35 Christmas Gifts For Her


35 Christmas Gifts For Her

They say that women are from Venus and Men are from Mars. While it may not be true that we come from different planets, it’s definitely true that men and women are very different and that can make things like knowing what gifts to buy for each other difficult, since we both have completely different tastes. Here at Girlterest, we know girls pretty well (Since we are girls!) so let us help you find the perfect gift for your lady this Christmas.
If you need specifics, we recommend consulting her friends before making a purchase since we know that girls can be fussy creatures!

1Beauty Subscription Box

Never underestimate how much ladies love cosmetics. Beauty subscription boxes come with a new surprise every month and will treat her to an array of nail polishes, lip glosses, etc (aka all the important things in a girl’s life). You don’t have to tie into a long term subscription. Even one or three months is nice and it means that as each new month rolls around she has a new surprise to get excited about.


Even if she lives at home with her parents, girls love quirky accessories for the home. Things like little notice boards, candle holders, stylish alarm clocks, etc. She can decorate her room with this so its a nice environment to be in, and she’ll think of you every time she looks at the item.

3Nail Polish Holder

If your girl always has perfectly manicured nails then we bet that this is the solution to all of her problems! We’re guessing that at the moment she just leaves her polishes shoved in a drawer or a box so this is the perfect organized solution.

4Handmade Soap

We love quirky artisan products and handmade soap that is made with natural ingredients is right up our street.

5Scented Candles

We love to walk into a room that smells nice, and there’s something relaxing about lighting candles when we’re taking a bath or unwinding in the evening. You can choose a fragrance or buy a gift set that has a blend of different smells.

6Spa Voucher

Ladies love to be pampered so why not treat her to a spa day – maybe a luxury massage or a facial?

7Keepsake Box

Girls are sentimental creatures and will often save things from their relationships – for example, a movie stub from your first date, Polaroid photos together, etc. Buy her a cute little keepsake box to put all of these things in. You can even get photo boxes with pictures of the two of you over the top and sides. Bonus points here for getting such a thoughtful gift.

8Bluetooth Speaker

Help her sync her phone playlist and listen to music wherever she is. The great thing about this gift is that it’s portable so you can enjoy it too (just don’t tell her that..)


Find out what she likes and then buy it to surprise her. Ladies love to smell good.
There are actually many stores where you can create your own personalized bottle of perfume by selecting and mixing a range of different scents so you make create your lady a perfume that no one else will have and even name it after her.


This is a no brainer. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can pick up great fashion pieces at high street stores, or you can find quirky one of a kind pieces at boutiques and markets.


If there’s a band or a musician that she’s been dying to see for ages then take her to see them. It’ll be a fun night for both of you.

12Hair Accessories

Girls can never have enough hair bands or hair grips. We are constantly losing them and that is a fact of life that angers us incredibly. A box of assorted hair accessories will go down well.

13Super Soft Blanket

Who doesn’t love to be cosy when they’re snuggled up on the sofa watching TV? You can find some super cute blanket designs too.

14Bath Products

Lovely relaxing bubble baths, body scrubs and bath bombs will have your lady feeling and smelling like a Queen.

15Clothing Gift Card

If you know exactly what it is that she’d like then by all means buy it for her, but we know that ladies can be fussy creatures so we feel that a gift card is the safer choice…

16A Tea Set

This is quite specific, but so many ladies love herbal teas or having a cup of earl grey to unwind so if that sounds like your girl, a quaint and pretty tea set will be the perfect gift.

17Hair Appointment

Book her an appointment with her favorite stylist. It’s something that she’d do herself otherwise so she’ll definitely appreciate it.


Ladies love bags and shoes and you’ll get major brownie points if you get her a beautiful bag. If you need help in choosing one, consult one of her friends.

19Romantic Meal For Two

Treat her to dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town and go out dressed up. It’ll be a great night for the both of you.

20Recipe Book

If she likes to cook and experiment with different recipes, buy her a recipe book for inspiration. You can buy one specific to her interest. For example, if she likes Japanese food, buy her an Asian cook book, if she likes cakes, buy her a home baking book, etc.

21Charm Bracelet

You can buy her a bracelet with one or two charms that suit her personality and interests, or buy the empty band and have her enjoy decorating it herself with charms.

22Hand Balm

Winter means dry cracked hands which we hate. No girl wants to have rough workman’s hands and we’re sure that you don’t want to be holding hands with those either! Nice scented hand cream is another handbag essential that she’ll loves”.

23Magazine Subscription

Girls love reading magazines. It’s easy reading at the end of the day and we read a bunch – girly mags, celebrity gossip mags, fashion mags. You really can’t go wrong.

24Yoga Equipment

If she’s into health and fitness, this is a great gift. You can buy her some stylish new workout clothes, a mat, or a yoga guide book. Everyone loves practical gifts that they will actually use. (note: just be careful that she knows the gift is because she loves exercise, not because you think that she needs it!)

25A Scrap Book

Arrange all your photos and memories together into a book with little personalized messages and give it to her. Bonus points for being so thoughtful and for taking the time to get crafty.
You can start planning this one in advance by saving tickets from dates, taking more selfies, etc and then writing little private jokes or details about the day in the book. N’aww.

26Skincare Products

From Korean face masks to lotions and potions, taking care of our skin is a big part of our routine so if you take the time to see what skincare products we use, and buy them for us, we will be super thrilled.

27A Mix CD

Giving gifts isn’t all about spending money, it’s the thought that counts and you really can’t get any more considerate than making her a playlist of all the songs that you know she’ll love, or songs that bring back memories of your time together.

28Book a Class

Maybe she’s been thinking of taking language lessons or going to cooking classes but she hasn’t committed yet. Book her a place on a course for a week or two and even if she later decides not to continue with it, she’ll be thankful that you have her the chance to discover something new.

29A Food Hamper

Assemble a hamper of all of her favorite foods – chocolates, jams, smoothies, snacks. It doesn’t have to be expensive.


The classic gift. Nothing says “you mean the world to me” like receiving a bouquet of flowers delivered.

31A Beautiful Scarf

It’s winter so chances are she’ll be layered up with hats, gloves, scarves, etc. Make sure she looks beautiful while keeping warm with a lovely soft scarf.

32Compact Mirror

Another handbag essential. You really can never have too many compact mirrors and she’ll be grateful that you got her something that she’ll use.

33A Plant

Maybe a Bonsai tree or some other beautiful plant that will both decorate her room, and she will enjoy taking care of it.

34A Jewelry Box

It can be quirky, fancy, or even homemade! Find something for her to store all of her jewelry inside.

35A Book

If she’s a bookworm, get her something that she’s been looking forward to reading for ages, or even an old version of one of her favorite books.



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