25 Vegan Starbucks Drinks

vegan Starbucks drinks

25 Vegan Starbucks Drinks

Sticking to a vegan lifestyle can sometimes be challenging, especially when eating out. Even just heading to the local coffee shop can turn into a check-list of what you can’t have. Fortunately for us, Starbucks has made life easier on vegans, or people with dietary restrictions with their customizable drinks. Soy, almond, coconut milk… there are so many vegan options! These drinks are loved by vegans everywhere, and even if you’re not a vegan, you should definitely try one of these delicious Starbucks drinks!

1Black Americano

The black Americano is well renowned by Starbucks, if there is a drink you HAVE to try at least once, it is their darkest coffee. Obviously, a black Americano doesn’t contain dairy, making it a safe option for those vegan girls out there. This drink has other advantages – it will wake you up and make you feel ready to face the day. Result!

2Soy Mocha Frappuccino

Mocha is vegan, ladies! Which means you can still enjoy all those tasty chocolaty treats and be guilt-free! Swap dairy milk for soy, and enjoy this summer sweet tooth beverage. Also, Starbucks’ syrups are vegan, so you can relax and sip on this yummy drink.

3Soy Hazelnut Latte

Being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite Starbucks drinks. The hazelnut latte is a favorite of ours, but is still Vegan-appropriate when you swap milk for soy. A quick drizzle of caramel gives the drink sweeter tones and makes it look Instagram-ready!

4Green Tea Frappuccino

The green tea Frappuccino is ideal for the girl who is trying to drink and eat healthily but still can’t resist Starbucks’ lush Frappuccinos. Substitute dairy milk for soy or almond and lay off the whipped cream for it to become your favorite drink.

5Clover Brewed Coffee

Clover Brewed Coffee is the wake up call you will need. Everything from its aroma to its taste will make it an out of this world experience. You will never have tasted a coffee so good. And what makes it even better is that it is vegan-friendly. Ask for a black Clover Brewed Coffee for that much-needed boost.

6Soy Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino

A cheeky chocolate treat can still be enjoyed even as a vegan. Exchange dairy milk for soy, and make sure you stay off the whipped cream. Mocha, used to substitute chocolate in several Starbucks recipes is totally vegan and mint sugar gives you a subtle minty hint to make the drink sweet but refreshing.

7Matcha Lemonade

You don’t have to customize this drink for it to be vegan! The drink is a mix of ground Japanese matcha tea and lemonade for a refreshing substitute for tea. This drink is healthy and tasty, making it the ideal drink for the girl on the go!

8Violet Drink

The Violet Drink has floral taste with a kick of sweetness for those sweet tooths out there. It teams blackberries, a hint of hibiscus and coconut milk – the perfect concoction for a vegan! Plus, how beautiful does it look? Almost too good to drink!

9Pink Drink

The world’s most instagrammable drink is vegan, ladies! When you are vegan, it is easy to steer clear of your favorites, thinking they are out of reach, but you shouldn’t turn your back on Starbucks’ most famous beverages. The Pink Drink unites acai, passion fruit and coconut milk for a fruity and of course, pink, concoction. Fancy a cup?

10Chocolate Smoothie

A chocolate smoothie can still be vegan thanks to the vegan-friendly mocha used in their chocolate-based recipes. You can still be a choccie-fiend AND vegan! Swap dairy milk for soy milk, and this drink is yours for the drinking!

11Strawberries And Crème Frappuccino

Though the drink was once not vegan, it has now become vegan-friendly. To make the drink pink, they use lycopene, that makes tomatoes red. Ask for the strawberries to be blended with soy milk or coconut milk for a fruitier taste which will make your drink even more delicious.

12Shaken Sweet Tea Lemonade

Starbucks mixes Teavana’s black tea with freshly made lemonade, it will taste like a summer at home. Whilst you are reminiscing, you can also feel guilt-free as it is totally vegan and healthy too at only 150 calories!

13Green Tea Creme Frappuccino

Green tea is refreshing, but you have to admit, tastes better as a Frappuccino! So what if it isn’t as healthy? Swap the milk for soy or coconut for a fruity aftertaste, and ask for no whipped cream – no need to feel jealous over your friend’s drink now!

14Teavana Iced Oprah Cinnamon Chai Tea Latte

Cinnamon, black tea and rooibos with a sprinkle of chai spices will give your drink a bittersweet kick. As always, exchange your dairy milk for soy and you can still appreciate the bitter undertones of this drink.

15Classic Hot Chocolate

We can see ourselves in the safe and sound, tucked away from the snow, with this luscious drink. Mocha syrup is used so you don’t feel guilty, just ask them to swap dairy for soy, it is as simple as that! You may not be able to have the whipped cream, but treat yourself to the chocolate flavored-drizzle to finish off the drink.

16Strawberry Smoothie

This drink is our go-to for the end of the summer – we can definitely see ourselves sipping on this fruity goodies along with our girl pals. Vegan or not, you can all enjoy the strawberry sweetness. Strawberry and banana are mixed together, with soy milk for a tasty afternoon treat.

17Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher

For girls who are vegan and watching those calories, then this drink is a perfect substitute for the naughty favorites. This drink only has 70 calories, believe it or not! It contains real fruit juice and green coffee, and you won’t get enough of the taste.

18Iced Caramel Macchiato

The good news is you can still sip on this luscious cup of sweetness by swapping dairy milk for soy, the bad news is you can’t have the drizzle as it is made from 3 different dairy products. Whilst Starbucks work it out, you can still enjoy this caramel dream!

19Iced Coconutmilk Mocha

This drink does not involve any hassle – you don’t even have to swap milk! Of course this exotic treat contains coconutmilk, a perfectly vegan ingredient, alongside white chocolate mocha, which is vegan as well, and espresso. Ask for no caramel drizzle, and enjoy this sweet but sensible drink!

20Raspberry Soy Latte

Spice up your standard soy latte with this twist. Customize your soy lattes with raspberry, hazelnut, caramel or cinnamon dolce syrups, that are all vegan, for a sweeter taste. Surprisingly enough, soy and raspberry make a tasty duo and will be a perfect compromise between your smoothie or coffee dilemmas.

21Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato

Not only do Starbucks offer soy milk, almond milk is a brand new alternative for vegan customers. It is a mix of their Espresso Roast, along with almond milk and cinnamon dolce syrup, giving your espresso a sweeter aftertaste with a lingering taste of almond. Even with the toppings, the drink is only 190 calories, which means that you can sip on this sugary treat guilt-free!

22Ombré Pink Drink

The Ombré Pink Drink is THE drink for the girls who get lost in thought in their Starbucks whilst taking photos of their drinks. Yes, we know who you are! It is a fruity and refreshing drink – ideal for the summer or after a long work out – that contains lime, coconut milk and Teavana’s Shaked Iced Passion Tango for a hint of floral perfume. At only 100 calories, you can’t really go wrong with this drink!

23Unicorn Drink

Everyone has raved about this drink and it has been the face of many Facebook publications, but can it really be vegan? The truth is that it isn’t, but you can change up the ingredients and make it your own. Ask your barista to change the dairy milk for soy milk or coconut milk, which will make it less sour, which is ideal if you are apprehensive about the sourness of this drink.

24Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Chocolate and banana are our favorite combination of all time, and just because you are vegan, doesn’t mean they are out of bounds! Again, the chocolate is, in fact, vegan mocha flavored sauce, you just need to ask your barista to swap dairy milk for one of their vegan-friendly alternatives! Go on, treat yourself!

25Hot Earl Grey Tea With Cold Soy Milk

Treat yourself to an Earl Grey from our British cousins! You can have it black, or if you want to really re-enact an English tea time, ask for soy milk to replace dairy. It is soothing and relaxing and is the perfect way to wind down after a hectic day.

26Pike Place Roast

This is black coffee at its finest. Nothing can beat a Starbucks Pike Place Roast! It is rich, smooth yet will make you feel ready for the day to come. If you need a pick me up, whether it is first thing in the morning or after a bad day, this is the drink for you! Plus, at only 5 calories, it is healthy too!



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