Eyeliner Styles: 20 Stunning Eyeliner Ideas

Eyeliner Ideas

20 Eyeliner Styles

Eyeliner is probably already part of your everyday make up routine. It’s perfect for making your eyes stand out, it defines and makes them appear bigger and wider. You have got so much choice in what you can use and how; You can use liquid eyeliner, that really needs a steady hand, gel liner, that needs to be applied with a brush to get that precision, or pencil eyeliner, that is used to create a softer look. Here are 20 beautiful eyeliner ideas!

1Top 5 Eyeliners

First things first, let us recommend the best eyeliners out there! Here is our top 5:
1) Eyeko Sport Waterproof – This is one of the greatest pencil eyeliners out there, it won’t budge even during the sweatiest work out. There is even a built-in pencil sharpener to assure your line comes out jet black and straight.
2) NYX Vivid Brights – A neon liquid eyeliner that will bring color to any make up look! It comes in some seriously beautiful colors such as Vivid Saphire (dark blue), Vivid Halo (yellow) and Vivid Delight (orange). At only $7, you can try out all of them!
3) Charlotte Tilbury Rock N Kohl Eyeliner – This eyeliner works wonder on your eyes as it lifts them and makes them look wider. It is a another pencil eyeliner that has the feel of a liquid one. As well as being waterproof, it also doesn’t smudge whatsoever and stays put for 14 hours.
4) Benefit Can’t Believe They’re Real Push-Up Eyeliner in purple – This is a gel eyeliner with a flexible nib allowing you to draw perfect lines and also to change the thickness of them. It enhances your eyes and is easier to use than other liquid eyeliners.
5) Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper – This eyeliner seems to be the one to go to, and is recommended by beauty bloggers and make up experts around the world. Thick, and long-lasting, it comes in two colors – Trooper (jet black) and Max Max Brown, but Trooper remains a firm favorite.

2Triangular Eyeliner

This shape kind of reminds us of an upside down Egyptian look, keeping all focus on the eyelid, this makes your eyes look wide and bright. It looks edgy and dramatic, and works just on its own, without any eyeshadow for a simple but glamorous look. Add a nude lipstick and rock that look!

3Glitter Eyeliners

Glitter eyeliner, if used correctly, can be the main focus of a look, without looking too over the top. This is a great look for a night out or a party! Use simple lines and nude eyeshadow to look like a goddess! We recommend NYX eyeliners for their rich palette and their reasonable prices!

4Cat Eyeliner

Cat Eyes are great for an everyday look and go with any make up. This will go with a dark smokey eye or a bright summery look! Benefit’s liner Can’t Believe They’re Real can help you to achieve this look thanks to it’s triangular nib, allowing you to easily do those on point flicks!

5Egyptian Cat Eye Eyeliner

An ancient look that is still so relevant and fashionable today! Throughout the ages, this shape has been admired by many. This looks stunning with basic make up at an event, as it is quite thick for everyday use. We recommend investing in a decent eyeliner for this look to avoid the dreaded black marks under your eyebrows, making you look more like a dalmatian!

6Double Whammy

Not only can eyeliner be used just above the lash line but also around the outer edges of the eyelid. We love this look with the two different colours! Add eyeshadow to create a pretty look to fit the occasion! This look has so inspired us to try out several eyeliners!

7Under The Waterline

Use a bright eyeliner pencil to add a color to keep your make up looking simple yet fresh. This pastel color scheme look luscious and summery. We recommend Eye Of Horus’ Goddess eyeliner pencils that are available in a wide range of colors at Beauty Bay!

8Try Something New

This style is so different but so cool, if you love to experiment with your make up this is definitely one to try out! Teal is so hot right now and will get you looking like a modern-day Cleopatra with a white maxi dress and gold sandals! Add a gold headband to get that Egyptian vibe!

9Double Flick Eyeliner Wings

If you want to try something new but not be too daring try doing a double flick. It was a favorite in the Sixties and it elongates the eye even more. Use an angled brush and gel eyeliner as liquid eyeliner can risk looking gloopy and the lines may smudge into each other.

10Smooth Line

A smooth outline of the lashline already gives you a finished look for everyday situations. Not only does it not smudge so easily but it is discreet and whitens the eyes. If your skin is more of an olive-tone, use brown to compliment your skin color. You will have a beautiful Mediterranean look in minutes!

11Thin Line Perfect Eyeliner

This is ideal for girls trying out eyeliner for the first time, if your hand isn’t quite steady yet, just a quick line at the bottom of the eyelid is effective and makes you look like you made an effort when all you took was 2 minutes! Liquid eyeliner for this style makes it look slick and glossy!

12Flower Art Eyeliner Wing

Forget nail art, drawing around the eye area is set to become the latest craze! With a small brush, a blogger created this look with different colored eyeliners. It is a super cute look for a summer garden party or for a fancy dress party. The color scheme is simple but gorgeous!


Use a glitter primer before adding sequins around the lash line for a party-ready look. This totally adds an edge to your basic make up routine and would totally add sparkle to your LBD. NYX Cosmetics and Elf Cosmetics have glitter primers for you to use at cheap prices!

14Confetti Wing Eyeliner

Use different colored eyeliners, such as the NYX Vivid Brights, and dab them around the eyelid for a confetti-inspired look. This is ideal if you are heading to a birthday party. Daring though it may seem, you can chose less colors if you wish for a more settled look.

15Super Long Flick

Use a gel eyeliner for a super long flick as it is less likely to smudge, we recommend Make Up Forever for its gel eyeliner. It may seem expensive but that little pot lasts forever! The colors in this galaxy look are insane and we love the extra long flick that gives the finishing touch and outlines the rest of the eyeshadow.

16Applying Eyeliner Ombré

Apply the different eyeliners and connect them together before slowly blending them together with an eyeliner brush. This example with neon colors is so bright and pretty for the summertime! It adds color to your eyes without having to use eyeshadow. For the winter, use Too Faced’s Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eye Liner, that has darker tones, do an ombré of teal to purple to dark blue for a rockier look.

17Purple Eyeliner

Since purple mascara became huge, it wasn’t long until purple eyeliner arrived! Use it with purple mascara for an out-there look. Purple eyeliner particularly suits people with blue or grey eyes and makes them pop out! Benefit’s Can’t Believe They’re Real Push-Up Eyeliner in purple can get you the same look as in this very photo!

18Triple Flick

If you’re one for dramatic make up, practice this one in front of the mirror! This is perfect for prom or a ball of any kind for its elegance and edginess. This one is pretty hard to perfect because we all know that even for a cat eye that symmetry is so hard to achieve – get the Q Tips at the ready! However, this look is so worthwhile!

19Leopard Print

This look makes you literally look wild! The details seem fiddly but you have to admit that it’s stunning! Eyeliner pencils and liquid liners are used in different tones of brown and black for this unique look! Use Ben Nye’s Magi Creme Make Up Crayons for a softer lead that is easier on the eye.

20Feather Effect

Once you are familiar with your eyeliners, you can try out this feathered look. Perfect for a festival, this look is based on a Pin Up winged style where the line is a bit parallel to the caruncle (the pink corner in your eye, pointed towards your nose). This look is meant to be done with gel liner or liquid liner for a striking, slick look.

21Copper Look

These neutral tones look almost goddess like and are making us wish we were going on holiday to an exotic island. The khaki eyeshadow gives you a neutral earthy shade. Chanel have the copper eyeliner in a tone called Peche Cuivre,that has a real shine and metallic look to it. Sephora have a cheaper version in Rich Copper (shade 6) that has a hint of red in it.


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