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10 Best Drugstore Blushes. Period.

best drugstore blush

10 Best Drugstore Blushes. Period.

You know there’s absolutely nothing cuter than that bit of flush on the apples of your cheeks. But in the cold of winter, color of any kind can be really hard to come by. Cue the makeup bag. Every girl knows it’s a fine balance – you don’t want to have pale skin, but you certainly don’t want too much color, either. With such an important balance hanging in the air, the right product is essential. Check out this list of the best drugstore blushes, and try them out for yourself. You never know, you might find a new favorite!

1L’OREAL True Match Blush

When it comes to achieving that flirty, carefree look, you need a color that matches. With the L’OREAL True Match, a girl gets her perfect blend, every time. We have so many good things to say about all L’OREAL’s True Match line, and the blush takes its place with stride. No matter what your skin tone, you’ll find the shade that’s right for you, and achieve that beach girl flush every day.This pressed powder glides on smoothly, leaving lasting color and a flushed look that stays in place all day long.

2Tarte Tipsy Natural Cheek Stain

Who needs the powders when you have a cheek stain? For any girl who dislikes clogged pores from creams or powders, the solution has arrived. Just like a colored stain that glides easily on your lips, this is a stain that will do the work of a blush on your cheeks, without any of the heaviness of normal blushes. Tarte’s Tipsy lip stain is the perfect hint of color without the added stress on your skin. Say hello to a playful blush and forget about the breakouts.

3Milani Baked Blush

The elegance of Milani in the convenience of a powder? Yes please! Available in a variety of colors each as elegant as the last, Milani has truly achieved greatness with their Baked Blush. We just can’t get enough of this sultry smooth powder. Milani has combined the creaminess of a liquid blush with the stay-in-place sassiness of a powder, and the results are incredible. If you are looking for a blush that stays in place from first period to last, Milani’s Baked Blush is the answer.

4Wet ‘n’ Wild Pressed Powder Blush

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great blush, as Wet ‘n’ Wild once again proves. This powdered blush comes in a variety of shades, so you can find the one that’s right for you without breaking the bank to do it. What makes this even better is the cute little angled brush that comes with the color – the perfect shape to give you that natural glow you have been looking for. Who wants to hit Starbucks after the makeup aisle? With money to spare, you can treat yourself all day.

5Lorac Color Source Buildable Blush

Every girl hates a makeup that comes on too strong. You know to achieve that perfect look, you a little goes a long way, and with this buildable blush by Lorac, you can get just the right amount. Every. Single. Time. With a color like this, you can wear it over your foundation, or try wearing it directly on your skin – either way is going to look great! Try wearing a little for during the day then layering it on for a night with your friends, and achieve that fun and flushed look no matter where your adventures take you.

6Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

Every girl dreams of being on the cover of a magazine, and with the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush, that dream is a little closer to a reality. This blush glides on so smoothly, it feels like you’re dreaming. With perfect coverage after just a single swipe of your brush, this is the best time saving powder you could imagine. Perfect for the busy girl, this blush should be a staple in your beauty bag.

7Milani Rose Powder

What is more beautiful than a soft, pink rose? With Milani’s Rose Powder blush, you can grasp some of that same heavenly shade dusted lightly on your cheeks. Embrace a color that will make you feel like a gorgeous flower and rock your day like the princess you are. After all, any makeup look is taken to the next level with this luxurious powder, giving you the aura of a celebrity any day of the week. Go ahead, you deserve to pamper yourself.

8NYX Dusty Rose Blush

Milani isn’t the only one getting down with the rose – NYX has held their own with a Dusty Rose blush. This blush is perfect for that light touch of color on the apple of your cheeks, finishing your look with ease. Even though this is a pressed powder, it holds like a cream so can trust this blush to stay in place all day – even through gym class.

9e.l.f. Pressed Powder Blush

Let’s face it, we can’t get enough of Elf’s products, and their blush is no exception. Even at a super-affordable price, this blush delivers the results you want. We didn’t believe it was going to hold up to the other blushes on the shelves, but in several cases Elf’s pressed powder blush lasted longer – and with better coverage – than other popular brands. If you want something that’s going to work and work well, try out Elf’s pressed powder blush.

10Too Faced Love Flushed Pressed Powder

Too Faced has set the bar high with makeup standards, and our expectations of their makeup have risen to be just as high. We weren’t disappointed with the Too Faced Love Flushed Pressed powder by any means, in fact, we had to come back for more! this creamy powder gives just a kiss of color on your cheeks, adding that subtle flush that looks oh so natural. Any girl who wants to embrace that healthy glow needs to add the Too Faced Love Flushed powder to their makeup bag!



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