Happy Birthday Quotes For Best Friend

Happy Birthday Quotes For Best Friend


Happy Birthday Quotes For Your Best Friend

If you are a true best friend, then you love your best friend’s birthday as much as you love your own! Like, seriously, it’s practically a national holiday to you. So, why not make your bestie feel extra special with one of these happy birthday quotes for best friends? This compilation will have something for you and your bestie’s dynamic, no matter how unique and special it is!

1Birthdays Come Around Every Year

Birthdays happen every single year, but friends that change your life, come only once in a while. If you have a very special friend that has changed your life for the better, consider yourself lucky!


This is the perfect little quote for the best friends who love puns…or, who just happen to share a love for bubble tea! Consider making a card for them with this quote or sharing it on social media to celebrate their birthday!

3Knows Everything About Me

There are some friends who know everything about us…and it’s a miracle that they stick around. If you have a friend that doesn’t care about your crazy quirks, make sure to hold on tight!

4My Lovely Friend

Some friends deserve just a really sincere happy birthday. And, if that’s your friend, then this is the perfect way to commemorate their special day!

5Fabulous Best Friend

Do you have a fabulous BFF that needs a special quote for her birthday? Then, this one is absolutely perfect to share all over social media for their special day!

6Another Year

Some friends just keep us sane. Whether it’s the person you can vent to about anything or the one that makes you laugh until your belly hurts. Some friends are just necessary!

7Facebook Reminder

It’s hard to put in the work to actually remember people’s birthdays now that Facebook is around. But, for old childhood friends, you may remember their special days even better than your mom’s.


For a best friend, a simple ‘happy birthday’ just won’t do the trick. Sometimes, you have to just tell it like it is. And, if they’re older than you, then this is a good one to use!

9Beautiful Friend

Some people have natural beauty that just shines right out of them. And, if that is your bestie, then this quote is a perfect way to commemorate their special day.

10Happy Birthday

This funny happy birthday quote is best for the wild best friends who love to give each other a hard time. Happy birthdays in this friendship shouldn’t be sweet; they should be sassy!

11Reminds Me A Lot Of Myself

Some best friends are like dopplegangers. They are both smart, gorgeous, and funny. Not to mention, fabulous! If that’s you and your BFF, send this to your BFF on her special day.

12Side By Side

Even long distance friends deserve to celebrate each other on their birthdays. So, if you have a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time, but hold close to your heart, send this to them on their birthday!

13You Are Dearer To Me

Sometimes, you just can’t put into words how much a friendship means to you. And, that’s because it means everything. If you have a friend like this, never take them for granted!

14Journey Called Life

On birthdays, friends certainly deserve a ‘thank you’ for all they have done for you. It is great to know that your friend appreciates you, so give them that gift on their special day.

15Therapy Bills

Some friends are the best when it comes to vent sessions. It’s like a therapist without all the fees and the stuffy room with the stiff couch. Friends like this are priceless!

16Here’s To Another Year

If you and your friend are shameless gossip queens, then this quote is the perfect choice to commemorate your BFF’s special day. It’ll will definitely make her laugh!

17I Can Always Count On

Being able to always count on someone is very special. And, not everyone is gifted with that. So, if you find someone that you can always count on, hold them close.

18Sparkle Beast

This is the perfect social media post for the girl who loves unicorns and a little bit of humor. Post this on your friend’s wall for her birthday to see her reaction!


A golden friendship is one to strive for! Gold is strong. Gold is bright. And, gold is definitely exclusive. If you have a classy friendship like this, keep shining bright with your BFF.


This snarky happy birthday best friend quote is ideal for that friendship that survives on little digs and funny jokes. If you and your best friend love giving each other a hard time, this one is for you!

21Dream Big

22You Rule

23Just As Pretty

24My Best Friend’s Birthday

25Crazy Adventures Together

26Belated Birthday

27Tu Tu You

28Childhood Friend

29Perfect Friends

30Bring You Happiness

31Sweet And Spicy

32Soul Sister


34Best Friends Say

35Stupid Together

36Fill Your Shoes

37Happy Bday To My irreplaceable Friend

38Eat Glitter Quote

39Fabulous B Day Quote

40Go Wild BFF Quote

41Peanut butter and jelly

42I’ll be me

43Old enough young enough

44My beautiful friends bday

45Lovely lady happy birthday!

46To my BFF wierdo


A very special best friend deserves an equally special happy birthday quote. That is why we put together this compilation of happy birthday quotes for your best friend so that you could find the quote that matches you and your bestie’s unique dynamic.

There are some best friend birthday quotes that are genuine, sweet and sincere in nature. These are perfect for the best friends who we can always count on, who have changed our lives, and who live every single day as an angel walking on planet Earth.

Then, there are some funny quirky and snarky quotes for the best friends who just love to give each other a hard time. Friendship can’t be serious all the time! So, if you want to make your bestie laugh, consider sharing one of these quotes with them on their special day.

There are also quotes that thank best friends, which is something we should do every day, not just on their birthday. But, often times we forget. Let’s learn to never take our bestie for granted and to always appreciate everything they do for us!

Hopefully, one of these quotes will suit you and your bestie perfectly so that you can properly commemorate their birthday! Whether you want to make her smile, life, or cry tears of joy, one of these quotes should do the trick!


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