35 Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend


35 Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend

It’s no secret that guys are difficult to shop for. I mean, they are practically a completely different species to us – why can’t they just be happy with a new MAC lipstick or some cutesy stationary like our girlfriends? If you know your guy’s hobbies and interests, then choosing a gift shouldn’t be all that difficult. As always, your girls at Girlterest have got you covered. Whether he’s a bookworm or a sporty jock, we’ve come up with 35 great gift ideas for your boyfriend this Christmas.

1Music Equipment

We’re not talking a brand new electric guitar or something super expensive, but if your guy likes music then there are plenty of gifts that you can get him. For example, a nice set of headphones or a guitar pick if he plays guitar. The options are endless.

2Sports Memorabilia

A signed shirt, picture or card from one of his favorite baseball players is super thoughtful and shows that you have been paying attention to what he likes. Again, you don’t have to spend a lot of money here. Even a book about his favorite team’s history or a photo collection is nice.

3Book an Escape Room

Escape Rooms are super popular right now and if you haven’t had the experience yet, here’s the perfect opportunity to do it with Bae. Essentially, it’s a room that you are locked in and you have to solve puzzles or riddles to get out. This is a gift that you can both enjoy! To find escape rooms in your area then simply Google “escape rooms” with the name of your city.

4Personalized Mug

Get a mug made with a sweet message on or even a photo of the two of you so that it’ll make him smile every time he drinks from it.

5Hershey’s Kisses

For when you’re not around to kiss, he can take another kiss from Hershey’s. It’s such a bad joke but it’ll make him laugh and smile every time he unwraps one.

6Book an Experience For Him

There are plenty of websites online that let you book a “once in a lifetime” experience like taking a cooking class or riding in a sports car. Book something that he’s always wanted to do, but never got around to planning himself.

7A Bad Christmas Sweater

Some Christmas sweaters are cute, others are hilariously embarrassing. How about a Santa sweater with bells attached to it that jingle when he walks? This is a great joke gift and wearing an awful Christmas jumper is part of the festive fun!

8A Photo Frame

Buy him a nice frame and fill it with the photo of the two of you so that he can put it in his room or work-space and be reminded of you while he’s there.

9Cute Occasion Letters

Everybody loves a thoughtful handmade gift and what is more thoughtful than little letters prepared for him for different occasions? The letters can be labeled like “open this one when we’ve had a fight”, “open this one when you’ve had a bad day”, “open this one when you’ve missed me”, etc. That way, whenever he’s feeling down about something he can read your kind words and they will turn his day around.


Try to find out what fragrances he likes the smell of and then surprise him by buying one of them for him. If you know his likes well then you can choose one for him.

11TV Box Sets

You can’t go wrong with getting him the box set of a TV show that he loves. You know that he’ll get a lot of use out of it.

12Cute Favors/Coupons

This is a cute little joke present. You can buy “coupon books” or make them yourself. The coupons can be things like “exchange this for one breakfast in bed” or “coupon worth one massage from girlfriend”. Put them in a pretty box or envelope and then give that to him.


If he’s the artsy type, this is a great call. It doesn’t have to be an original masterpiece or the works of Picasso. Unusual street art is an equally great gift.

14A Bit of the Moon

You can actually buy land on the moon, how awesome is that? I mean obviously it’s not like he can go up there and build a house there but it’s cool to know you own part of the moon. You can buy sections online for less than $30 and he’ll get a certificate and some moon rock.

15A Trip

Why not take him away somewhere? Even if it’s just two tickets to see a show or go to the safari. Experiences make just as great gifts as things and this way you’ll have a wonderful day that you’ll both remember.

16Fun Study/Office Supplies

We all know that guys can be useless when it comes to being organised. Buy his stationary and note books for him. You can get ones that have themes and designs on them. Ok it doesn’t sound like the most exciting gift but it’s practical and you know for sure that he’ll get a lot of use out of it.

17Quirky Accessories

If he’s into jewelry, how about a great ethnic looking bracelet or a chain?

18Novelty Slippers

What is sexier than a pair of slippers that make him look like he has giant green monster feet? Probably most things actually, but they’ll be super comfortable and everyone loves a funny pair of slippers.


Guys love candy just as much as girls do! You could prepare a little gift box with a mixture of his favorites or have something personally made especially for him.

20Dinner Date

Take him to his favorite restaurant for dinner or a place that he’s always wanted to try. You can write the reservation details on a piece of paper and put it into an envelope, or you Dan even keep it a secret and write a note telling him to meet you at a certain time, then when you arrive at the place it’s a complete surprise!


If you know his style, this is a good one. You can get something he’s wanted for ages, or just something practical.

22Gaming Stuff

If he’s into gaming, he’ll really appreciate this. You can pick up games that aren’t too expensive if you buy second hand, or even buy some gaming equipment/accessories. You know, like those headsets that guys use to talk to other guys about guy stuff when they’re playing action games, or an extra controller. These are all great gifts because it shows him that you pay attention to his interests.

23Cosy Sweatpants

Guys love nothing better than to just hang out at home in their sweats. We’re betting that you’ve seen him while he’s doing it a few times too, and we figure that if you have to see him in his sweats, you might as well buy him a funky pair so he doesn’t have that hobo look going on when you guys are together.

24A Gym Pass

If he’s into fitness and keeping in shape, this is super thoughtful! You don’t have to sign him up for a full year or a six month pass, even just a week or a day’s trial lets him experience what a gym is like and whether he’d like to go there in the long run.

25Netflix Subscription

The perfect gift that you can enjoy too (just don’t tell him that that was your motivation for it!) This way you’ve always got someone to protect you and keep you safe when you’re watching those scary horror movies together that you’ve been dying to watch for ages.

26Skincare Products

Looking after your skin is important, but you will barely ever catch guys buying themselves products so that’s why they need a lovely lady in their lives to help them out with this kind of thing. Just something like a facial cleanser, or even some manly bathing products are a nice idea.

27Sports Equipment

Depending on what he’s into, you can pick him up a small accessory or two – for example, a new soccer ball, a better tennis racket, etc.


Sneakers are usually a major brownie point winning gift for guys. Have you noticed that guys normally fall into one of two categories – either they own multiple different pairs of sneakers and they can’t get enough of sneakers, or they own that one pair that they wear all the time and are falling apart because they didn’t get around to replacing them yet? You’ll be an awesome girlfriend if you get him a nice shiny new pair. If you’re unsure about style, you can ask his guy friends for help choosing a pair.

29Novelty Socks

A funny little pair of socks with his favorite cartoon or food are a nice little extra gift they’ll make him smile and think of you every time he puts them on in the morning.

30Cosy Pajamas

Pajamas with a sweet design, or even a onesie are a perfect gift to keep him warm over the cold winter months that follow Christmas.

31Hair Products

If he styles his hair and he’s a bit of a vain Jane, then this is a great gift. It’s not the most original but at least you know that it’s something he’s going to use.

32A Funky Cushion

Home interiors are an area that guys never really spend their money on – maybe they like the way things look in the home, but they’d never buy them for themselves or know where to begin looking. A trendy cushion can really spruce up his room.

33A Cool Lamp

Another nice accessory for his room. You can get lamps in stylish designs, and even those which light different colors around the rooms. When he turns off his main light and switches his lamp on at night for reading or studying, he’ll think of you.

34A Book

Find out what he’s been dying to read for the past few weeks and surprise him by buying it for him. If he’s into a particular non fiction topic, you can visit your local bookstore and buy him a book on that.

35A Watch

This can be a little expensive, but is a thoughtful gift for the extremely special, long term boyfriend. If he’s a classy guy that’s a snappy dresser, nothing will compliment his outfit better than a nice watch.



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