Dating in College

College Dating

Dating in College

College dating can feel overwhelming at first. Everyone is at different places in their life. And, everyone comes from a different background. Some people may have dated a lot throughout high school, but for some dating might a whole new experience! And, college dating is very different from high school dating; you’re finally on your own, away from your parents.

Here are some top college dating tips to make the whole experience go a lot smoother. 

1Don’t Compare Your Dating Life 

Comparing your dating life to that of your friends is the most toxic thing you can do in your college search for the one. Not only will it affect the relationship or relationships that you are currently engaging in, but it will also affect the way you think about dating! Not everyone has the same path to love. So, you and your friends may end up going different routes. The key is to be true to yourself and your needs and do what feels right for you. 

2Be Open To Dating Different Types

Maybe in high school, you only dated the hot jocks. But, there is nothing wrong with dating the shy artsy guy too. In college, experimentation is key to find out what you desire in a relationship. And, what makes you truly happy. So, don’t be afraid to say ‘yes’ to the random guy in your media class when he asks you out for coffee. It’s just a date! And, who knows? You might just click!

3Learn To Balance Your Life

In college, you’re going to find yourself extremely busy! Like, head-spinning busy. You’ll have classes, social events, clubs, teams, and maybe even a part-time job. So, it makes it really hard to balance everything; but, you must! It’s vital for your mental health and your overall well-being. You can fit dating in, maybe just not every night. 

4Don’t Ditch Your Friends

Sometimes, when you start dating someone new you get totally wrapped up in the relationship. You find yourself constantly in their dorm, going to parties with them, and forgetting all about your own friends; but, don’t! You don’t know how long this guy will be around for. You have to remember your friends will always be there for you, so make sure to save some time for them! You’ll be glad you did. 

5Don’t Feel Pressured

You should never feel any pressure to do something you don’t want to do. This includes dating, sex, going to a party, whatever! If a guy is constantly trying to pressure you into doing things you are uncomfortable with, then it’s time to walk away. There is enough pressure in college, you don’t need it from a guy you’re dating.

6Accept It’s Not A Match

If you go out with a guy and you’re just not feeling it, that’s perfectly ok! Be honest with them and with yourself and let them know you’re just not feeling it. Hopefully, he will respect that and you’ll still be able to be friendly with one another. In college, you don’t have time to waste dating someone who you’re not head-over-heels for, you have more important things to put your energy toward.

7Don’t Cling To The First Guy You Meet

Definitely do not cling to the very first guy you meet or hookup with. There will be plenty of guys to choose from. So, you have to be focused and choose the right one. You don’t want to end up in a dull loveless relationship right off the bat. There’s just no time for that!

8Your High School BF Might Find Someone

Don’t be heartbroken if your high school BF finds someone at college right away. Sure, it might sting at first, but you need to realize that you will find that special someone too; it’s just a matter of time and patience. Focus on your school work or go out with the girls to get your mind off of things. And, save yourself by unfollowing him on social media. You’re in college now; it’s time to move on!

9Don’t Fall In Love With The Attention

It may be really flattering when you have all the guys looking at you, but try to not fall in love with the attention. Be sure, to only flirt if you actually like the guy, or it could lead to hurt feelings and miscommunication issues. You don’t want to be that girl who walks around breaking hearts and leading people on. That’s just not cool. 

10Random Hook-ups Are Ok

If you feel comfortable with having a random hookup or two, then do it! Casual hookups in college happen all the time and it’s a great way to discover what you like sexually. They also can be a lot of fun and push you out of your comfort zone, which is good sometimes.  

11Age Doesn’t Matter

In college, you’ll discover that age really doesn’t matter. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and upbringings, so maturity level is really what counts. Don’t be afraid to date someone a few classes below you. 

12Avoid Guys That Are Hitting On Your Friends 

Do not fall for the player who is flirting with you and all your friends. This situation will only end badly. He is not looking for a steady GF or even someone to date. He is looking to fool around with as many girls as possible, so beware. 

13Don’t Expect Fancy Dates

In college, everyone is busy, but they’re also broke. College is expensive, so you can’t expect a guy to take you on a fancy date every time you go out. A Netflix and chill night is perfectly acceptable. As long as he is kind and a gentleman, that’s all that should matter. 

14Be Honest With Yourself And Them

Always be upfront and honest about what you’re looking for when you start getting to know each other. You don’t want a surprise six weeks into dating that your lover has been dating three other girls, as well. If you want casual than that is totally fine, but if you’re looking for your true love, then you’ll have to let this guy go; at least for now. 

15Go Out In Small Groups

Going out in a small group will definitely ensure that you’ll have an easier time getting a guy to come over and talk to you. If you are in a big group, he might feel intimidated. So, make sure you are alone once in a while, so that you look approachable. You don’t want to miss out on Mr.Right.

16Don’t Be Alone With Him If You’re Uncomfortable

There is no shame in asking a guy if your friend can come along. If you are uncomfortable being alone with someone, you should always trust that gut-feeling. Dating shouldn’t feel scary or uncomfortable, it should always be fun. 

17Learn To Be A Wing-Woman

Being a wing-woman is a prime skill when you’re in college. If you are a good wing-woman for your friend, she will be one for you too. It’s always good to have someone on your side, working for you!

18You May See Your Ex Around Campus

Don’t be surprised if you see your ex or an ex-hookup around campus. He may even show up in a class next semester. Yes, this sometimes sucks, but try to master the friendly acquaintance act, and focus on you. Remember, there is a reason you two broke up!

19You Might Just Not Have Enough Time

Some semesters are harder than others. And, college is always busy. So, sometimes you may find you don’t have enough time for dating or a relationship and that’s ok. You’re paying to study, so do it and do it well!

20Casual Dating Is Common

It’s totally not uncommon to be dating multiple people at the same time, so don’t be surprised if he is too. If this isn’t your style, that’s ok. But, if it is, as long as you’re straightforward with the people you are dating, it can be a lot of fun to try out a lot of different types and have different adventures with each person. Who knows? Maybe, you’ll find the love of your life along the way.

21Dorm Beds Suck To Share

The truth of it is…dorm beds are small. So, yeah, they suck to share. But, when dating in college it’s a hard truth that you’ll find yourself squished against the wall of your partner’s dorm and fighting for that one pillow on his bed almost every night. 

22Always Be Respectful Of Your Roommates

Being respectful of your roommate or roommates is key when you’re dating in college. They don’t want to see you constantly all over your partner and you don’t want to see them makeout with theirs while you’re trying to study. If you’re having a lover over be sure to warn your roommate, or if you need private time, kindly ask them! It’s their space too. 



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