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25 Types of Ear Piercings

25 Types of Ear Piercings

25 Types of Ear Piercings

Ear piercings have come a long way in the past couple decades. From the simple single piercing many girls have classically chosen to get on each ear to the elaborate and eccentric piercings you see today, there’s really no end to how you can express yourself through your earrings. In this ever growing and changing world, even earrings have evolved into a way you can express your own creativity and individuality. Check out this list of 25 different ear piercing styles, and choose your faves. Perhaps you may find inspiration for your own style – here’s to untamed self-expression.

1Double Piercing

For the classic girl who likes to take things up a notch, this double piercing holds true to its roots while modernizing the look. It’s simple yet chic, and a perfect way to moderately express oneself. The beautiful simplicity of the gold in this girl’s ears is reminiscent of a queen effortlessly pulling off her own style.

2Tragus Piercing

The tragus piercing is a unique piercing that makes a bold impact. It can be as subtle or as elaborate as it’s wearer chooses, with a wide selection of earrings available for everyone’s unique taste. This girl has done an excellent job of taking a unique piercing and throwing in a delicate charm – this snowflake points to how unique she truly is.

3Tragus Plus Lobe Piercing

Who says you have to have one without the other? Just because you choose to go classic with one look doesn’t mean you can’t throw in your own modern style with another. This girl has brought two worlds together with this single lobe piercing combined with the tragus. And the result is stunning.


Though the two look alike, it’s important to know the difference between a conch and a cuff. You can have a cuff without having your ear pierced at all, and you can have a conch ring without choosing a cuff style earring. However, when you combine the two as this girl did, you get a cuff that’s going to stay in place and show off unique style to the world all day long.

5Triple Trouble

Ear piercings are truly about individuality and self-expression, and this girl knows how to rock both. With an inner earring, a tragus earring, and a classic earring, she has combined three looks into one and rocks it better than anyone. The sparkle of the gems goes perfectly with the wire flower, making the entire look effortlessly chic.


Though they’ve been around longer than anyone gives them credit for, the industrial piercing has grown in popularity in the recent years. A single bar runs from one piercing to the other, creating a look that just screams awesome. Even with the simple silver bar and balls as this girl has, this is a piercing that demands attention.

7Industrial Plus Tragus

Though the industrial can take the show on its own, there’s no reason not to amp up your look further if you choose. This girl has combined the tragus with the industrial, then she threw in a couple more on the lobe. Yet the look remains delicate and refined, brings a feminine aura to anything this girl wears.

8Multiple Outer Ear Piercings

Though many girls these days are going in the ear for multiple piercings, this girl proves that you can stick to the outer lobe and still have all the piercings you want. With the golden theme she has throughout her entire look, it’s almost easy to miss the rings on top. But rest assured she can take her look from golden to eccentric any time she wants.

9Classic Lobe

With the changing looks of the changing times, it’s easy to forget what classic really looks like. However, there are still the girls who enjoy the classic feel and show off their own style in a way that has held its own for centuries. This gorgeous earring proves that less really can be more, and you don’t need a lot to make a statement with your look.

10Inner Ear

Not just a fashion statement, getting an inner ear piercing also has its health benefits. Though this style of piercing has gained a lot more popularity in recent years, it has actually been proven that this exact kind of piercing relieves and prevents headaches. Who knew something so trendy and chic could have its health benefits, too?

11The Chandelier

Though once reserved for royalty and elaborate gatherings, the chandelier look has taken on a modern spin and can now be worn with jeans and a hoodie. In this modern day, if you like something, wear it! This girl has a stunning look with nothing more than a gorgeous earring. No matter where she goes or what she does in her day, she’s going to have a touch of elegance about her.

12Cartilage Piercing

Though not as classic as the single lobe piercing, the cartilage piercing has been sported for many years. There’s little wonder as to why it is still so popular, as you can see this girl has brought a fun and flirty look to her ears without anything but a single ring. Cartilage rings are fun and unique, no matter how small or big they are.

13Gauged Ears

Though originally a tribal practice, the gauged ear look is incredibly mainstream these days. This girl has chosen to keep her gauges on the small side, but her look is still edgy and shows nerve. Gauges make any look instantly unique and can spice up the feel of any outfit.

14The Tribal Look

Just as gauges have been accepted into the mainstream, the entire tribal look has been, too. As you can see here, you can take an appreciation for tribal culture and bring it into a modern style. With matched colors and style, her entire look is pulled together in spite of having different rings.

15Supersized Gauge

There is something so thrilling about large gauges. They show a lot of time and dedication, as well as a commitment for style. This girl has spent a lot of time on her ears, and they look incredible. With the added touch of the rings through her plugs, her style is one that nobody will ever forget.

16False Gauges

Do you like the gauged look but don’t want to stretch your own ears? Try using false gauges. As you can see by this girl’s psychedelic style, you don’t need to stretch your ears to still enjoy plugs. Her rings twist on and off when she wants, allowing her the freedom to do what she wants, when she wants.

17Gauges Plus Regular Piercings

Again, you don’t ever have to pick between doing on thing and doing another. When it comes to your own unique style, you can do what you want. This girl has chosen to put some small gauges in her ear, but she has also amped up her style with several other types of rings. The result? Breathtaking perfection.

18Ear Cuffs

An ear cuff is a fast and easy way to bring up your style without having to commit too much time and effort. This girl has chosen a Celtic love knot for her cuff, giving her look a romantic feel though she only had to put on one piece of jewelry. Cuffs are excellent choices for those who don’t have a lot of time to get ready, or don’t want their ears pierced, but still wish to make a statement with their style.

19Chain Piercing

There is a mystique that a chain brings a WOW factor to any look, and when you have a subtle chain running from one ring to another, you can’t help but turn heads. This girl has a relatively simple chain earring, but it still possesses an edginess that will keep people talking.

20Behind the Ear Cuffs

Have you ever wished for wings? This girl clearly knows what freedom is all about with her style. Combining the wing cuff with the dove tattoos, her entire aura screams freedom. She knows how to send a message with her style, and she looks incredible.

21Triple Front Ear Piercing

Though the front part of your ear is thin, it doesn’t mean it has to be left out. This girl has pierced the front of her ear three times, and it looks adorable. The baby blue color she has chosen for each of the rings ties the entire look together, giving her a sweet charm that’s simply irresistible.

22Mixed and Matched Rings

Who says you have to match to look good? This girl understands that you can do what you want, when you want and still look fabulous. Though her overall style is clearly bohemian, it’s clear that she has thrown in her own unique touch to the look. Who’s ready for a day at the beach?

23Tattoo Piercing

Combining self-expression always works, and this girl has done it in a way that shows off femininity and beauty. Combining a flower tattoo with the shine of a jewel, she’s got it all in one effortless look. Then to finish the look with a couple of lobe piercings down below was simply brilliant. Her look is an effortless 10.

24Paw Print Piercing

Many people assume that if you want to show your love for something, you need to get a tattoo. This girl has proven them wrong with her paw print design piercing. Though a tattoo is an artsy way to show off a style, no one can forget how unique and charming this paw print design is. You go girl.

25A Little Bit of Everything

A little bit here, a little bit there – when it comes to earrings, you don’t have to decide. Check out what this girl did with her look, and you’ll see what I mean. She took a bit of everything and has combined it into the perfect combination that screams individuality. There’s no second guessing her style; she knows what she likes.



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