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Honey Face Mask Recipes

Honey Face Mask Recipes

Honey Face Mask Recipes

Finding a reliable way to clear your skin quickly can be exhausting and wasteful, ending with you spending an exorbitant amount of money on products you’ll only use once. What if I told you there’s a better way? DIY face mask recipes use ingredients you most likely already have in your pantry for elegant skin-revitalization without breaking the bank. This spring, we’re in love with integrating honey into our face masks to reduce our pores and leave us feeling fresh with clear complexions. Keep reading for a guide on how a honey mask mixture can improve the health and look of your skin!

1Benefits Of Honey

Honey is naturally antibacterial, meaning that it is extremely beneficial in acne elimination and prevention. It attacks the bacteria that cause acne outbreaks and results in clearer skin with continued use. An added bonus, honey is just honey. You don’t need harsh chemicals for an effective acne treatment.

A myriad of antioxidants are attributed to honey, including chrysin, pinobanksin, catalase, and pinocembrin. The antioxidants are innumerably powerful in combating free radicals, unstable molecules that are produced by environmental factors such as exposure to stress, alcohol, toxins found in personal care products, sun radiation, and viruses. The inhibition of free radicals leaves the skin looking soft and young, a testament to honey’s anti-aging properties.

Honey is also infamous for being a miraculous moisturizing agent. The absolute simplest honey face mask mixture you can make is pure honey. By leaving it on for thirty minutes, your skin will feel moisturized and supple to the touch.

2What Kind Of Honey?

Before you begin experimenting with your honey DIY facial masks, you should have an idea of which kind of honey is the best to use. The most prevalent and most suggested kind to use in your mask is raw, 100% natural honey because of the countless health benefits. As with anything, the better quality of ingredients you use, the better results you should expect to receive. Your local raw honey will most likely result in the most favorable outcome for your skin!

3What You Should Know

In order to get the best results out of your DIY honey face mask, be sure to familiarize yourself with the logistics of the matter, such as how often you can apply your mask to ensure that you don’t accidentally harm your skin!

  1. While there are no harsh chemicals in the recipes, some of the ingredients are more potent and do not to be applied as often. For these mask mixtures, do your best to apply with care—you can never be too careful.
  2. Honey DIY face masks are incredibly useful in cleaning your face of excess skin and dirt. To achieve the highest level of satisfaction from your face masks, keep a strict application schedule to prevent any new acne from forming.
  3. Some materials may be irritating to your skin; if you have any doubts, try a patch on your hand before you commit to leaving it on your face for such a long period of time. If you react to the ingredients, don’t be discouraged, but continue to look for a mask mixture that is perfect for you. It’s out there, we promise!
  4. To supplement your honey mask, entertain the idea of massaging your face with ice wrapped in a towel so as to relax your pores and even more heavily diminish the chance of recurring acne.

4Honey Hydration

Are you intrigued enough by the benefits of honey to try out your own DIY face mask for yourself? Here’s a simple yet refined recipe that is designed to hydrate and pamper your skin.

Required for this recipe are one tablespoon of either raw or Manuka honey (often used for medicinal purposes), one tablespoon of avocado, and one teaspoon of whole milk plain yogurt. Avocados contain a plethora of facial benefits, including carotenoids, which aid in anti-aging, Vitamin C, which creates the elastin and collagen that provide the firmness of your skin, and Vitamin E, which fights against free radical formation, helping to prevent skin from aging. The yogurt contains lactic acid which benefits the skin by dissolving dead skin and tightening pores.

Mash all of the ingredients in a bowl until smooth and well-mixed. Use a brush to apply the mixture, and you’re done! Pick up a good book, destress with an adult coloring book, or take a much-needed rest for 15-20 minutes while your mask hardens and works to resurrect your tired skin. Once the time has passed, wash it off carefully with a warm towel. Make sure that you dab slowly, allowing the mask to come off itself instead of forcefully pulling it off of your face. This will prevent any redness from forming.

5Versatile Vera

Are you looking for a honey mask mixture perfectly tailored to those with sensitive skin? This miracle-working honey-based mask is paired with aloe vera which has certain healing properties that make it a welcome addition to your mask.

Aloe vera is a catch-all for skincare due to its sheer number of uses, much of the reason why it is an estimated $13 billion dollars industry in cosmetics and skincare industries today. Each leaf of the aloe vera plant is full of water mixed with a slimy secretion from the plant itself. The two combine to become what we know as aloe vera gel. Due to various materials found in the aloe vera plant, it helps to prevent wrinkles and aging in skin and is also known for its calming effect on the skin. Aloe vera gel is also comprised of a group of antioxidants known as polyphenols which deter the presence of bacteria on the skin, leading to less acne.

For this mask, mix together one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of aloe vera gel and stir until smooth. Apply the mask with a brush, after washing your hands and face with soap and water, and wait for 15-20 minutes as your mask does its magic. Gently dab at your mask until it comes off. Because this mask isn’t too hard on your skin, this could be a part of your nightly skincare routine.

6Brightening Bonanza

Dark spots can get in the way of your daily life and take a crack at your self-confidence. Take action to prevent and reverse your dark spots by using a honey-based mask mixed with lemon juice!

Lemon juice is one of those products that can be used for anything and everything. It’s utilized in all aspects of the cosmetics industry, from teeth whitening to hair lightener. However, for our facial mask purposes, we are going to be focusing on its skin brightening and antibacterial qualities. Because of a lemon’s abundance of Vitamin C and citric acid, a long-term lemon mask regimen will result in brighter skin. Skyrocketing collagen production and neutralizing free radicals allow for the lemon to lighten dark spots. While using this mask, it’s important to make a mental note of wearing SPF on your skin during the day because of a lemon’s tendency to make your skin more vulnerable to UV rays from the sun.

Mix together two tablespoons of your choice of honey and one half a tablespoon of lemon juice until completely combined. This mask requires a little more time, so find a little nook to take a 20-30 minute power rest in and carefully remove the mask with a warm rag when done.

Apply a light moisturizer if needed. Because this mask can take a toll on your skin, start off only using it once a week and upgrade to two if you feel you must.

7Adiós To Acne

Want to say goodbye to your pesky acne once and for all? One strong option in honey-based masks to apply is taking advantage of the health benefits of cinnamon. Cinnamon is an integral part of skincare and, subsequently, has many resounding qualities that work wonders for your mask.

Premierly, cinnamon will dry out your acne and leech the life out of the bacteria that cause it. Even acne scars can be dried out by a combination of honey and cinnamon, leaving you with fresh, rejuvenated skin. Additionally, cinnamon reduces the appearance of fine lines and diminishes aging of the skin. Cinnamon is truly a godsend, with the ability to snuff out the confidence-stealing bumps that have plagued us for so long.

Mix three tablespoons of honey with one of cinnamon, and apply the mask with a brush or hands, after being sure to wash both your hands and face thoroughly with soap. For this mask, you have the option of leaving it on overnight for a complete transformation, or if you don’t trust yourself to keep it off your pillow, in 20 minute increments during the day.

With the continued use of this paste, you’ll notice the unclogging of your pores and the restored color to your face, but this mask shouldn’t be used more than once a week because of the risk of skin irritation.



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