Concert Outfits: What To Wear To A Concert

Concert Outfits


What To Wear To A Concert: 35 Concert Outfit Ideas

Summer’s here and that means sun, sea, travelling and amazing music! Concerts are a great excuse for going out with friends and rock out to your summer anthem, but also to dress up and look glam! Depending on the type of concert you are going to, you’ll definitely need to go through your wardrobe and put different outfits together. If you are stuck for ideas, we have got 35 outfits to get you inspired, and looking your best for your next concert!

1Greek Goddess

 Look like a Coachella fashion icon with a white maxi dress. It w
ill look gorgeous with a glowing tan and some platform wedges for a boho-chic look. Don’t forget to accessorize with a flower crown to look like a festival princess!

2Be Inventive!

We loved Gigi Hadid’s Coachella look, we couldn’t keep her eyes off her! Not only did we love the fringes but also her creativity, her belt was in fact originally a necklace! Fashion is all about being creative and unique, you don’t have to follow the crowd to look a million dollars. Use a scarf as a belt, or a bandana as a neck tie, and show off your special fashion sense!

3Drop Arm Vests

Drop arm vests are a classic summer piece, we think they look super cute tucked into a pair of denim mini shorts. Wear them with a strapless bra or a bandeau to be comfortable and protect your modesty! Forever21 offer a wide choice of them with cool slogans for an indie look.

4Denim Jackets

Denim jackets look great over anything, but do you feel like most of them look the same? We feel your pain… Why don’t you customize yours? You can buy iron-on patches or badges to make yours stand out from the crowd! At Asos you can buy Skinnydip patches with slogans and cute drawings, your jacket will be the best!

5Cut Offs

Turn your jeans into cut off shorts and team them with a flannel shirt for a late-summer concert outfit. Be adventurous and try different shapes like these scallop trim shorts – a summer shape that will look cute on anyone! Add gold accessories to dress it up!


If your concert has a more chilled-out vibe, dungarees are fashionable at the moment and are perfect for those chillier summer nights. Tie your hair in a top knot and wear a high-neck jumper for extra edgyness. This would be perfect for a pop concert, or a concert in a bar.

7Bold Prints

Don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops and wear bold and garish prints, that is what the festival season is all about! You will look like something straight out of a look book and all eyes will be on you! This outfit is perfect for an outdoor concert or just going about the town in!


Accessories can make or break an outfit. Wear unique accessories for concerts to make sure you are called up on stage! This feather headdress is beautiful and colorful, and shows off your luscious locks! If you have darker hair, go for greens and turquoises whilst if your hair is lighter, go for cobalt and reds.

9Pop Art

Pop Art was a hit in the 1950’s but trust us, it is still hot now! Collect original pieces like this wonderful denim jacket. This outfit would be perfect for any kind of concert as you would look super glamorous in this!


This outfit is 100% rock! Who thought leather and fringes could look so classy? Wear this to your next rock concert and other fans will stop and stare! Wear with a red lip and gorgeous smile whilst rocking out to your song!

11Leather Jacket

You can never go wrong with a simple black leather jacket! Wear a band tee and dramatic make up for extra sassyness! Hot Topic is the place to go to when you are looking for band merchandise. They have got pretty much most of the big bands!

12Tie And Dye

We definitely want this outfit in our wardrobe! The tie and dye shorts are to die for! Wear them with a slouchy jumper to be the coolest chick there! Chunky boots always add a rock chick vibe to your outfits, the chunkier, and the more studs, the better!


Co-ords make your life easier, you have got your entire outfit without having to pop down to the mall and splash the cash! These hippie-style co-ords are so Coachella, so get them for next year girls! Wear nude make up for a natural look.


Sixties fashion has inspired Coachella outfits for the last few years. Why not take a leaf out of their book? Look up Sixties fashion on Pinterest and Tumblr and see what you can come up with. Big glasses, bright colors, stripes, all things we already have in our wardrobes.

15Crazy Patterns

Don’t stick to the same old black and white outfits, patterned maxi dresses are super flattering and can be worn on an everyday basis too! Bright red suits all skin tones, as well as pale pink, dark purple and teal, so these are great colors to get your maxi dress in!


Gypsy-style clothing is big, and at the moment, off-the-shoulder tops are what you need in your wardrobe. For those who don’t like their arms and therefore don’t really wear vest tops, this is the style for you, your arms are covered without having to wear fully sleeved tops that get you really sweaty in the summer. Plus, it is a shape that suits everyone! Add lace shorts and gladiator sandals and voilà!

17Layer Up

Just because it is summer, it does not mean you can’t layer up. Oversized blazers are a light and hassle-free way of covering up when the weather is confusing. Layering jewelry changes your accessories and gives them a new fresh look. We need to go to a concert, now!

18Sky Blue

We have fallen in love with this pink hair and sky blue outfit combo! It makes us all happy and summery! This midi skirt is the perfect way of looking elegant at a concert. Add white clog-style heels to add a twist to your picture-perfect outfit!

19So Country

The cutest outfit for country music fans. Beautiful cowboy boots and a white floaty t-shirt dress! While you are dancing along to Before He Cheats, you will be looking flawless! Sheplers have an enormous choice of cowboy boots if you don’t have the chance to own a pair yet!


If you are more of an indie-fan, this dark and mysterious outfit could be what you are looking for! These high waisted corduroy fitted trousers add texture to a simple yet awesome outfit. Wear this to you next concert and look like the star of the show!


This outfit is the outfit you will need if you are seeing a rap or RnB gig! It is easy to recreate, if you haven’t got a military jacket just add an oversized khaki parka, and chunky gold jewelry for your “bling”. Military style jackets work all-year round so you can wear this outfit again and again!


This style could work at Coachella or a country concert. We love the idea of wearing a belt over a long vest top to make it cling in all the right places! Match your accessories you can find turquoise jewelry everywhere at the moment. Parfois has similar jewelry to replicate this look!

23Dress It Up

This is taking your basic country concert outfit and dressing it up a bit. Wear a dress with patterns, but not so garish as the hippie-style ones from before. We recommend leaf or butterfly patterns for a natural, countrified look, with a thin belt to show off that perfect figure and match your trusty cowboy boots.


Rompers are a natural summer choice, but look great all year round. We chose this red romper because as we mentioned earlier, it is a color that suits all skin tones, and makes you look radiant! Wear deep red lipstick to match, we think the perfect shade is Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani’s Rock Steady. The collection has a range of bright and magnificent colors for you to chose from!

25All Black

Gigi Hadid blew us away again in this flawless outfit! You have no excuses for not recreating this! This would look absolutely stunning at any concerts, make sure you wear black accessories and subtle make up to look like you had just walked straight off the catwalk!

26A Pop Of Color

If you are not feeling adventurous, why not wear a basic jeans and tee combo with a bright accessory? We love the pop of color this neon yellow bag gives to a basic outfit. No need to fuss and make a huge effort. Boohoo has literally every kind of bag under the sun, so you will find your soulmate there!


What is a summer festival without a kimono or two? You can get them in any length, any color and any pattern! We particularly adore the floral one! Make sure you get one that is just the right length to avoid looking like you have put your dressing gown on! Kimonos make the perfect cover up towards the end of a concert! The materials are generally super soft and flowy.

28High-Low Dresses

Look really country with a floral high-low dress and a denim vest. Acid wash denim vests are a staple in literally every summer collection! Grab your own before they run out! Oasap have a really pretty cherry blossom high low dress in similar colors to this one if you want to get the look. However, a floral dress will also do the trick!


Bralets look so lovely with anything high waisted. Here, it is worn with a mustard maxi skirt, the color can suit light skin tones or olive skin. Bralets come in all shapes and sizes so you are bound to find something that will suit you! This outfit will look good at an evening concert with a slick and classy leather jacket to look like a screen siren!

30Black And White

A basic yet rocky outfit with everyone’s favorite brand, Vans, at the center! Tights bring your shorts from day to night. Don’t worry about your tights having a run, it adds a little extra to your outfit! Yes, having ripped tights can look cool! Accessorize with black studded wristbands to look like a rockstar!

31Electric Blue

This is perfect for a night out to a concert. We truly need this cobalt suede jacket, it looks so cool and makes everything look smart! Wear cobalt blue to match the lush jacket or almond blue to match the slogan tee.

32Suede Boots

This outfit is ideal for a country concert. Accessories really do make all the difference, the grey hat and matching handbag finish off the entire outfit. It compliments the pale pink of the waterfall cardigan. The suede ankle boots make the outfit less beach-ready and more countrified.

33An Unlikely Match

We were surprised to see cobalt blue and dark brown looking so gorgeous together! Cobalt blue looks so luxurious and brown accessories make the color look even more mature. Curl your hair and head to your concert in style!

34Laid Back

You don’t necessarily need to wear smart clothes you know! Ripped boyfriend jeans and crazy shoes will do the trick! Leopard print slip-ons add an interesting element to a simple outfit. Roll up boyfriend jeans to make them a bit more tight and sexier.


Pale pink and nautical stripes will always be a dream combo. This is another outfit you could wear to any concert and look totally chic. You can also wear boyfriend jeans with heels for an edgy street look. Pink looks so feminine with washed out denim. Nude accessories have been added for a subtle look that can work during the day or at night.



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