How To Kiss a Guy: 20 Kissing Tips For Teen Girls

How To Kiss a Guy: 20 Kissing Tips For Teen Girls

How To Kiss a Guy: 20 Kissing Tips For Teen Girls

It can be nerve-wracking preparing for your first kiss but trust us when we say that there is no way that you can mess it up. He is likely so thrilled to be kissing you, that he isn’t going to be on the lookout for mistakes. To help you feel more confident, we’ve prepared a step by step guide to help you when you go in for the smooch. Thanks to the help of your friends here at Girlterest, we reckon that not only will he be living the first smooch, but he’ll also be wanting to come back for seconds, and thirds, and… (You get the picture!)

1Make Him Want to Kiss You

Make sure you do some prep work to make your lips look irresistible. Chapped, dry lips are definitely not attractive! You want them to be soft and nice to touch. Lipstick will make your lips look delightful, but if you’re preparing for a smooch sesh then it’ll end up leaving marks all over your guy’s face so maybe just stick to a nice tinted lip balm. Bonus points if you opt for one of those fruity flavored ones.
Remember that preparing your appearance relates to your general looks too. It’s true that if you look good on the outside, you will also feel good on the inside so wear your favorite outfit, style your hair, and add a spritz of your favorite body spray so when you meet him you’ll be simply oozing with confidence.

2Take Care of Your Breath

Ensure that you’ve got nice, minty fresh breath. This will make him really excited about your kiss, and it should make you feel more confident. Nobody wants to kiss someone whose breath smells like grilled onions after their five guys cheeseburger do they?

3Make Sure You’re Comfortable

It can feel like there’s a lot of pressure leading up to a first kiss, but you don’t want to feel stressed beforehand. Hang out together for a while, so you’re both comfortable before you go for it. Talk, laugh, hold hands, watch a movie and when the moment is right, you’ll know about it.

4Find the Perfect Kissing Spot

If it feels right when you’re together and you want to kiss, just do it, but some locations are much better than others. If it’s your first time, then you don’t want to be making out in public with hundreds of nosy eyes watching you guys like it’s a free show. Find somewhere that’s still public, but more intimate. For example, a bench at your local park so that you can sit down and relax with a little slice of privacy.

5Remember Guys Get Nervous Too

He might be just as worried and nervous as you are! We always think that guys are like this super brave species that are never afraid of anything but in fact, they are just human too and share the same fears that we do!

6Let Him Know What You’re Doing

You can just make a move towards him (or wait for him to make a move on you), or talk about what you are going to do beforehand. There is no shame in taking it slow if that’s what makes you more comfortable. Make sure he’s paying attention if you go in for the lunge. Bumped heads and teeth aren’t sexy!
When you want to kiss him, try to drop subtle flirty hints by looking at his lips and slowing down your talking speed. He’ll pick up the message.

7Move Towards Him Slowly

Don’t be the girl that lunged towards her boyfriend so fast because she was just so excited for the kiss that she knocked him over backwards. Move slowly towards him until your lips meet and then you can proceed from there.

8Remember that Kissing isn’t Just About the Mouth

Little pecks on the cheek, the forehead or the neck are a nice way to start off before moving in for the mouth. They break the touch barrier and get you used to being in close contact with each other.

9Keep Your Eyes Closed

Honestly, it’s more comfortable. You won’t have a good view of anything when you’re smooching anyway unless you really wanted to see what his eyebrows looked like from super close up. Closing your eyes allows you to just relax and enjoy what is happening.

10Follow his Lead

If you’re new to this or nervous, you can mirror his moves. Whatever he tries, take note and gently do the same thing back.Kissing really isn’t a complex activity. You’ll pick it up pretty quickly this way.

11Less is More

To be a good kisser, you don’t have to go all out biting his lip and pulling all sorts of crazy, fancy moves. Just slow and gentle is fine. If it feels right, you’ll know, and then you can start to pick up speed.

12One Long Kiss

That’s all you need to do on the first kiss really. Just follow his rhythm. Breathe in and out gently through your nose. Kiss for a while, and then if you enjoy it, you can both go back for seconds!

13Don’t Open Your Mouth Too Wide

… and pray that he doesn’t make the same mistake either. Nobody wants to kiss someone that reminds them of a goldfish or makes them feel like they’re at the dentist. Hold your mouth only slightly open. Your lips should touch his lips – if they are reaching anywhere other than just his lips, then your mouth is open too wide. If you’re reaching his nose, then your mouth is definitely open too wide.

14Put Your Arms Around Him

It would be weird to be sitting or standing close to each other and not touching in any way other than for the kiss. Put your hands around his back to hold him close while you kiss. Sometimes guys will do cute things when you kiss like running their hands through your hair or touching your face.

15Don’t Be Scared Of the Tongue

After a few little kisses, you can part your lips just a little more to let him know that he can go for the tongue if he likes.
When it comes to using the tongue, just follow his lead and mirror what he does. Next time, you’ll be a pro when you kiss again!

16…But Don’t Overuse the Tongue

Okay so as we said, don’t be afraid of the tongue but don’t overdo it either. Less is definitely more when it comes to the tongue. Do it a little if you like, and then go back to regular kissing.

17Talk It Out

Seriously. If you like something that he does then just tell him so that he knows he’s doing well and he will do that thing more because he knows you like it (great!!). On the other hand, if you’re uncomfortable or you don’t like something then tell him! Kissing is supposed to be fun, and if one person isn’t having an awesome time, then it isn’t fun.

18Don’t Nibble Or Bite Him

Nibbling is a sport best reserved for hamsters and other small furry animals. It is never appropriate or attractive. Could you imagine trying to be adventurous and biting him but actually giving him a bust lip? Cringe!

19Sit Down Or Stand Up?

Sometimes it can be a little awkward to move your body to face him when you are standing up. For first kisses, sitting down can be a lot more comfortable and relaxed. Not to mention, if you end up loving making out with each other so much that you’re kissing for a while, your legs will ache after too long spent standing.

20After the Kiss

A cute little peck on the cheek, forehead or lips is a perfect way to end the kiss. Give him a little hug, and the memory of your amazing first kiss experience will stay in his mind for a long time to come. From this point, you can just continue your date as normal – talk a little, hang out and have fun together. Don’t over think it too much. If you want to, and it feels right, you can tell him what a great kisser he is (if it’s true!)



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