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Bridal Makeup

Best Bridal Makeup looks

Wedding Makeup Looks

If your nuptials are coming up you have so many things to prepare and it can be a stressful time, sorting out flowers, catering, venue, and so many other things. So, all the brides out there, put your feet up for five minutes and take some time for yourself. So if you’re looking for makeup looks for your big day, check out some gorgeous bridal makeup ideas and start thinking about what you would like for your big day. After all, it is a day you will remember forever, you deserve to feel beautiful. From natural and soft makeup looks to bold or smokey colors, take some inspiration from these stunning bridal makeup looks.


1Sultry Eye and Strong Brows

A strong eyebrow can really help to frame and draw attention to the eye, making the colour pop. The sultry smokey eye is incredibly romantic and is the focus of the face thanks to a soft lip and just a touch of highlighter.

2Bronze Eye and Nude Lip

The subtle metallic bronze shade of the eye, beautifully complements the model’s gorgeous skin tone and she has accentuated the natural colour of her lips with a soft pink gloss. Understated and elegant.

3Bright Red Lip and Barely There Make-Up

There is always something so beguiling about a red lip and this bright tone is perfect for the model’s creamy skin tone and red hair. The rest of the face has been kept soft and natural, which is a great choice when there is a strong lip.

4Golden Glow and Glossy Lip

Glowing skin is great for a summer, beach, or destination wedding. Gold highlighter on the brow bone and a rose gold highlighter on the cheekbones has given the model’s skin a gorgeous glow, accentuated by a shimmer eye and a glossy lip.

5Fresh Faced and Natural

The fresh faced look is perfect for a Spring wedding and will really allow your natural beauty to shine through. Just a hint of blush and eyeliner, and a nude pink lip has created such a youthful look that shows off the model’s pretty features wonderfully.

6Strong Smokey Eye and Nude Lip

A strong smokey eye should really be teamed with a nude lip for a wedding, so the make-up look isn’t too overpowering, or that the lip and eye are competing for attention. This black smokey eye is gorgeous and it is perfectly complemented by an almost clear gloss and a touch of bronzer.

7Gorgeous English Rose

The lovely English Rose beauty look isn’t just for those with a fair complexion, it actually works on all skin tones. Rosy cheeks and lips look gorgeous on this model’s olive skin tone and the pink eyeshadow really complements her blue eyes.

8Dewey Skin and Natural Glow

It is so refreshing that this model hasn’t hidden her gorgeous freckles with make up, and just kept her beautiful skin fresh and dewey, with highlighter in all the right places. Gorgeous!

9Rose Smokey Eye and Bold Lashes

A matte eye and a glossy lip will always look good together. The rose smokey eye is to die for and the bold black lashes are the perfect complement to the pink tones.

10Flicked Liner and Red Lip

Is there a more iconic make-up look than the flicked black liner and a red lip? The matte in a deep berry red is so gorgeous and is complemented by a subtle shimmer of the creamy and bronze eye. Keeping the skin mostly highlight free has stopped the look from being over-the-top.

11Glowing Skin and Glitter Eye

The glow of this skin is unbelievable and the soft contouring has really accentuated the mode’ features. A glitter eyeshadow really makes the eyes pop and a nude glossy lip with a hint of metallic is the perfect finishing touch.

12Burgundy Lip and Soft Smokey Eye

A burgundy lip looks really beautiful with peachy and creamy skin tones, as it contrasts so well with a lighter skin tone. A peach blush and a soft smokey eye work wonderfully with the dark lip without looking too much. A great bridal make-up look!

13Bronze Eye and Boy Brow

The boy brow has been in style now for a few years and it looks like it will continue to be for some time, so don’t over pluck those brows and instead groom your natural brows to perfectly frame your eyes. Loving the nude pink lip and bronze eye.

14Plum Lip and Matching Nails

How stunning is the slightly Gothic feel to this bridal beauty look? The plum lip is rich and luxurious and he skin has been kept light and natural, which adds to the Gothic feel. Love the matching nails.

15Beautiful Peacy Tones

Brides with fair skin and red-toned hair will look really beautiful with peachy-tone make-up that will complement skin and hair to perfection. The peach lip and blush, have enhanced the model’s stunning complexion, don’t you think?

16Red Lip and Natural Skin

17Burgundy Smokey Eye and Nude Lip

18Silver Smokey Eye and Pink Lip

19Soft Gold Eye and Pink Lip

20Glossy Pink Lip and Flawless Skin

21Gold Smokey Eye and Natural Matte Lip

22Bronzed and Beautiful

23Dark Red Lip and Natural Eye

24Rose Pink Eye and Matching Lip

25Cerise Lip and Soft Eye Make-Up

26Shimmering Gold Eye and Raspberry Lip

27Sun-kissed Skin and Glossy Lip

28Vintage Inspired Bridal Make-Up

29Dark Brown Smokey Eye and Chocolate Lip

30Soft and Natural Wedding Make-Up

31Rose Gold Eye and Lip

32Bold Lashes and Natural Make-Up

33Pink Lip and Smudged Smokey Eye

34Soft Matte Bridal Make-Up

35Soft Smokey Eye and Berry Red Lip

36Natural Colors and Eyeliner Makeup

37Smokey Eye Makeup and Matte Lip Color

38Peach and Bronze Color Bride Makeup

39Brown Smokey Eye & Natural Lips

40Deep Makeup Burgundy Wine Lips

41Soft Natural Wedding Makeup

42Peach-Pink Makeup

43Shiny Smokey Eyes Matte Nude Lips

44Golden Smokey Eyeshadow and Shimmer Makeup

45Warm Color Sexy Makeup

46Soft Natural Glow Makeup

47Bronze and Glow Makeup Look


The most important thing when it comes to bridal make-up is that the bride feels as beautiful as possible, so she feels confident on such a monumental day. Most bridal make-up sticks with neutral tones, particularly on the eyes, but if you are a bride that enjoys colour, you should embrace that in you look as it is part of who you are.

Hopefully, these bridal beauty looks will inspire you to find your perfect look for your wedding day. If they have helped you to find some ideas that you think would be perfect for you, get in touch with a make-up artist (or a friend skilled in applying make-up) and try out a few different looks. When you find the bridal make-up that is the one for you, you will know.

Little tip for the big day. Keep the same lipstick as your make-up artist has used (or whoever applied your make-up) with one of your bridesmaids so you can keep applying during the day when you need, particularly for pictures.


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