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How To Clean MakeUp Brushes

How To Clean MakeUp Brushes


Cleaning Makeup Brushes Guide

Let’s be honest, washing your make up brushes is not only time-consuming but so tedious to do. And even when you do get round to doing it, that idea you saw in a YouTube tutorial is not necessarily that effective. So, what is the best way to clean makeup brushes? I searched around the net to find the best methods on how to clean your makeup brushes, advised by not only beauty experts but also people like us who are scrubbing furiously at their foundation-caked brushes.

1A Few Tips on How to Clean Makeup Sponges & Brushes

May I just add, obvious though it may seem, that washing your make up brushes is a vital part of your beauty regime, whether they are from a Real Techniques set or a pack of 10 you got for $20 on Amazon. If your brush is used for applying thick make up such as foundation, then it should be cleaned once a week at least. If it is for thinner beauty products like blush or eyeshadow, you can get away with cleaning it once a week or every two weeks if you really haven’t got the time. Using unwashed brushes is literally just smearing your face with bacteria. This results in serious breakouts and unhealthy-looking skin. Your brushes are like your skin, they need revitalizing from time-to-time. These tips prove you don’t necessarily have to look far to be able to tend to your brushes!

2A Cleansing Mitt

You have probably already heard of this method as it is the first technique recommended by YouTubers and beauty experts everywhere. It is probably the most costly as you won’t necessarily have these products laying at home.

First of all, you will need to get the cleansing mitt and a special remover for make up brushes. Whilst you do not need to spend a fortune on the remover, I have tried the cheap make up removers at around $2 from Amazon and Ebay, and they are a total waste of time, you will end up buying the slightly more expensive one anyway.

*Click Next to read about the full cleansing process.

3The Process

How to Wash Makeup Brushes

Wet slightly the brushes with some warm water –not too much water as they might take a while to dry, and not hot water because this could damage them and also remove the glue from the ferrule – before spraying on the cleansing product. Then, with the cleansing mitt, scrub the brush against it.
The great thing with the mitt is that there are different parts that thoroughly cleanse the brush and really get between the fine bristles. If you do not fancy buying a cleanser, you can make your own from everyday household objects. Mix half a cup of distilled or purified water, a quarter of a cup of alcohol, half a tablespoon of shampoo, half a tablespoon of dish detergent and one tablespoon of leave-in conditioner. However, if you are weary of using alcohol on your face, there is also a more natural way of making this remover – mix half a cup of witch hazel, two tablespoons of castile soap, 1 teaspoon of nourishing oil (olive, coconut or avocado oil) and a cup of distilled water. Don’t be alarmed by the oil as it reconditions the brush bristles!

4Shampoo for Cleaning Brushes

Though it may seem strange, when you think about it, this method makes sense – paintbrushes are made up of fine hairs, and like your hair, they need conditioning! What is the best makeup brush cleaner? Baby shampoo is highly recommended as it is softer on the bristles of the brush and your skin.
All you have to do is pour a tablespoon of baby shampoo into a small bowl, and then add warm water (yet again, warm, NOT hot). Leave your brushes to soak for 5 to 10 minutes, and voilà! Just wipe them and reshape them with a paper towel and leave them on a flat surface to dry before use. Never leave your brushes to dry standing up as this will allow the water to enter the ferrule and loosen up the glue.

5DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner: Dish Soap & Sponge

How to wash makeup brushes? Grab a clean sponge that you’d use for washing up the dishes, and add some dish soap to the sponge side, then just run your brush tip up and down the sponge and you should see the paintbrush fade to its original color. I was skeptical of this idea but I tried it and it transformed my beige paintbrush tips to the purple that I had once known. I was also concerned about using them after, but dish soap also disinfects the brush, whilst using shampoo may not, so you could face having a bit of leftover bacteria in your brush with method number 2.

6How to Wash Makeup Brushes With Zote Soap

You thought that Zote soap was only for your laundry emergencies? Well think again! Under running tap water, scrub the brushes with a bar of Zote soap and leave them to dry. Don’t believe me? Check this video and see for yourselves! Zote is so cheap ($1 guys!) and is sold as a huge bar so it will last you for ages, it is one of those knick-knacks that will last you for ages! It can also be used to clean your beauty blender that is slightly more difficult to clean. It is a totally different kettle-of-fish and really deserves its own article!

7White Vinegar

Last but not least, this is another easy tutorial which I’ve found on Pinterest and is praised by many. Just mix a tablespoon of white vinegar with a tablespoon of dish detergent and hot water and leave your brushes to soak in the mixture. One person said that this was a lot stronger than the Mac Brush Cleanser – and obviously less costly! It is perfect for cleaning all your beauty products as it has an anti-microbial property. White vinegar is also brilliant for getting rid of acne as it dries out pimples, and it also clears up coldsores.



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