learn to discover their own strength and what they are fully capable of. 

34Listen, Smile, Agree

Always be true to yourself, listen to your instincts, do your thing.


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