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15 Best Beauty Blogs to Follow This Year

best beauty blogs


Top Beauty Blogs and Beauty Bloggers You Should Definitely Follow!

Whether you’re a makeup guru or constantly hunting for a new hairstyle, let’s face it… the search for the perfect beauty blog can be exhausting. It’s hard to find the perfect blog that not only recommends the best products but also tells how to apply them, how much you need and which ones are best for you. It always helps to become educated with beauty products, because even if you wouldn’t consider yourself obsessed with makeup, we all need help in specific areas.
There are so many different beauty blogs online now, so it is even harder to find the ones that suit you best. The best bloggers should make our lives easier, whether it’s luxury beauty of just YouTube Makeup tutorials or youtube beauty gurus. The concept of a blogger is to show how to wear the latest beauty trends or review, which products are worth all the hype. A blogger should become your best friend who knows exactly what you need to buy or not buy. So, in order to make your search for the perfect blogger-soul mate much easier, we have compiled a list of the 15 best upcoming makeup and beauty blogs to follow now!


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One of the best beauty blogs out there is ThisThatBeauty. Ran by Felicia Benson, beauty pro, her blog consists of perfect beauty tips and key finds that may completely shape your usual beauty routine. Not to mention that she is Bergdof’s social media beauty editor, so she really knows her stuff.
Instagram: @thisthatbeauty

2Beauty is Boring makeup and beauty blog

best makeup tutorials

Ironic and witty, Beauty is Boring comes from makeup artist and photographer Robin Black. Since she had such a love/hate relationship with the beauty industry, she decided to create a photo diary on the topic of all things beauty and makeup art. The throws you the latest trends and has an eye for all things vintage and photography- that is anything but boring.
Instagram: @beautyisboring

3The Wanderlust Project

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Started by Sheryll Renata, who is a world traveller, The Wanderluct Project is the perfect beauty blog that showcases a cultural side of all things beauty trends. She discusses products that she finds while she travels, and embeds a lot of aesthetic beauty in all her posts. Currently, she is stationed in Vietnam and shares her experience with all things beauty and food while traveling the world.
Instagram: @sheryllrenata

4The Formula

youtube makeup

This blog gives readers a view of culture clash between European and American beauty. The founder, Aimee, writes about new beauty products and explores all things skin care and hair products. She also reviews products and uses images of the top trends in the industry to conduct inspiration. If you are looking for an insider’s glimpse at all things backstage and front row, the Formula Blog is just for you!
Instagram: @theformulablog

5The Raeviewer

asian beauty blog

One of our favorite makeup blogs! This blog mixes all things luxury with drugstore. It gives readers reviews on every beauty product on earth! The founder, Rae, also shares video posts on topics like makeup looks and gives good feedback on all products worthy and unworthy of buying. From Southern California, Rae is a former beauty pageant and special occasion makeup artist who decided to dedicate her career to research and resource luxury cosmetics.
Instagram: @raeview

6Beauty and the Beat

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The cool thing about this blog is that Margo, the founder, also gives very helpful fitness and yoga tips. She also specializes in beauty tips and skincare, making her blog merely addicting to keep up with.
Instagram: @beautyandthebeatblog

7Cityscape Bliss

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From the UK, Cityscape Bliss is the perfect mix of proper and prestigious creativity. The blog has been running for merely 4 years now, so it is definitely a hub for all things beauty information. This blog also specializes in helpful tips that are not lengthy paragraphs, making it more direct to readers. Tereza reviews cosmetics, nail polish and hair products with the most beautiful images. Her blog is very keen on details and all this polished.
Instagram: @cityscapebliss

8Fresh Lengths

Lesley started her blog as a journal to document the growth of her hair. Now, she has turned it into the ultimate guidebook for those who want more natural and organic beauty products.
Instagram: @freshlengths

9Lisa Eldridge

youtube beauty gurus

Another upcoming UK blogger is Lisa Eldridge. She is an international makeup artist and knows all the secrets to the fresh-face makeup look. Her blog is the glimpse into the industry through a professional’s perspectives. She also has a section dedicated to commonly asked questions when it comes to beauty tips.
Instagram: @lisaeldridgemakeup

10The Beauty of It Is

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This blog is right from the one and only New York City. Katey Denno, a professional makeup artist, writes about the best beauty tips and secrets. Katey is also very body positive and inspiring to women of all kind, and posts frequently about embracing natural beauty. Since she works with very well known clientele, she is able to recreate red-carpet looks at home.
Instagram: @kateydenno


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From Utah, Maskcara has become the perfect, dainty blog that specializes in before and after tutorials. Specializing in all things eye-care, this blog helps shine light on all things dark circles to dark concepts. Cara, the founder, teaches women the importance of natural beauty and helpful tips on daily makeup routines. Not to mention she is also a very good writer and story-teller, who sectioned a part of her blog to enlighten people on her personal struggle with addiction and recovery… only to find herself grateful and happy with a beautiful family! We think she has the best makeup tutorials!
Instagram: @MASKCARA

12Cult of Pretty

top beauty blogs

The best part of this blog is the photography. It gives viewers a new perspective on all things inspiration. This blog is also the perfect guide to all things new in the beauty products world. Ann Colville Somma tries new trends like white eyeliner or colored mascara, and has years of experience within the beauty industry. The images she posts are truly beautiful and like no other. To learn a new perspective from the beauty scene, check out her very visual blog.
Instagram: @cultograms

13I Covet Thee

youtube makeup tutorials

The refreshing and clean view on beauty trends blog up-and-coming in the blogging world is I Covet Thee. Alix, the main blogger, has the perfect aspect to her blog, which is the Repurchase Roster. She is also an English writer and very passionate beauty product guru who has spent years of her life expressing her experiences with many different beauty products. It is the perfect twist on products that are good enough to try and buy again and again.
Instagram: @icovetthee

14A Model Recommends

hair blogs

International model Ruth Crilly runs a blog that is the perfect source of an insider’s view on all things beauty products. She is also a venerable writer, and posts amazing how-tos, products picks and backstage tips. Not to mention she sometimes dabbles with lifestyle posts and recipes.
Instagram: @modelrecommends

15The Beauty Bybel

Carli Bybel is dedicated to teaching viewers about small tweaks that will help make a big difference when it comes to beauty looks. She started off as a makeup tutorials YouTube sensation, and since then has made the perfect beauty videos and posts that will teach you how to accomplish the perfect beauty look under five minutes. Carli also posts about being photo ready, and shares all the best secrets to touching up makeup corrections, and becoming a pro to all things makeup.
Instagram: @carlibel

Finding the perfect beauty blog can be tedious and time consuming, especially with the wide-variety of bloggers and beauty gurus. It always helps to check out the upcoming beauty blogs that may not be as popular (yet), to still get the feel of authentic beauty tips. Don’t be afraid to post questions or contact these bloggers for tips, because you never know what someone else can teach you about beauty products. The best part about blogging is learning something new, so check out the blogs that are based in an opposite city! Beauty trends can also be repetitive, so learning about what is trending in other countries can make for some major beauty inspiration!



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