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Henna Tattoo Designs

Henna Tattoo Designs


25 Gorgeous Henna Designs

Henna tattoos are a beautiful and traditional way of doing temporary body art. It is made from a henna plant grown in North Africa and South Asia and leaves you with a design for one to two weeks depending on your skin tone. You’ve probably seen Henna artists when you have been on vacation in Europe or Africa as they are a very popular choice, with a beautiful choice of designs, but you can buy Henna paste and try out designs too! Stuck for ideas? We’ve got the top 25 Henna designs you can practice at home!

1How To Apply Henna Paste

First things first, please try out the paste on a small patch of skin before drawing out your pattern. This is to check that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients! We have all read horror stories about people reacting very very badly to the paste, we will spare you of all the details!

1) Exfoliate your skin so it is nice and smooth, before washing it with soap (non lotion based) and water. If you have oily skin, add a bit of alcohol with a coton pad.

2) Squeeze out your desired amount with the tube end close to the skin. The thicker the paste, the darker the color will be, so feel free to experiment with different colors and lines!
If you have made a mistake, be sure to wipe off the paste as soon as possible!

3) Once you have finished, wipe the tube end and put the lid back on before putting it in the fridge, this keeps it fresh and stops the tube from drying out.

4) Wait an hour minimum for your drawing to dry, and scrape off the dry henna with your fingernail. The longer you leave the henna the darker it will be.

If you want your design to last longer, there are several ways of protecting it:

  • Wear gloves when you are washing your hair.
  • Add Henna oil over your design before getting into contact with water.
  • No exfoliating soaps!
  • Wear gloves when you are in contact with chemicals (dish soap, and other cleaning products).

2The Anklet

When you think of Henna you generally tend to think of hand and arm Henna tattoos, but henna can also be applied to other spots like the feet and ankles. This looks really summery and would look flawless at a festival with a pair of metallic sandals.We love the shade and light effect you can do with this design through the thickness of the henna paste. It’s so dainty and elegant!

3A Bit Of Tradition

These are the designs you see when you type “henna” into the Google search bar. They are traditional, but look gorgeous for any occasion. This is perfect for beginners because it allows you to practice on a large surface of skin, so it will be less fiddly to do!

4Mandala Designs

This is a Mandala design, which consists of a circle, representing ones wholeness and “radial balance”, meaning a visual balance due to its perfect symmetry. It is a very spiritual design. It takes skill, but if you have the knack for intricate designs, practice this one. We recommend an attempt on paper before drawing it out on your skin.

5Mandala Mehndi Designs

Grab a few girl pals and design each other’s Henna tattoos, it will get you in the mood for your next vacation! Try these flower like designs on your forearms for an edgy effect. Make the lines super dark so they stand out against that glowing tan of yours!

6White Hennas

Give white Henna paste a go for a lace-like look! This makes Henna look super classy and look lush with any of your summer dresses. Additionnally, you can do Henna designs with Temptu paste, that has many different colors such as silver (“gun metal”) for example. Give this tattoo a go in another color!

7The Armcuff

Subtle, and from afar looks like jewelry. if you’re looking for simple and easy henna designs, this design adds a little something to your bare arms and makes a change from traditional designs. It is smaller, so get to grips with your tube before trying this one out! We love the mix of lines, dots and swirls, creating a work of art!

8At The Reach Of Your Fingertips

This is great for its simplicity and its mix of aztec lines and floral Henna patterns. If you are a bit shy to do Henna on your arms or legs, your hands are your best bet. Apply Henna with a fine paintbrush to achieve thin lines, this is how Persian Henna was applied in the past.

9Modern-Day Simple Henna Designs

If none of the traditional designs were your cup of tea, draw something that means something to you. This Lion King-inspired piece is simple to draw and obviously had a significant meaning to the artist. Think of all your favorite movie quotes and get drawing!

10Hand Henna Bracelet

We think this would suit the rock chicks out there! A complex design, maybe, but yet again, you can play with shadow and light in this and the colors, which can make it a glam design for winter too! It would look stunning with rose gold jewelry to offset the blackness.

11Feathers And Swirls Henna Hand Designs

A delicate design perfect for summertime. Add black nail polish for a finished look. Henna is all about experimenting and inventing and this original design mixes tradition with popular modern day designs. Notice those little dreamcatchers? It will look so fresh at your next beach date! Your date won’t stop looking at you!

12Basic Feet Mehandi Designs

If you are worried about going to work with Henna tattoos, we recommend this one. It is discreet, but still creative. Just slip on some pumps and you can’t see them. Feet are the best area if you work regularly with cleaning products too! We would hate for you to do an ace design for it to wash off the next time you are washing dishes! What a waste!

13The Ring

Add Henna to one finger to add a ring-like effect to your body art! This design is less busy and we are really digging the addition of leaves to the tattoo, creating a floral effect and making this beauty summer-ready! Yes, we keep going on about summer, but promise us, it will be a hot one, especially with a cute tattoo!

14Floral Design

You can use Henna to draw any design, it doesn’t have to be spiritual or represent anything in particular. Draw a cute design like these flowers and get those creative juices flowing! Look up flower pictures on the internet to have a stand-out tattoo!

15Walking On Sunshine

We think this sunflower tattoo is so original and well-thought! Your feet become part of a puzzle, sit in the seated meditation pose to put them together! Sunflowers represent adoration, happiness, loyalty and longevity, so they are a great choice! If you are a typical happy-go-lucky person, pick this one!


Do you ever dream of those permanent feather tattoos on Tumblr and know fully well that you would never have the courage to get it done? Just draw it on with Henna when you want! Ok, so your tattoo may not come out the same each time but this is a Henna spin on a popular tattoo choice! No need to worry about those needles!

17All Over

Once you have got the hang of it, you can really go wild. Your body is pretty much a blank canvas with this design! Spirals, flowers, stems, snakes, you can really go to town! The artist in you can let loose! Be sure to send us a pic when its done!

18Ancient Vs. Modern

Mix it up with a Mandala design on one foot and a more recent one on the other for a totally cool look! You will look like an island beauty, with your inkings, with the sand beneath your feet. We are thinking this design, light blue washed out denim shorts and tousled waves to look like the perfect beach babe!


Please please make sure you are not allergic to Henna before doing this design! Otherwise it could risk being very painful! If you have a belly button ring, why not draw around it to keep all eyes on that toned tum of yours! Wear your shortest crop top to show off this neat floral design!

20Shoulder Pieces

This may seem fairly obvious but you would need to do
this on someone else, or get someone to draw it on you, it’s not the easiest spot to reach! This would look awesome with a bikini or a swimsuit, and make you look like you had travelled even though you may have not been any further than the next city. Wear with a kaki bikini for a natural earthy look!

21Fatima’s Hand

This piece would look ravishing with a backless dress, whether it is a party dress or a beach dress, you will be the talking point of any event! You’ve probably seen Fatima’s hand before on t shirts or accessories as it is a very popular design at the moment. Be sure to be on trend with a tattoo to match!

22On Your Back

Another Mandala design but this time in the middle of your back, this is a popular spot for tattoos, whether they are Henna or permanent. Henna tattoos pretty much showcase your favorite part of your body, so if you love your back, why not show it off and give it a treat?

23Add A Bit Of Color

You don’t necessarily need to invest in Temptu’s color pastes to add summer vibes to your drawing, we love the bright pink nail varnish with this design. Fuchsia is so hot right now, so don’t be afraid to add a bit of neon to your traditional Henna patterns!

24Leg Tattoos

Lucky enough to have slim and toned pins? Well you have to show them off! This design will totally compliment those summer shorts, make sure to not wear patterned shorts with this so you don’t look too busy! This tattoo would also look beautiful in white if you have medium to dark skin.


Dreamcatchers have a mystical meaning which is why they are generally a popular choice amongst women in particular. They catch good dreams and traps bad thoughts and nightmares. It symbolizes positivity and ambition, as the good dreams become part of the person’s identity. Why not make the dreamcatcher part of who you are this summer? It is a nice tattoo full of meaning and spirituality.

26The Moon

This Sun and Moon tattoo is similar to the Ying and Yang ones you see. It represents harmony and balance in your emotions. Additionally, it is a symbol of feminine power. This is the ideal tattoo for all feminists out there, and just those who believe in girl power!



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