Cute Quotes for Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

Cute Quotes for Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile


Cute Quotes for Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

If you are looking for quotes to send to your bae, then you’ve come to the right place! We have compiled a list of cute quotes for your boyfriend to make him smile, so definitely take advantage of them and send him one (or more!) of these in the morning or late at night before you go to sleep. You’re going to want to bookmark this.

1Falling For Him

Sometimes, you meet someone and as you begin to spend time with them, you realize they feel almost familiar to you. At a deep level your souls are connected and his presence feels like home.

2When We First Met

When you get to know someone it’s special to see the way they act around other people. If you have noticed how compassionate and strong your man is, let him know.

3Rainbow After The Storm

It’s such a special thing to be someone’s rainbow after a storm. When you can help someone turn a dark day into a sunny afternoon, then you are truly working magic.

4My Favorite Part Of The Day

If your favorite part of the day is when you finally get to talk to your boo, then let him know. We’re sure this quote will make a big grin appear on his face.

5Your Heartbeat

Silent moments with a lover are always something to treasure. If you and your boo spend time cuddling and listening to each other’s heartbeats, then this is the quote to send to your bae.

6When I First Met You

People come into our lives for a reason. And, some people make deeper impressions than others. If your boo surprised you with the mark he made on you, then share this with him.

7I Promise To Plant Kisses

Helping your lover be their best self and to love themselves the way you do is something very important in a relationship. You should always strive to help your partner feel loved and worthy.

8The Next Sixty Years

If your kiss makes you taste the future, then tell your boyfriend. They will love the unique way this quote describes seeing a future with your partner.

9Your Voice

Hearing your lover’s voice can do a lot of things to you. It can make you feel comfort, love, respect, adoration, trust, and even turn you on a little.

10I Fell In Love With You

Sometimes you fall in love with someone because of just them being themselves. They don’t even have to try to do anything cute or romantic. They’re naturally special the way they are.

11To My Boyfriend

As humans, we can be a handful sometimes. Sometimes we are emotional and dramatic. And, stress tends to get the best of us. Here is a thank you for your boyfriend for hanging in there!

12Definition Of Perfect

There is no one like your bae. And, even if you could think up the ‘perfect’ guy- they wouldn’t even come close to your current lover. So, let him know how special he is with this quote!

13I Like You

Couples can get weird together. They get silly and cute and have a million inside jokes. The boyfriends that embrace this weirdness are definitely the best ones out there.

14More Than Just My Boyfriend

Do you have a boyfriend that is so so so much more? Then definitely consider sending him this quote. It will help tell him how much he really does for you!

15I’m Addicted

When your boyfriend looks at you and smiles, that is one of the best feelings in the world. If you never want to lose that, let him know just how much it means.

16Because Of You

Sometimes, your partner can make you more of yourself than you ever were. They help to encourage you to grow and they love you hard so you can blossom.

17You Are My Person

It’s nice to have someone to make plans with and spend your time with. And, it’s also great to have someone by your side when things get hard and days get dark.

18Everything You Do

Do you think about your boo all the time? Like, at all hours of the day? Then, let him know. It will surely make your boyfriend smile to know he is always on your mind.

19What I Have With You

Every single love story is special. You cannot have the same love story more than once. So, let your boyfriend know that the love you share is the most special one of all.

20When I’m With You

The time you’re away from someone you love can feel like eternity. It feels like the clock is moving in slow motion and your mind is racing with thoughts of seeing them again.

21Calling Me Cute

22My Always

23I Hope You’re The One

24One Thing In Life

25Never Want To Stop

26Smile A Lot More

27Inside Your Hug

28I Don’t Think I Will Ever Meet

29You’re Real

30Besides Chocolate

31Make You Happy

32Talk To You

33You Loved Me Too

34Every Step

35Come Lay With Me

36Grabbed My Face

37I Want To Wake Up

38A Day Without You

39Just Want You To Be

40My Love For You

41As soon as I wake up


These cute quotes for your boyfriend will definitely do the trick! And, there are quotes that are perfect for any relationship dynamic.

There are some quotes that are funny. These quotes talk about being weird with each other or wanting to see each other naked! These are the perfect choice for couples that like to laugh a lot and don’t care too much for romantic and serious talk.

Then there are quotes that talk about longing to spend time with your loved one. If talking to them is your favorite time of the day or if the minutes seem to drag on when you are away from them, then these are the quotes you should be sending to your boo.

There are also some quotes that talk about being grateful for your boyfriend. These quotes are ones that will make anyone feel special. Everyone likes to be appreciated, so let your boyfriend know just how much he helps you every single day!

Hopefully, these quotes inspired you to show some gratitude to the man you love and who is always there for you. He will definitely smile when you share any of these lovely quotes with him!


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