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Beauty Tips for a Natural No-Makeup Look

Natural no make up look


5 Tips for a Natural No-Makeup Look

Competition today among beauty and cosmetic brands closely resembles the fight crabs indulge in, who try their utmost that the other crab does not move up. Well it’s not just the cut-throat competition, but it also the way the corporate world has invaded our minds by the subtle suggestion that – ‘You cannot look good without a ton of make-up or beauty products’. You also wondered why the girl next door looks so gorgeous naturally with very little makeup. Well the truth is – ‘You can look good and chic with minimal beauty products without having to resort to the ”dolled-up” look’.

Here are some tips that will make you look fabulous effortlessly and irrefutably make you feel like a natural beauty queen.

1Prepare the Palette

An awesome makeup first starts with making the skin look fresh. In order to give your skin a glowing texture and make it look as though a luminous skin is nature’s gift to you, begin with washing your face and then toning it. After that, be sure to moisturize your face. We all know that skin cells mostly contain water. It is important that you avoid getting your skin dry by drinking ample amount of water to plump the skin albeit from the inside. Also don’t be frugal with sunscreens in your quest for the no-make up look. It would be wise to go in for a lightweight sunscreen that is oil-free and which has SPF of at least 30.

2Skip Heavy Foundation

Let go of the heavy foundation and with the right amount of color from a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer, you can even out the skin on your face. Experts opine that you get the best natural look by applying makeup with sponges/fingers. Apply a translucent powder to the areas where you most need it after washing your fingertips, e.g. around the chin, nose and the forehead. The best choice of a concealer pen would be light-reflecting one. Use it on red or dark areas under your chin, eyes and around your nose. The main reason to use light-reflecting concealers is that they effectively hide minor imperfections while not getting too caked-up.

3Natural Flush

Next you have to find a creamy blush that matches your natural skin flush. This will help you to work with your skin tones. Alternatively, your lip tone can also serve as a guide. As a thumb-rule, for fair skin tones – use powder pinks, for medium skin – use peachy pinks and for darker skins – use brownish pinks. Beauty experts suggest that the best place to apply the blush would be areas where sunlight falls, i.e. bridge of the nose, forehead, chin and lastly, the cheeks. To get a more natural look, avoid makeup that gives out a lot of sparkle or shimmer. The trick is to apply the blush onto your chin, cheeks and other areas before blending it outward. For the lips, you can also use the same cream blush.

4Eye Mascaras

Coming to the eyelashes, use one coat of a dark brown or brown lengthening mascara but only after subtly curling the lashes. In order to avoid the ‘heavy-makeup’ look, do not apply your regular black mascara. Beauty experts opine that you can use shadow for your eyelids to get a more natural look. The secret is to use cream shadows that blend in with your skin tone rather than apply powders that have a propensity to make you look as though you were wearing heavy makeup. For sparse brows, apply brow powder with the help of a stiff brush.

5Lip Gloss


Use lip gloss that is only a shade brighter than your natural or original lip color. Your best bet would be a lip gloss with color-adjusting properties that changes shades in order to suit individual skin tones. The secret to keep your makeup fresh all the day long is to use a weightless makeup setting spray by misting your skin with it soon after applying the color-changing lip gloss.



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