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Best Foundation For Combination Skin

12 Best Foundation For Combination Skin


Foundation Makeup: 12 Best Foundations For Combination Skin

Combination skin is a very mysterious concept that many of us deal with. It occurs when your skin types differ on your face. This can be caused by dry skin, wrinkles or breakouts that lead to oily, flakey or inflamed skin. It is most common on areas that are most prone to sweat, oil or any sort of breakage. This means your chin, nose, forehead or any spot that is in the “t-zone.” These parts of our face have more active oil glands than other parts. Some people also have dry skin and blemish-prone, inflamed skin. Sometimes these things are all genetics, so usually skin combination causes are all different for everyone.
Another common cause for combination skin can be the use of skin care products. Foundation is the perfect example, because not all makeups are appropriate for various skin types. Also, using a wide variety of products on your face is also a common cause for combination skin. Once you find the perfect products to use for your skin type, you will find that your combination skin becomes more balanced.
We decided to research the best foundations for all types of combination skin, since foundation is the most worn and abused makeup of them all. Some foundations are way too oily, and others make your face extremely dry… so to find that perfect balance; we are going to count the 12 best full coverage foundations for combination skin!

1Before We Start: Find a Good Cleanser

Always wash your face with a gentle cleanser to prevent irritation and dryness. A gel-based or mild foaming cleanser will be the perfect solution to most combination skin types. Lightweight lotion cleanser is also ideal for those who have very dry skin. Avoid soap bars of any kind; because they will all clog your pores. Always remember to be gentle! A good cleanser never contains perfumes or any irritants, which will help control your natural skin and make foundation a lot easier to apply. Find purchases with antioxidants, emollients and ingredients that mimic the structure of healthy skin.

2REVLON- Colorstay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin

If you are looking for a makeup that will help with combination skin on a budget, Revlon’s Colorstay makeup is most likely your best bet. The foundation is lightweight, and doesn’t fade, smudge or appear caked. This foundation was made to absorb oils and control shine. You can find it at your local drug store, and this foundation will surely be the best of the best for under $15!

3CLINIQUE- Superbalanced Makeup

This foundation was created to add moisture where it is needed and subtract oil where it exists. The best part of this foundation is that it has no oil additives. It was created to last all day and is sweat/water resistant. Clinique’s superbalanced foundation will unknowingly balance your combination skin perfectly!

4Dolce & Gabbana – The Foundation Perfect Finish

For a product that is a little pricier than others, the Dolce & Gabbana Foundation Perfect Finish is the perfect purchase. The cream is smooth and as light as a feather, providing plenty of coverage. The special part of this formula is that it will enhance the natural radiance of your skin, leaving a healthy and natural finish.

5Bobbi Brown- Skin Foundation Stick

One of the most popular foundations for combination skin is the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick. It is praised for its versatility, and ability to be applied to all areas of the face. This is a great option for those who have combination skin, but don’t want to wear foundation all over their face. You simply apply the foundation to the areas of your skin that appear uneven, and leave the rest of your skin alone. This foundation was declared the “ultimate nude foundation” and it will in fact blend effortlessly into your skin regardless of the amount of foundation that you usually wear.

6Make Up Forever – HD Invisible Cover Foundation

This foundation will help fight oil and cover dry spots. It also keeps dry skin moisturized, and it a product free of oil. It is also formulated to withstand bright lighting, which allows you to not appear washed out under all that harsh and heavy lighting. It is light enough to appear almost invisible, so if you are someone who seems to always be under fluorescent of bright lighting, this foundation is just for you!

7Dior Makeup Foundation– Diorskin Nude Skin-Glowing Makeup

Dior came out with the wonderful line Diorskin for those who have commination skin. This formula is considere one of the best full coverage foundation in the market,  formulated with mineral water and floral water to enhance radiance within your natural skin. It covers your skin just enough, and allows it to appear translucent enough to still get a natural shine. This foundation also fights oils and only promotes the healthy/natural shine that is in no way negative to anyone’s skin.

8Bareminerals- Original Foundation

This is one of the absolute best powder foundations for your skin. It is made of only five natural ingredients, which means that your skin is in no harm at all. Without the chemicals, the foundation is in a form of powder and applies like a cream. The minerals have been clinically proven to make skin look better and brighter, while keeping skin looking silky and smooth. It also contains SPF 15, which is made to protect your skin against the sun.

9CoverGirl- Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation

Another cost-friendly yet efficient foundation for combination skin is the CoverGirl outlast stay luminous foundation. It is oil-free and non-greasy that still delivers a luminous finish that lasts all day long. The pump it comes with also keeps your fingers away from the product, so it stays hygienic and fresh.

10SMASHBOX- Camera Ready BB Water

This beauty balm (BB) is part of a trend that has left many with combination skin frustrated because it contains oil and doesn’t provide a deep enough hydration for skin. However, SMASHBOX uses a primer water technology in the new BB cream that was made for controlling oil and moisture.

11Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup SPF 20

This foundation has the perfect silky-light finish and is ideal for those who don’t like the look of heavy makeup. Also considreed one of the best liquid foundation out there, the Healthy Skin nutrients work to improve skin’s radiance, tone and texture for an even look across your complexion.

12Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude Makeup SPF 15

If large pores are one of your main concerns, then the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish is just for you. It helps minimize the look of pores, and protect the drier areas of skin overtime.

13Rimmel Lasting Finish 25H Matte Foundation With Comfort Serum

This affordable free prone coverage hydrates dry areas while maintaining integrity oilier spots. The brand claims a sweat-proof, humidity-proof product and is packaged with vitamin E to keep skin looking fresh for 25 hours.

It is important to find that perfect foundation that matches your skin tone, and suits your skin type. The best foundations should appear with a smooth or matte finish, not wet and oily. Keep in mind that there are big differences between dry skin, oily skin and blemish-prone skin. The light-coverage foundations may prevent oil- however that may not provide as much coverage as you desire. Keep in mind all of these things when finding that perfect foundation, and don’t be afraid to ask a makeup specialist for their opinions on your skin type! It never hurts to learn about your skin.



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