Things To Do With Your Best Friend

Best Friend Bucket List

Best Friend Bucket List | Best Friend Goals

Every best friend duo should have a bucket list of things to do together. Because, why spend your time together doing the same thing week after week? It’s time to switch it up and make your friendship interesting and total goals! That’s why we compiled a list of things to do with your best friend. We guarantee you will never be bored again!

1Go On A Road Trip

There are so many places to explore that are only a bike or a car ride away! So, why not explore them with your BFF? Map out a road trip and get packing. Road trips make the best memories!

2Go To The Beach Best Friend Goals

Whether it’s winter or summer, the beach is always a fun place to go with your best friend. If it’s hot, get out your swimsuits. But, if it’s cold you could still take a nice walk on the sand in the cool air!

3Go To A Flea Market With Your Bestie

Flea markets are always fun because you never know what you are going to find! Map out some of the best ones in your area and hit them with your best friend for a boho shopping experience.

4Go With Your BFF To A Concert

All BFFs have a band or artist they are obsessed with. So, find out when the next concert is and snag tickets before they sell out! Next step is planning your matching outfits.

5BFF Bucket List – Paint Night

Go back to childhood by picking up a paint set and getting your art on with your BFF. Painting is not only an excellent form of self-care, but you could also create something really stellar to represent your friendship.

6Go Hiking

There is nothing better than being on a mountain top and feeling the wind in your hair. Unless, you’re doing it with your bestie. Climb to the top of a peak and feel unstoppable together!

7Do Yoga

Yoga is so relaxing and it really gets the stress out of your mind and tension out of your muscles. And, sometimes, all you need is your BFF to give you the motivation to get up and do it!

8Start A Book Club

If you and your BFF are literary-lovers, then starting a book club together is the perfect idea for some quality time. You’ll both love the discussions that come up!

9Sing Together

You and your best friend don’t have to be super talented singers to have fun singing together. Throw on your favorite throwback in the car and get jamming!

10Plan Your Weddings

Every girl LOVES to plan her wedding. So, why not take the time and do it with your BFF? Even better- plan each others and see if your bestie knows you as good as you think!

11Dance Together

Sometimes, all you need to put you in a good mood is to get up and dance! And, your best friend with you will make it even better. So turn up that music!

12Cook Together

Do you and your BFF love to cook? Or, are you both hopeless in the kitchen? Well, either way a fun idea is to try out a new recipe with your BFF! Hopefully, one of you has a few kitchen skills!

13Volunteer Together

Volunteering is always a rewarding experience! And, doing it with your best friend makes it even more special. Pick an organization you are both drawn too and reach out! Most places love extra help!

14Start A Garden

Do you have the perfect place for a garden in your yard? If so, then start a friendship garden with your bestie! It will be fun to take care of it together!

15Make A Friendship Scrapbook

I’m sure you and your bestie have about a million billion photos together! So, why not put them into a scrapbook? It doesn’t have to be fancy or professional- it just has to be something that will represent your special relationship.

16Have A Spa Day

Spa days are the best days! So, why not share in the experience with your best friend? Get out the homemade face mask recipes and your favorite nail colors and get spa-ing!

17Have A Movie Marathon

Movie marathons are a great way to wind down after a long week. So, invite your BFF over for an all-nighter complete with good flicks, pizza, and lots of snacks!

18Have A Game Night

You can never go wrong with board games! They are a classic for a reason. So, get out your favorites, make some popcorn, and challenge your BFF to a game of Scrabble.

19Go Camping

Camping isn’t for everyone, but if your BFF is down for an adventure, plan a trip to a beautiful camping spot. And, don’t be afraid to get dirty! S’mores, anyone?

20Go Fishing

Fishing is for the best friends who love to do outdoor activities. If you and your friend haven’t been fishing yet, then this is definitely something to add to your BFF bucket list.

21Go Biking

22Go To A Museum

23Go Bowling

24Get Ice Cream

25Attend A Wine Tasting

26Design Tattoos For Each Other

27Try Out New Hairstyles

28Learn A New Language Together

29Look At Old Yearbooks

30Make Friendship Bracelets

31Learn A New Skill

32Kayak Or Canoe

33Go Horseback Riding

34Swing Together

35Play In A Sprinkler


Best friends are all different. And, that’s why we picked a variety of activities to include in our list. So, that best friends everywhere will find something to suit their interests!

Some of these ideas are healthy ideas such as hiking and yoga. These are more physical activities that will definitely have you feeling fresh, fit, and probably exhausted afterward! But, who cares if you’re with your BFF?

Other ideas on this list are creative like painting, singing, and dancing! These fun activities are great for the soul and are guaranteed to make you and your BFF smile ear to ear. Also, if you do any art, you can save it for a keepsake to always remember your friendship.

Then, there are some activities that require learning something together, such as cooking a new meal together or starting a garden and doing the research to ensure that it is well taken care of. These are fun because it pushes you and your bestie out of your comfort zone in order to try your hand at something new! And, who knows? You might just fall in love with this new activity!

Do you have any other best friend goals to add to our bucket list? Share with us in the comments below!


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