Good Morning Love Quotes for Her and Him

Good Morning Love Quotes for Him and Her

Good Morning Love Quotes for Her and Him

Everyone loves a ‘good morning’ text. It’s the universal reminder that you are loved and appreciated. And, it always helps to brighten someone’s morning. That’s why we compiled some of our very favorite good morning quotes that you can send to your lover to help make their day extra special.

1My First Thought

When you wake up in the morning and you think of that special someone, it’s best to let them know. They will smile knowing that they are always on your mind.

2The Sunrise Together

A sunrise is just as romantic as a sunset and to be able to watch it with the one you love, is really a special gift. Let your lover know you’re thinking of them when you see the sun come up.

3A Morning Text

Thinking of someone when you wake up is a sure sign that you are in love with that person. If they are in your thoughts when you go to bed until the time you wake up, they are obviously special to you.

4I Woke Up Super Happy

If you are going to get blamed for something, it’s better be for making someone smile. Giving someone a smile on their face is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

5I Hope Your Morning

When you love someone, you always hope their morning is bright and sunny. You want them to have a happy day without complications or stressors.

6I Went To Sleep

When your lover feels like a dream, let them know with this quote. It will make them feel special and appreciated. It also might just make them blush a little.

7Waking Up Every Morning

It’s such a special feeling waking up and knowing that you are someone’s love and they are yours. The comfort of having a special person in your life is enough to make your day sunny from morning to night.

8A Coffee and You

There is no doubt coffee is a must-have in the morning. But, when it’s paired with the person you love, that coffee tastes a whole lot sweeter. A coffee date for two is heaven!

9You Are the Best

Love is usually not planned. It is the one thing in life that can take us by surprise. But, if it’s a good surprise, then why not thank your lover for stumbling into your life?

10Words Aren’t Enough

It’s a terrible feeling to be away from the person you love. But, it’s an amazing feeling to know that you have someone so special that’s worth missing.

11Being in Love With You

When we love someone, sometimes that’s our motivator for getting up in the morning and enjoying our day. Lovers have a way of making everything happier and worth doing.

12I Thank God

This beautiful good morning quote is perfect to send to your partner when you want to let them know just how much they mean to you. It will remind them that your heart is theirs for the keep.

13A Kiss

Mornings should be sweet and full of love. Just the simple things in life are what you should be focusing on. So a kiss and a cup of tea to start the day are all you should ever need.


If your girl loves your humor, then do her a favor and send her this for a smile and a chuckle in the morning. It’s guaranteed to also help her feel sexy and confident throughout the day.

15Wake-Up Sunshine

Morning hugs and kisses are step one before coffee. They will improve your mood and make your day so much brighter. It’s nice to feel loved and appreciated first thing in the morning.

16Just In Case

If you just want to get the bullet points in without the mushy-gushy poetic text, then this cute and funny list is perfect to send to your boo. It hits all the main points!

17Good Morning My Love

Sometimes, just a person’s presence can improve your life drastically. If your sweetheart makes a strong impact on your days, send this to them for a reminder.

18Every Morning Reminds Me

It’s nice to feel like you have finally found your person. Sometimes, the love of your life comes after the biggest mistake of your life. So, if you’re still looking, have faith that it’ll come.

19Today I Woke Up

It’s hard to stay patient when you are awake and your lover is asleep. You don’t want to wake them because they look so cute and precious. But, you also really want to spend time with them.

20Sometimes I Wake Up

If you are feeling a little frisky in the morning, let your lover know by sending them this steamy quote. It will make them feel good about themselves all day, we guarantee it!

21To the Person

22It May Rain

23I Sent You A Couple of Hugs

24Makes My Day

25I love you more today…

26I Will Love Forever

27I Just Woke Up

28My Sexy Man

29We Don’t Always Need Advice

30I’m Sending You

31Good Morning Handsome

32Beautiful and Beloved Princess

33I Hate to Wake Up

34Distance Never Kills A Relation

35I Hope Your Day Be Filled With Joy

36Let’s Be Naughty Today

37Every Smile

38You Are Like A Blessing

39Being In Love With You

40I Fell Asleep

41That Handsome Face

42Good Morning Handsome

43Good morning to my king 

44I love you

45Good morning my guy

46You’re the only thing better than coffee..

47Good morning beautiful

48Good morning, nice butt..


We just love these good morning quotes that are perfect to send to your lover any day of the week. Everybody likes to feel loved and appreciated and by sending one of these gems to your partner, you’ll guarantee them a good day from start to finish.

There are quotes on here that are super sweet and caring. They talk about how much their partner means to them and how they can’t stop thinking about them.

Then, there are quotes that are a little more fresh and funny. Because relationships shouldn’t be all serious! It’s only healthy to throw some humor into the mix too.

We hope you found a quote that you can use to send to your sweetheart!


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