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Hipster Style: The Best Hipster-Inspired Outfits

There’s nothing wrong with incorporating subculture, politics or literal irony to a wardrobe. In a time where society seems to be so merely intrigued with all looking the same, it is refreshing to see such a large population of students being compelled to associate themselves as “hipsters.” So what is a hipster? Being a hipster is all about keeping an open mind. Creativity and keen interest in the generation before you can actually be very inspiring when it comes to personal fashion. This means looking around at the local thrift store, or checking out some of your parents old CDs. Originality is hard to come by, especially with the placement of social media in our lives, so sometimes a searching for inspiration in something that may not seem as “popular” can be rather uplifting.

1Hipster Outfits Inspirations

Hipsters have developed a certain persona over time, and usually people think a hipster is someone who lives in a coffee shop and wears glasses. Although that may not be necessarily untrue, being a hipster can also mean creative and trend setting. Hipster style trends have come and gone over the years, but as far as making the perfect “hipster” outfit, we have concluded that these inspirations are by far the most notorious…

2The Retro Band Tee

Classis and oh so affordable, the band-tee shirt is the perfect essential to merely any outfit- and it adds a certain sense of expression to your daily “jeans and T-Shirt” look.

3Cute Outfits For Girls: The Overalls

The minimalist yet trendy overall look has escalated itself into the street style scene. Basic, yet super chic if you pair them with the right accessories.

4The Floppy Hat

The infamous 70s trend is the perfect accessory to any casual outfit. Pair the hat with loose waves, or oversized sunglasses and you’re set for any occasion.

5Shorts And Tights

The perfect-fall combination. Shorts and tights, worn right, can be a match made in heaven! Especially if you find the perfect pair of plaid, high-wasted ones.

6The Beanie

Having a bad hair day? Well the beanie has been a consistent trend for decades, and every fashion hipster girl can’t seem to get enough on the beanie trend.

7The Trench Coat

The one jacket style that seems to never go out of style is the trench coat. It can be dressed up, or down… and can be worn through every season!

8The Baggy Sweater

Surely a purchase you won’t regret… the baggy sweater is the PERFECT core piece to every wardrobe.

9The Perfect Cardigan

Wear it out, or wear it in… the cardigan is the one investment that will never disappoint. The bigger the better, and pair it with a dress to create the perfect hipster look.

10That Perfect Stripped Shirt

Another piece you will truly wear until it’s ruined… the stripped shirt will look even BETTER with red lipstick! Or dress it down with a cute pair of fall boots.

11The Military Jacket

Seen everywhere, the military jacket is the essential summer-nights piece. Invest in the right jacket, and you can even wear it throughout the fall- because it won’t be going out of style.

12The Boyfriend Blouse

The perfect look for casual Fridays, or Saturday nights if you pair it with leather pants! The boyfriend blouse is a closet essential for women of all ages and styles!

13Classic Hipster Clothes: The Favorite Flannel

Another shirt that will do you no wrong- the flannel is the go-to look for every teen. Right from the 90s, the grungier the better!

14The Staple Denim

Jeans are the most investable pieces to a wardrobe- and your entire look is dependent on how you can wear your jeans. Invest in a GOOD pair, and pair them with any shirt in your wardrobe and you are SET.

15Casual Hipster Ooutfit: Comfy Is Cool

If worn right, baggy-styled silhouettes can be very on trend, and comfortable! Pair the perfect boyfriend sweater + jeans with your favorite sneakers, and you will feel just like you never left your bed… and look great!

16Hipster Shoes: Sneakers

The biggest trend to all hipster and fashion lovers of the moment is… SNEAKERS! Adidas, Nike, Converse…. Find a pair that suits you and wear them with a dress to create a minimalist-yet-edgy look!

17The Peter Pan Collar Hipster Look

Nothing says femininity quite like the delicacy of the Peter Pan collar. The blouse can be worn to make a statement on its own, or under a sweater to add the perfect layering technique.

18The Oversized Scarf

Scarves are another essential accessory- especially when it comes to how to tie a scarf. When it comes to achieving the “hipster look,” the bigger the scarf, the better! Scares can also be the perfect savior to a bad hair day, and not to mention they add certain warmth to a plain t-shirt and jeans.

19The Messenger Bag

The messenger bag can be the perfect investment for every fashion lover. If purchased right, the messenger bag can last one for many years and many semesters. The carryall style is timeless, and goes with every casual outfit ever made.

20The Biker Boots

Biker boots are the only boots that can be warn every season. The simplicity to the boots can be worn with the cutest slip dress, to the simplest pair of jeans. These boots are another hipster fashion investment that you will surely not regret.

21Anything Vintage

The most IMPORTANT rule of achieving the hipster persona is to keep things original and unique. When it comes to shopping for vintage, your local thrift store will surprise you with a spectrum of items, from the perfect faux-fur jacket to the most beautiful costume jewelry. Don’t be afraid to step outside the usual shopping spots, and search for those standout pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. Not to mention, the prices for items in a thrift store are insanely cheaper than your average shopping mall.

22How To Be A Hipster ?!?!

So there you have it, being a hipster isn’t all that difficult- but requires one to think outside the box. It doesn’t hurt to get in touch with fashion trends from the past, because you may actually learn something through the history of fashion.



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