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30 Short Hairstyles for Black Women

black short hairstyles


30 Best Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Black Women

Have you been looking for some inspiration for a short haircut or different ways to style your short hair? Luckily we found a ton of absolutely smashing short hairstyles for black women. Whether you want a subtle low-maintenance look or you are looking to make a bold statement, short hair is a great way to express your personal style. We hope you enjoy this list with our favorite 30 short hairstyles for black women!

1Short crop with long sideswept bangs

Rihanna looks absolutely striking with this short cropped haircut with long asymmetrical bangs. With the sides of her hair clipped very short and her long soft bangs cascading across her forehead, Rihanna nails this edgy yet feminine look to perfection. This is a particularly flattering short hairstyle for women with a longer face shape.

2Reddish Braided Headband

Even with shorter hair you can still get a romantic look using your own hair or adding weave/crohet hair extensions. This style is perfect for all face shapes, and is great for a day at the office or a night out.

3Short crop with slightly longer hair on top

With a face like Halle Berry’s, no hairstyle could detract from her beauty even if she tried. However, this haircut is a particularly flattering and stylish choice which brings attention to her gorgeous face. Although most of her hair is the same length, the slightly longer pieces at the top give Halle versatile styling options and the ability to create extra volume. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it is low-maintenance and looks great precisely because it is messy and casual. This is an awesome short hairstyle for women who like to have fun with their hair and add a little bit of extra height to their look.

4Angled short wavy bob

At first glance, Beyonce’s short wavy bob looks to be the same length throughout. However, her haircut is actually expertly shaped so that the back is shorter than the front. The angle of this haircut makes it feminine with a subtle edge. This is a great short haircut for women who want to have short hair but prefer to have a few more inches than a cropped cut.

5Short shaved haircut

For girls who are not afraid to try a bold look, shaving your hair is a striking option. With super short black hair, Solange’s gorgeous facial features, statement earrings and stylish makeup are the focal point. In addition to being a fabulous way to draw attention to your features, this haircut is low maintenance which gives you some extra time to put into the rest of your morning routine.

6Short layered crop with long bangs

This short black haircut is similar to Rihanna’s haircut (see #1 on this list) but it has a softer and more feminine effect. Obviously Rihanna rocks her edgy cut, but this hairstyle is a nice alternative for you if you don’t want to make such a dramatic statement. Selita’s long bangs draw attention to her gorgeous eyes and the rest of her layers give a beautiful movement to her hair. This is a flattering haircut for all face shapes with fabulous versatility that makes it perfect for attending glamorous events or running errands in style.

7Layered round crop with sideswept bangs

Lying somewhere between a bob and a crop, this haircut is gorgeous and has a distinctively retro vibe. The soft sideswept bangs are sweet and feminine, but the pieces tucked behind Eve’s ear makes gives a bit of sassy flair to this haircut. This is a great look for women of any face shape who want to put a fresh twist on a classic short women’s haircut.

8Sleek crop short black hair with sideswept bangs

Regina’s haircut is beautiful and expertly cut to look understated. She has some shorter layers on top in order to achieve a bit of volume and lift and keeps the sides of her hair short to streamline her look. Many women are hesitant to experiment with bangs that hit in the middle of the forehead, but Regina shows us how gorgeous it can be when mid-bangs are cut well. Although Regina is naturally blessed with a slim face, this haircut elongates the head which will have a slimming effect on most faces.

9Voluminous, heavily layered short Curly haircut

Although some women worry that having short hair can look frumpy or make them look older, Oprah is a great example of how fun and flirty short hair can look. Oprah’s many layers flare outward away from her face which allows her to create a flattering halo of hair around her radiant face.

10Blunt Bob

If you like to keep it simple, a short and sleek bob wig is a classic style! It has an effortlessly chic look and it’s also very easy to maintain. The long bangs at the front really flatter her face shape and give so much softness.

11Straight angled bob with sideswept bangs

This sleek angled bob is the perfect haircut to draw attention to your gorgeous facial features. Tiffany’s bob has longer pieces in the front that gradually become shorter in the back which creates a beautiful feminine silhouette. Her flirty bangs draw attention to her amazing eye color. The Bob is a universally flattering haircut for women of all face shapes.

12Cropped short black haircut with sleek sides and voluminous top curls

Alicia’s messy curls are playful and add a gorgeous twist to a simple crop short black haircut. By keeping her sides short, Alicia draws attention to the beautiful mop of curls on top of her head which transition into bangs.

13Voluminous sideswept curls

Corinne’s hair hovers above her shoulders, but her beautiful big curls updo probably make more of an impact than girls whose hair is twice as long! Her lustrous curls are playful and defined so they catch even more light. This beautiful look is universally flattering, but is a particularly good option for girls who may want their hair to give them the illusion of having a longer face.

14Voluminous wavy triangle cut

This haircut has a somewhat retro vibe, but it also looks incredibly fresh and modern. If you were to draw lines starting at Ciara’s chin and going up to the widest part of her hair, you will notice that a triangle shape is created. Although Ciara already has a nicely defined chin, this triangle effect flatters women who may want to make the bottom of their face appear more narrow.

15Straight super short bob with a side part

Ciara haircut

Yes, we just praised Ciara for another short hairstyle, but she has had some fabulous haircuts and this one is definitely worthy of a mention on this list! This style appears to be the result of Ciara growing her short haircut out a little longer and it is a great example of how beautiful short hair can look even when you are transitioning to a longer look. The uneven ends of her hair create a dynamic and edgy effect and perfectly frame her beautiful face.

16Short crop with long sweeping bangs

This gorgeous sleek look consists of shorter hair on the sides and long smooth bangs that drape across the forehead. This short black hair look is elegant and feminine and puts all the attention of Kelly’s bright eyes. This haircut is most flattering for women who have long slim faces.

17Short Black haircut with layered curls

Sherri’s hair is not quite long enough to qualify as a traditional bob, but it is definitely longer than a crop. Even though this particular haircut is difficult to define, it is easy to see that it is a beautiful and fresh short haircut for curls. Sherri’s curls are subtly layered so that they create the most volume by her eyes which helps draw the attention to her beautiful features. This haircut is better suited for women who have rounder faces rather than long and angular.

18Tight curls with layers and a middle part

Tempestt looks gorgeous with her voluminous curls framing her face. Her subtle layers give a flattering shape to her hair create the perfect canvas to show off her beautiful hoop earrings.

19Short crop with full bangs and side parted layers

Mary’s cropped haircut is parted so that the majority of her hair is smoothed over her left side. She has a bunch of layers that are slightly different lengths which helps add volume and creates a slightly edgy effect on a haircut that is otherwise sleek. Mary chooses to emphasize these different pieces with darker colored chunks of hair. Playing with color can be a great way to add your personal flair to a short haircut!

20Bleached buzz cut

Although sporting a bleached buzz cut is not the most understated look, Amber demonstrates how gorgeous this hairstyle can look if you are confident enough to pull it off. Amber’s shorn hair creates a velvety sheen which looks amazing when paired with her statement jewelry and glamorous makeup.

21Messy asymmetrical crop

Missy’s asymmetrical crop looks slightly messy, but in a stylish and intentional way. Her waves and longer hair on the side look fabulously edgy and suit her personal style flawlessly. This is a great look for women who don’t like looking overly neat, but still strive to look fashionable.

22Asymmetrical, angled short wavy haircut

Kerry is a flawless style icon and this haircut is one of her best. The longer hair section on her right side adds visual interest and creates a flirty silhouette when juxtaposed with her shorter angled hair. This haircut would be flattering on all face shapes, although it is particularly flattering for women with rounder faces who may want to create the illusion of facial angles with their hair. Although this style would look incredible straightened, it looks particularly beautiful and fresh with Kerry’s soft waves.

23Short Black haircut with gentle waves and subtle bangs

Gabrielle has a stunningly gorgeous face and her classically beautiful features are particularly complimented by this classic retro hairstyle. Gabrielle’s soft waves are lustrous and healthy and beautifully frame her radiant face. Because this haircut hits the lower jaw line, it may not be the best haircut for women who do not have much definition between their chin and jaw line, but it is beautiful on women with face shapes like Gabrielle.

24Short slightly wavy haircut

Michelle Obama looks effortlessly radiant with this beautiful face framing haircut. This haircut is fresh while being professional and elegant at the same time. Luckily for you, it is universally flattering on all face shapes!

25Crop with long wavy pieces

Halle Berry draws attention to her stunning facial features with this soft crop. She styled her hair so that the pieces fall in many different directions which makes her hair look dynamic and interesting. This haircut is most flattering on women who have defined jaw lines like Halle. We adore this gorgeous short black hairstyle!

26Short haircut with sleek, subtle layers

Selita’s sleek haircut is a great option for women who want to keep their hair short, but still long enough to tuck behind their ears. The combination of eye-skimming side bangs and hair tucked behind one ear creates a beautiful flirty yet streamlined look which is flattering on all face shapes.

27Heavy bangs with dramatically angled layers

Although this blunt look may make a more dramatic statement than some women are comfortable with, it is an absolutely stunning short black haircut if you have the bone structure to pull it off. Naomi’s longest hair curves under her cheekbones which emphasizes their incredibly high placement. While Naomi’s angular face shape and pointed jaw line perfectly suits this haircut, women who have round faces or a square jaw line may want to steer clear of this one!

28Heavily layered shoulder length cut

Tyra’s haircut is definitely one of the longer short styles to make this list, but if you are searching for a universally flattering short/medium length hair cut, this is definitely a look you should consider. Tyra’s many layers help make this cut look fresh and bouncy which will look amazing on women of all face shapes.

29Tight curls with more length on top

Solange looks radiant with this voluminous style. She kept her hair longer on the top than on the sides and styled her curls so that the top parts come slightly forward. Well-played Solange!

30Pompadour with sleek hair on the side

Janet is well-known for her glamorous and edgy red-carpet appearances and she lived up to her reputation with this voluminous pompadour short black hair. Janet’s hairstyle is the perfect way to look both retro and modern at the same time and is a great option for women who want to look elegant but still make a lasting impression with their hair.

31Curly Reverse Pompadour

Rihanna absolutely nails this short curly faux hawk look. With short dark hair on the sides and blonde long curly hair styled to cover her forehead, Rihanna looks edgy and glamorous. This is a great hairstyle for women who like to make a bold impact with their hair and love the look of contrasting hair colors!

32Shaved head with slightly shorter sides

With her radiant skin and beautiful smile, Lupita is one of the most beautiful actresses in the industry. With her neat crop, Lupita looks effortlessly glamorous and all the attention goes to her gorgeous facial features.

As you can see from this list, short hair is a great platform to express your attitude and personal style, whether you choose to do that with your hair itself, or with the makeup/accessories you choose to pair with it. We hope you enjoyed this list of the best 30 short hairstyles for black women!



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