Funny Sister Quotes

Funny Sister Quotes


Funny Sister Quotes and Sayings

Are you looking for a cute and funny quote to send to your sister? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of some of the funniest sister quotes and sayings that will remind us that we definitely need our sisters, but sometimes they deserve to put in their place. Enjoy and be sure to share with your fave sis!

1Never Get Rid Of

If you have a sister then you will recognize the love hate relationship of this picture. Yes, of course, you LOVE your sister, but sometimes wouldn’t you just like to be rid of her?

2National Siblings Day

When it’s National Sibling Day, it’s only right to let you know your sister that you’re her true gift in life. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have you as their sibling?

3Best Sister In The World

Even the best sisters can scare us a little sometimes! Especially, if you take something from their closet without asking permission first. You’ll be sure never to do it again.

4Meet My Sister

If you are crazy, then it’s guaranteed that your sister is too. I mean, you come from the same genes! But, crazy is good. Embrace it, but always let people know your sister is the craziest.

5That One Sister

It’s so true that we all have that one sister who is so candid and gives no cares! But, that’s why we love them. We know in the worst times, they would do anything for us.

6We Are Sisters

If someone crosses your sister, then of course you back them up. And vice-versa. Fights, arguments, and disloyalties don’t just affect one person it affects their siblings too.

7Sister To Sister

You may think you are crazy sometimes, but just look at the rest of your family. You are probably all a little nutty! So embrace the truth, and stand by your family’s side.

8When You’re The Youngest

If you have an older sister, then you totally know the feeling of going into the first day of school and having the teacher ask who your older sister is! There is no escaping family.

9Older Siblings

There is a general rule that it’s ok for older siblings to tease you. But, if anyone else tries, then they would definitely have something to say about it.

10A Good Sister

Sisters don’t let sisters be taken advantage of, hurt, or backstabbed without some proper revenge. That’s why you can always count on a sister to have your back.

11Behind Every Little Sister

Big sisters always have their little sisters backs. And, that’s great through all the years of your life. No matter if it’s schoolyard bullies or terrible co-workers.

12Overprotective Older Sister

Older sisters have an innocent look to them. No one would expect them to be able to seek revenge on someone that hurt their sister. Their angelic appearance is simply a cover-up though.

13Important Responsibility

If you aren’t irritating your sibling 24/7, then you are really slacking on your job! Siblings are meant to test your patience and your strength. Both physical and emotional.

14I Smile Because

Sometimes it’s good to remember how much of a pain in the ass you can be to your sister. You love them, but hey, annoying them is part of your job!

15If You Mess With The Little Sister

Big sisters don’t let little sisters get taken advantage of. You can always count on your sister to make wrongs into rights and dispose of the body properly.

16Sisters Remember Things

There are some embarrassing moments that you would love to forget. However, you sister probably makes a point of telling these stories in every social setting to see how red your face can get.

17The Face You Make When

Sometimes you take the blame for your sister without wanting to. And, that’s when sibling wars and negotiations start. If you take the blame, maybe they will save your butt next time!

18When Your Sister Asks

When you take your sister’s top without asking, prepare for war. It’s always a toss-up whether she will allow you to borrow it or not, so sometimes it’s just easier to grab it and stay quiet.

19My Sister Doesn’t Count

Some people tell their sisters everything. They trust them with their darkest secrets. And, share with them the greatest gossip. It’s like a live-in BFF.

20When The Bathroom Is Finally Free

A race to snag the bathroom is always a test. And, if you win, get ready to pay for it after. Your sister will definitely get her revenge one way or another.

21Tells On You

22Finally See Your Sister

23Sister Comes Into Room

24That Look You Give

25Sisters Be Like

26Sometimes I Feel Ugly

27What It’s Like

28Borrow Her Belt

29Something Crazy

30Me Waiting

31Calls You Crying

32My Relationship With My Sibling

33Trying To Figure Out

34Only I Can Make My Sister Cry

35You Got Her Nose


These sister quotes and sayings are absolutely hilarious. And, it’s great material to send to your sister when you miss her but still want her to know that she’s a pain in the butt!

Some of these sister quotes will remind you that even though your sister can be mean to you, she will never let anyone else do the same. She will always get revenge on the people who do you wrong. And, she will always stand behind you when you have to fight for what’s right.

Other sister quotes on this list discuss how it’s your job to annoy and irritate your siblings. I mean, if you are not going to let anyone else do it, then it is your responsibility. Someone has to do it!

There are also some sister quotes on this list that will remind you that it’s never a good idea to take clothes from your sister’s closet without asking! So either, be super sneaky and shut your mouth. Or don’t do it at all! The latter is probably the better idea.

Hopefully, you find something fun on this list to send to your sister on National Siblings Day.


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