Happy Birthday Quotes For Her

Birthday Quotes For Girlfriend

Birthday Quotes For Girlfriend

Guys, do you need a perfect quote for your girlfriend for her birthday? If so, then look no further! This compilation of quotes will surely help you out! One of these quotes will be the perfect match for you and your girlfriend’s dynamic. And, it will make her feel like a pretty pretty princess on her special day!

1Love Of My Life

Never-ending love is something we all wish to experience. And, if you will love your girlfriend for every birthday of her life, share with her this quote on her special day.

2The Best Thing

Is your girlfriend the absolute best thing that ever happened to you? Then share this with her on her special day to get the biggest smile out of her!

3Every Day I Hope

Every girl should feel appreciated and loved fully on her birthday. And, on every single day of the year. If you try your hardest to make your girl feel loved, share this quote with her on her birthday.

4Girl Of My Dreams

Is your girlfriend one that seems to have stepped out of your fairy-tale dreams and into your life? Then this quote is the perfect quote for your dream girl on her birthday.

5My Love

Some girlfriends are more than just girlfriends. They are lovers. They are best friends. They are soulmates. They are everything to you. Show your girl you love her fully with this quote.

6You Have Me

This girlfriend birthday quote is perfect for the funny guy who loves giving his girl a hard time…even on her birthday! Send this to her, but don’t forget the xo’s and ‘I love you’ afterward!


Girlfriends are sometimes miracles! They are the light of your life and they make everything better. If this describes your girl, then here is the perfect quote to use on her day!

8You Are Special

It’s nice to feel special on your special day. So, make sure you make your girl feel extra special by appreciating her and taking her to do something that makes her heart happy!

9Happy Birthday Gorgeous

A birthday is a good day for a reminder that you will always be there for your special girl. That you will love her unconditionally no matter what and whenever she needs.

10First In My Thoughts

Near or far, love finds a way to shine through. Especially, on a special day like a birthday. So, if you are in a long-distance relationship, post this on their social media to remind them you are always with them.

11Today And Always

It’s good to remind your lover that they’re special to you on their birthday. But, it’s also important to do this every single day. Never let a day go by that you don’t remind your girlfriend of your love.

12The Greatest Happiness

Happiness is the best gift in the world. And, you should want nothing less than pure happiness for your special girl. So, let her know that by sharing this quote with her on her birthday.

13Deeply Special

Everyone wants a deeply special love. And, a deeply special birthday to accompany that wouldn’t be bad either! So, make your girl’s birthday extra sweet for her.

14You Deserve The Best

Good health is something we don’t usually wish our partners, but it is so important. Emotional, spiritual, and physical health are all components of a happy life! And, who doesn’t want that?

15I Care

Birthdays should be full of love from your sweetheart. So, your girl will surely appreciate you going above and beyond on her special day to make her feel like the queen she is!

16My Girl

Some people light up our life like no other! They are a candle in the dark, the stars in the sky, and the fire in our soul. So, let your girl know how important she is to you on her day!

17Romantic Birthday

Every relationship has specific things that are super special to the dynamic. Whether it’s goodnight kisses, late-night talks, or weekly Netflix binges. Let your girl know what means the most to you on her birthday!

18A Stunning Princess

Everyone likes to be told that they are beautiful. So, a birthday is the perfect time to tell your lady that you are so head-over-heels in love with their beautiful body!

19In Love With You

Being in love is such a wonderful feeling. And, being reminded that you make someone’s heart race is a deeply romantic birthday gift. So, don’t hold back on her day, tell your girl everything she does to you!

20Yours Forever

Some relationships are not always easy. They go through hard times, but love sees them through. If this describes your relationship, then this is the perfect girlfriend birthday quote for you.

21Biggest Pain

22All Your Dreams Came True

23Love Story

24Every Promise

25As Lovely As You Are

26The World’s Brightest

27A Wonderful Bloom

28A Long Long Life

29Ever Happened To Me

30Spoil Yourself

31Someone I Love

32Sweeter Than Anything

33You Are My Life

34The Most Loving Wishes

35I Don’t Know What It Is

36I Believe In Destiny

37Birthday Receipt

38To The Moon And back


These happy birthday quotes for her will certainly help a guy out while he’s trying to decide on the best quote to use to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday. All of these quotes touch on different relationship dynamics, so it’s guaranteed that there will be something perfect for you and your boo!

A lot of these quotes are appreciative in nature and thank the girlfriend for all she has done; something that should be done every day not just on her birthday. But, all in all, it is nice to be appreciated and told how much you are loved on your birthday. And, bonus points for the guy who tells their girlfriend how much she has improved his life!

Then, there are some quotes that are a little snarky and funny. These are perfect for the couples who love to give each other a hard time and don’t like to take their love or birthdays too seriously. I mean, making her laugh is the best way to make her stay!

Then, there are quotes that talk about hard times. These quotes touch on the rough patches in relationships and how love sees them through. They are deep and meaningful, but not suited for every relationship dynamic.

Hopefully, one of these quotes feels like the perfect fit to share with your sweetheart on her special day.


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