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Cute College Girls Outfits: Top 20 College Preppy Outfits

Often times college students get out of bed and go to class in whatever they are wearing, or throw on a pair of Nike shorts and a college T-shirt. The ones who actually dress cute really stand out in the crowd, which could be good to impress a guy or the professor you need to sweet talk into letting you into her/his class. And as crazy as it sounds, you can still get out of bed with your hair in a mess bun, throw on some semi cute clothes and look better than 90% of the people on campus. Although some students take the college opportunity to dress down everyday without their mother criticizing, others take the opportunity to explore new styles. The main thing to remember is, you do you. Check out this list of cute outfits for college!

1Need to be a little dressed up

College professors can be entirely too confusing when they say “you need to be business casual or business professional for your presentation…” Having an outfit in your closet that falls somewhere in between the two is a great idea, and the outfit pictured is perfect. You could swap out the leggings for skinny jeans for a more casual look as well.

2College Fashionista: Celebrate the first warm day of spring semester

The day will be marked with shorts, flip flops, tank tops, and sun glasses. The birds will be chirping, the hammocks will come out, and the campus pool will be full. It truly is a time to celebrate. A simple top and sandals with bright shorts is a perfect way to enjoy the warmth and show your gratitude to mother nature as well as your college fashionista style.

3It’s cold outside

Layers, layers, layers. The classrooms will be toasty and you will want to shed your jacket and/or scarf when you take your seat, but the walk back across campus to your dorm or car will be terribly cold. You will of course need some water proof shoes with some extremely thick socks on that trek as well.

4I’m about to party hard

This outfit is perfect for the bar or concert. With the black ripped skinny jeans and fitted tank the bright leather jacket will dray the attention to you. It’s edgy, but super cute at the same time. Gold or silver eye catching jewelry would be the icing on the cake for this look.

5Gosh I can’t wait for summer

If you’re looking for cute going out outfits, this outfit is a great choice! For the days that are sunny and warm, but not warm enough to wear shorts. This outfit could be easily pared with a cardigan for the cold classrooms or cafeteria. Any outfit that looks good with a floppy sun hat is perfect for those warm campus days.

6I don’t feel like talking to you

Big floppy sun hats are a perfect way to ignore people you don’t necessarily want to talk to too. This outfit screams, “I just shut off Netflix, I don’t want to be here, leave me alone, and I don’t go in public with pajamas on so this is my cute today.” Lots of college students rock their “don’t bug me look.” Typically it is sweat pants, but if you can’t imagine being seen in public in sweatpants, this is a good alternative.

7I’m going to yoga after this

Leggings are pants in college. The debate might still exist for other public places, but the verdict has already been decided on college campuses. Hitting the gym on campus before or after class is a natural, needed occurrence on campus and when you don’t want to change for class this is a great option. Just dress up your leggings or yoga pants and tank with a cardigan and sandals. No one will be able to tell the difference.

8Lazy Day Outfits: I woke up like this

This one is for the lazy day outfits seekers. I just got out of bed and I plan on getting back in bed after class. Season 6 on Netflix here I come. This look will be seen a lot when the days start getting colder and all times of the year in any given 8 AM class. Rocking any campus apparel instantly makes it okay to wear sweats in public…

9There’s a cute guy in my class

These ripped skinny jeans and slightly fitted tank will show off your curves for that cute guy who sits three rows down. Who knows if he will actually notice you, but you have to try right? And even if he doesn’t notice you, you will feel like a champ walking across campus in these boots and your calves will get a work out. If you’re asking yourself what to wear to a college party, then this could also be a great college party outfit!

10Cute Comfy outfits: I’m a sorority girl

This yells I’m a sorority girl and I want everyone to know, but I just don’t want to dress up or wear a college tee today. This outfit combines stylish and comfy so perfectly.

11Casual Summer Outfits: I want to be lazy and cute

Looking for casual summer outfits? This is perfect when it’s hot outside and you wan’t to look sort of cute, but not like you tried too hard. Show off your mid drift in this crop top and rock the pop of color that comes with your converse, people will look at you and say “wow she’s gorgeous even in that baggy plaid shirt!”

12It’s hot but I have to meet with my professor today

Finding an outfit that’s considered dressy but allows you to enjoy the warm walk across campus with out sweating is a hard feat. This outfit seems to solve the ever constant problem of looking professional with out sweating through a pair of khakis. Turquoise jewelry would make this look a little more college campus feel rather than the gold that gives more of a boating yacht feel to the outfit.

13How to Look Cute: I have a lunch date today

This outfit says I need to look cute today for a special reason, but I don’t want to look like a care too much. As many freshman girls will learn, over dressing for a lunch date can be tragic. Trying too hard is never good. Just be yourself, and in college that is typically wearing something comfortable. A gold anklet or toe rings would supplement those gorgeous Kendra Scott earnings masterfully.

14I’m simple

This says “I’m simple and I just watched an 80’s classic movie so I’m rocking the tucked in shirt and huge sunglasses.” But really, this outfit is super amazing. Cross bodies are still super in and gold is coming back in again, hallelujah! Those shorts and fitted top will allow you to flaunt that figure.

15Hipster Cute Lazy Outfits: I’m a hipster

Or it’s super cold in my next class and I brought a sweater, which is probably the real reason this girl is wearing a sweater and shorts. But we have to admire the style she brings to this look. Instead of grabbing an old hoodie to throw on for an hour class, choose something that will compliment your outfit.

16The finals week look

An ironic college shirt is a must have in ever students closet. For those days when you want to wear your emotions on your shirt, college will be the last time you are able to. We don’t think your future employer would appreciate you showing up to work in this shirt, so go all out in college!

17I haven’t washed my hair in a week

Yes you can still look super adorable and have ratchet hair. Throw on a ball cap, a simple shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. You’ll blend right in and no one will ever know you have greasy hair. Ball caps are super cute and you can see them everywhere on college campuses.

18Don’t mess with me

This is for those days when you are feeling on top of the world and want people to get out of your way. That bright tank, white converse, and chic shades say “I am here to get stuff done”, while the bow on your head says, “yeah I’m a cute girl, what are you going to do about it.” Everyone needs a power outfit like this for those long hours in the library studying.

19The college girl staple outfit

We can’t get more college than this. A vest, Vera Bradley backpack, and riding boots. Bust out the Starbucks, campus girls are coming. Even if this is the typical campus girl outfit, this gorgeous combination still needs to be admired because it looks good one everyone and those boots can be worn with anything! (See next)

20It’s getting warm but I love my boots

Told you riding boots can go with anything… even a dress! This outfit is perfect when you don’t want to wear the same vest for the 100th time this semester but still want to rock your riding boots. Dress it up with some leggings and a scarf and you just turned those casual boots into dressy boots.



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