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20 Best Drugstore Mascaras Reviews

20 Best Drugstore Mascaras Ever

20 Best Drugstore Mascaras

Every girl’s dream is to have long, lush, Disney Princess style lashes, but it’s a look that is easier dreamed about rather than achieved. As you know, the secret lies in your makeup, and with the right mascara, you can turn any lashes into those sultry sensations you crave. But, with hundreds of different mascaras out there, how do you know which ones will give you the boost you need, and which will fall flat? The solution has arrived – check out this list of the 20 top drugstore Mascaras, and you’ll have your pick for the biggest and boldest lashes around.

1Maybelline New York Great Lash Lots of Lashes

We’ve all come to expect only the best from Maybelline, and with their simple Lost of Lashes Mascara, all your expectations are met. This inexpensive mascara gets the job done, and gets it done well, providing you with thick, lush lashes that last for hours. Though this isn’t a waterproof mascara, it’s sure to outlast even your highest expectations.

2Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Mascara

This mascara certainly lives up to its name as it gives you the most sensational lashes you have ever had. Just a single swipe on both eyes, and your lashes are going to look like they’ve grown and thickened. You can skip the eyeliner with this one – the richness of the length and volume will turn heads anywhere your day takes you.

3Covergirl Lashblast Super Sizer Waterproof Mascara

When Covergirl says supersized, they mean SUPERsized, and this mascara proves it. With an insanely waterproof formula that will survive both gym and the shower afterward, you can rest assured your eyelash look will hold up to anything that comes your way. This is the mascara for the active girl, providing 24 hours of supersized lashes on even your busiest days.

4Maybelline The Falsies Volum’Express

Sure, you can put your money, time, and effort into false eyelashes, but you know they have to come off at the end of the day, and the entire process has to be repeated in the morning. Why not skip all the drama and go with the Falsies Volum’Express mascara from Maybelline New York? This mascara gives you the same volume and definition as false lashes, but goes on and comes off in a fraction of the time. Just dip, sweep, and go!

5E.L.F. Waterproof Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara

Elf has built a careful reputation of giving us the quality makeup we want at a price anyone can afford, and with their Lengthening and Volumizing mascara, they have simply added to their repertoire. To sweeten the deal they have made this mascara waterproof, meaning you can sweep it on in the morning and forget about it until you are ready to settle down for the night. Who says you have to spend a lot of money to enjoy the best of the best?

6Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Mascara

It’s time to get pumped with the Pumped Up! Colossal by Maybelline. This mascara takes volume to a whole new level as only a single layer provides you with more length and volume than several layers of other mascaras. If you love long and full lashes but don’t have much time in the morning, this is the perfect mascara for you.

7L’OREAL Carbon Black Voluminous Mascara

You know there are days you just want to make a statement, and nothing shouts sophistication like the Carbon Black Voluminous mascara from L’OREAL. This mascara gives such dark definition you can dress up any outfit or look with nothing more than a sweep of your hand. Embrace a touch of the dark side with this blacker than black mascara that continues to last all day long.

8L’OREAL Telescopic Mascara

Volume is one thing, but unrivaled definition is quite another. With L’OREAL’s Telescopic mascara, you get the best of both worlds. Now, you can indulge in rich volume and insane length, but with telescopic precision that reveals each and every lash on your eye. If you want a captivating look that’ll turn heads, you simply must indulge yourself in the Telescopic mascara. And to make it even better, the Telescopic line is available in several shades, so you can find your perfect color for every look.

9Covergirl Clump Crusher

Every girl knows clumpy mascara can ruin any look. Yet any mascara that promises volume also brings the risk of clumps, meaning you have to be careful with application or risk ruining your style. With the Covergirl Clump Crusher, clumpy lashes are a thing of the past. This creamy formula glides on smoothly, no matter how big of a hurry you are in, meaning you get clump free lashes that simply pop. Welcome to perfection that would make even a Rockstar jealous.

10Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara

Don’t you hate it when you feel like you have to sacrifice what’s good for your skin or hair for what looks good on your skin or hair? With the Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara, you can actually feel good about what you are putting on your eyes while still achieving that volume. This mascara is formulated to nourish and strengthen your lashes while you wear it – and you thought you had to pick between fashion and function.

11Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Mascara

Everybody knows that you have to be careful about what you put near your eyes, but when it comes to mascaras, the healthy choices can feel limited. With the Organic Wear line from Physician’s Formula, you can rest assured your nourishing your lashes and doing the best thing you can for your skin. Think of it as the best of both worlds, no matter what your world brings your way.

12Milani Big and Bigger Maximum Volume Mascara

Though it feels like Covergirl and Maybelline rule the mascara market, there are plenty of other brands that provide incredible results as well. If you crave lashes that are larger than life, we recommend you give Milani’s Big and Bigger Maximum Volume Mascara a whirl. This mascara delivers the volume you want in a creamy mascara that never clumps. You know what they say, go big or go home.

13Maybelline Full ‘N Soft

Have you ever brushed your finger against your eyes with mascara on and thought how stiff and brittle they felt? I know I have, and nothing has fixed this problem for me like the Full ‘N Soft mascara from Maybelline. Volume and definition? Check. Lashes so soft that you can touch them? Check. This mascara has it all and then some.

14Covergirl Professional All-In-One Mascara

We all swoon over the magazine covers as each model flaunts the perfect lashes. Of course, they have the excuse of having a professional do all their makeup before the shoot, so they are naturally going to look fantastic. With the right tools, you can look just as gorgeous. The Covergirl Professional All-In-One mascara is going to give you that magazine cover look with all the waterproof and moisturizing benefits you require. Tell your current makeup to step aside, there’s a new favorite in town.

15Tarte Maneater Voluptuous Mascara

Take a step to the wild side with the Tarte Maneater mascara. This unmistakable leopard print bottle will deliver the smooth and flawless results you want without and stress or mess. Embrace some primitive beauty with this sultry mascara, and embrace your wilder side. This mascara will make you feel like you are on summer break even in the middle of winter.

16L’OREAL Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara

L’OREAL wasn’t messing around when they said this mascara has Mega Volume. With a full bristled brush designed to coat both the top and bottom of your lashes, you are going to get 15 times the volume with just 2 coats. Embrace either a pop star look or the ever-coveted doll eyes, and step out in style with the Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara!

17Covergirl So Lashy Waterproof Mascara

No one likes clumpy mascara, and when it comes to waterproof, it seems clumpy happens all too often. With the So Lashy waterproof mascara, you can indulge in a creamy formula that gives you sassy lashes that never stick together or form clumps. This mascara is everything you need to embrace your sassy side with nothing more than the sweep of a brush. Busy mornings have met their match with this So Lashy look.

18NYX Doll Eye Mascara

You can finally doll up your look and achieve the perfect doll eyes with this creamy black mascara. It doesn’t take much so a single bottle lasts and lasts through both fall and spring semesters, and the effortless look will never go out of style, so feel free to rock the look all summer long. Who needs to look like a movie star when you can finally look like a Barbie Doll?

19Essence Lash Princess

You’re a Rockstar, you’re a goddess, you’re a queen, and you’re a princess. Now, you can rock any one of the looks with the Lash Princess mascara by Essence. It doesn’t matter what look you want to achieve, a single sweep of your brush and it’s yours. Layer on this satiny formula for perfect defining volume that will last from math class through the gym and beyond.

20Revlon Super Length

While we all have to admit that insane volume is nice, nothing can compare to the richness of unrivaled length. Revlon has achieved what seemed to be impossible with their Super Length mascara, guaranteed to lengthen even the shortest and most brittle lashes. Indulge in the lashes of your dreams with this exquisite mascara, then rock your day like the lash goddess you are.



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