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Bleaching Hair: How To Bleach Your Hair

bleaching hair

Bleaching Hair: How To Bleach Your Hair

Do you dream of being a blonde bombshell? Or of having crazy pink hair? Bleaching is one of the steps to getting gorgeous colorful hair, but it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Bleach can, in fact, damage your hair if not applied correctly, but we are here help you avoid a bad hair day! Here’s our ultimate bleaching hair how-to guide.

1How To Prepare

To bleach your hair, it needs to be relatively strong. If your hair is too weak, it could fall out because the process is fairly destructive to your hair structure. If it is not done correctly, your bleached hair can also react to your hair straighteners, curlers or your hair dryer, so if these are part of your daily routine, you may want to seek your hairdresser’s advice before bleaching.

Before bleaching your hair, use a natural shampoo and conditioner and make sure it is completely dry before applying the bleach. Also, don’t use heated appliances straight after bleaching your hair, as this can also make your hair fall out. Make sure you have a lot of time ahead of you and let your hair dry naturally, no one likes dying their hair in a rush anyway!

2How To Apply

1) Ventilate the area, open all your windows as bleach is strong stuff!
2) Follow the instructions on the bleach powder packet and mix everything in the bowl as written in the instructions, the mixture should look blue/white. We recommend using gloves to avoid getting any mixture on your hands, as soon as you get any on your hands wipe it off to avoid a nasty reaction!
3) Apply the bleach from your ends up, working towards your roots. Don’t rub the bleach into your head, as skin and bleach don’t really mix! Wipe off the excess bleach with a towel.
4) Cover your hair with a sheet of plastic wrap to protect your hair, this will also allow the bleach to work. Wait 15 mins and use a towel to wipe off a bit of bleach and look to see if your hair is light enough if it is too dark, leave it on a bit longer.
Never leave it on for more than an hour because it will cause for the hair to fall out.
5) Wash the bleach out until it runs clear and avoid washing your hair for 24 to 48 hours. As we mentioned earlier, let your hair dry naturally. No heated appliances!

3Brilliant Bleach Products

When you are dying your hair, it is always best to use the best of products. Don’t be afraid to ask sales assistants at your local store or look on the internet for reviews before buying something that is going to permanently change your hair. This is so important as having a second opinion can totally change the outcome! We have been looking around to provide you with some very effective bleaches that will give you the best results, and they are not necessarily expensive! Friendlier on your hair as well as your pocket!

4Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach

This bleach is super effective and quick! Within 30 minutes max you have your hair bleached and ready to dye! It is very cheap and surprisingly doesn’t turn your roots bright yellow! If your hair is very dark and/or very long, Manic Panic recommends you buy two of their boxes, but with the small price tag, it still remains super cheap! This works a dream and doesn’t damage your hair nearly as much with a decent aftercare. Gloves are also provided in the kit!

5L’Oreal Quick Blue Powder Bleach

This L’Oreal product comes in a big tub, which is so handy as a lot of bleach is usually needed especially when you have long or dark hair – or both! It works very quickly, but be sure to use an efficient aftercare to avoid frying your hair. The kit also has a guide on how to mix your bleach and what amounts to use, to give you a salon-quality look! The Quick Blue Powder Bleach also corrects any previous dye mishaps and gets rid of any off tones in your hair.

6Sally Hansen Extra Strength Cream Bleach

The Sally Hansen Extra Strength Cream Bleach is quick and softer on the hair, so soft you can even use it on your face! The box comes with everything you need to bleach your hair, so this is perfect for beginners. It also leaves your hair surprisingly soft, and it very easy to use. Users also recommended using this on your eyebrows, and there is no burning sensation whatsoever!

7Clairol Bw2 Lightener

This is very popular amongst ladies that bleach their hair, and it has glowing reviews! It doesn’t damage your hair, and with a deep conditioner, doesn’t cause breakage. It is a strong product for the price and you can get it in a bigger tub for those of you with long hair. It is also very quick and easy-to-use, this is another ideal product for beginners!

8Splat Null Lightning Bleach

This bleach is slightly pricier but does the job, Splat is a well-known brand that definitely know what they are doing when it comes to hair dyes and treatments. The bleach is quick, super effective and it helps you achieve an even tone, giving you salon-quality hair. However, this product is very strong so definitely don’t leave it on for too long!

9Aftercare – Things To Do After Bleaching Your Hair,

We have mentioned time and time again about a decent aftercare, but what does that involve?
There are several things you can do to protect your hair after bleaching it, one of the highly recommended and cheapest tips is rubbing coconut oil into your hair after rinsing the bleach out and leaving it in for super soft silky and more importantly undamaged hair, you can leave it in for a few minutes or leave it in overnight if your hair is easily damaged.

Once you have bleached your hair, you shouldn’t wash it as much, if you wash your hair every day this a big no no! If your hair looks greasy, use dry shampoo but otherwise, your average shampoo could damage your hair. It is super important to use a deep conditioner, and even a hair mask once a week to repair your hair, and avoid getting that “fried” look!

Last but not least, and we can never stress this enough – lay off the heated appliances and let your hair dry naturally when it is possible. For the times this isn’t possible, use a heat protectant spray, but this isn’t an everyday solution!

10What Color Is The Right For You?

What color are you going for? You can use bleach to even out the tones in your hair before dying it any color from black to turquoise! If you are a fan of crazy colors, then bleaching has to be part of your hair routine. Here are our recommended hair dyes for the colors you long for!

11For Bright Crazy Colors

Jerome Russell Semi Permanent Punky Hair Cream comes in a variety of colors, turquoise, baby pink (Cotton Candy) or plum, you name it, they’ve got it! The hair dye smells lush, some say like grape juice, and it lasts up to a month, which isn’t bad going for a semi permanent dye. Also, we loooooooove the super cute packaging!

12Platinum Blonde Color

If you long for Gwen Stefani-inspired platinum blonde hair, then L’Oreal Paris’ Feria Absolute Color dye in “extreme platinum” is a must-have! You will look like a snow queen in no time! The dye is cheap and works wonders, giving you a rich and intense color. The Feria collection is permanent and is perfect for striking looks such as this one.

13Darker Tones

For luscious darker colors, Garnier Nutrisse has a set of delicious colors waiting for you to try! Our favorite is shade B4 Caramel Chocolate, but there are heaps of different colors to try! It is long-lasting, and even the brightest of colors don’t fade so that all you will have to do with this product is touch up your roots from time to time. The smell isn’t too strong, meaning goodbye headaches too!

You just read Girlterest Bleaching Hair Guide! You can check out our Beauty section for more DIY hair color ideas and tips.



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