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12 Best Organic Makeup Brands

12 Best Organic Makeup Brands

12 Best Organic Makeup Brands

As each year passes by, we become more aware of the ingredients that are in our foods, our products, and even more so now than ever, our makeup. The back of a label can be a horror show, with a never ending list of chemicals that the company seems to believe is alright to douse yourself in. Want to do the best thing for your skin by sticking to natural beauty products? Here are 12 of the best organic makeup brands in the business.


Beautycounter is a company dedicated to spreading awareness about the unsafe ingredients integrated into many popular makeup brands. Their mission statement is ‘to get safer products into the hands of everyone,” noting that everyone deserves better. To provide that better option, Beautycounter was formed, with all of the elegance and quality of any other prestigious makeup on the market, without the harmful chemicals. Through their “Never List,” the company has banned over 1,500 chemicals from being used in their products.


One of the better known organic beauty brands, bareMinerals deserves all of the accolades it has received. It has been a constant reminder in mainstream society that a healthier option for their skin exists, and that it is attainable as well. The company’s mantra is “Be Natural. Be Good.” and they were founded to “make a positive difference in women’s lives.” With an all-around stellar makeup and skincare line, bareMinerals is an incredibly viable option while searching for the brand right for you.


INIKA isn’t just a brand; it’s a lifestyle. As a popular Australian makeup and skincare supplier, its regard for health is evident as soon as you see the product. INIKA notes that “beauty should be healthy because healthy is beautiful” and makes its ingredients easy to find, only using those that are 100% natural. The company is certified as organic, vegan, CCF tested, truth in beauty, as well as a myriad of others. It provides certain promises to its customers, such as no petrochemicals, harmful fillers, or use of products derived from animals. Born out of “a need to detox,” INIKA is a meritorious choice, sourcing their materials ethically from botanicals or minerals.


Committed to delivering “real results for real women,” tarte ensures that all of its products are organically collected and formulated for its customers. Part of the company’s mission statement includes proving that glamor can be good for you, and founder Maureen Kelly hoped to establish a business that could have the best products for your skin while maintaining the spunk and confidence of many mainstream makeup companies. From tarte’s stunning lip tints to their revolutionary Amazonian clay products, it is certain that Kelly has succeeded in her efforts. It doesn’t stop there, however. Motivated by their successes, tarte has a deep reverence for the rainforests and continues to “support cooperatives there,” along with developing more reusable products to minimize environmental waste.

5Ecco Bella

Founded in 1992, Ecco Bella, meaning “Behold Beautiful!,” was formed in response to the lack of options for women who were looking for an alternative to the popular makeup brands—one that cared about the wellbeing of the women it was selling to and used materials that corroborated their claim. Ecco Bella is doing things that no other brand dares, assuring that all of their products are made “ethically, authentically, are safe, and offer superior performance.” Ecco Bella makes their philosophy apparent to all who shop there, their slogan “Discover Intelligent Beauty” incredibly prevalent on their products. Each natural active ingredient in their product has been heavily tested in ethical clinical trials, not taking any shortcuts in guaranteeing that their ingredients are safe and even healthy for the skin. Sally Malanga, CEO and founder, is a member of many sustainability organizations and holds the environment in high regard, giving back regularly in a variety of ways. Try any of their high-quality products such as their FlowerColor Makeup today.


Origins has a four part purity promise as a part of its business campaign. One, products are formulated with the most elite natural ingredients and manufactured with earth-friendly practices. Two, Origins places a high emphasis on reducing waste from cosmetics products. Their own packaging is made largely from “post-consumer recycled materials produced by renewable energy sources.” In addition, Origins will accept cosmetic empties from any brand to recycle and eliminate waste. Three, the company replants trees to aid in sustaining the environment, with over 500,000 trees planted throughout the world thus far. Lastly, Origins raises money for cancer research through their Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and has raised over $53 million since 1992. Their top-tier makeup, bath and body, and skincare lines have switched many women over into healthy makeup and have innovated the field as a whole.

7100% Pure

Formed in Napa, California and now based in Silicon Valley, 100% Pure has always put health first in its products, leaving out any harmful toxins of their brand. Its name has become a mantra for the company; by making a purchase from 100% Pure, you are treating your skin to 100% natural and cruelty-free products, and also 100% free of artificial fragrances, colors, synthetic chemical preservatives or any other toxin. 100% Pure is a luxury for your skin, offering lines of fruit-dyed makeup, skincare, body, hair, and even baby. The company demonstrates the fact that you can carry over your organic lifestyle into beauty and feel confident in your skin. By becoming a “Purist,” you can get special rewards and offers by being a loyal customer.

8Elate Cosmetics

Elate, with the slogan “clean cosmetics,” puts you first. They do everything for the customer and have the goal of never sacrificing health for beauty. As Elate puts it, “Elate cosmetics won’t compromise your skin, your lifestyle, or the earth.” Uniquely, Elate allows the customer to form their own standard of beauty rather than creating one for them, creating “confidence through kindness.” An authentic and down to earth initiative, Elate sells products for the face, lips, cheeks, and eyes as well as beauty kits and compacts and palettes. Among the most popular of their products are their universal cremes for cheeks and lips and their vibrant lipstick line. The company has received many accolades for their accentuating products and is a sustainable option for an organic makeup brand.

9Alima Pure

Seeking to breathe new life into the definition of makeup and make it known as “an empowering tool of self-expression,” Alima Pure uses only the purest ingredients. The company has perfected the balance of incorporating minimal ingredients in their products for the maximum effect. Try any of Alima Pure’s liquid silk foundations or cream concealers for coverage that lasts all day. Alima Pure is made in the United States and never sacrifices quality. Their life-changing lip tints go amazingly well with all skin tones and use naturally-derived materials to create the gorgeous colors. Their website includes ingredients for each of their products for the customer’s convenience and to show that they aren’t afraid to be bare. Alima Pure has constructed an entire culture off of their brand, by offsetting all of the company’s carbon emissions, donating 1% of their yearly revenue to environmental organizations, being certified as a B Corporation, and producing refillable compacts.

10Dr. Hauschka

One of the older and more infamous organic makeup and skincare brands is Dr. Hauschka, developing natural medicines exclusively since 1935. Dr. Rudolf Hauschka pioneered in his ventures as an all-natural business which was considered especially wild for his time period. Often known as “the mother of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care,” Elisabeth Sigmund reflected of the time, “When we developed these unconventional skincare products we naturally felt like rebels.” Dr. Hauschka Skin Care didn’t stop being rebellious at this stage, as they continue to do things never done before today. Doing everything with the interest of “fostering well-being in the world,” the company stands proudly by their product and as much as they love their loyal customers, they are always trying to educate more people of the benefits of organic makeup and skincare and how everyone deserves more than what the popular makeup brands provide. Dr. Hauschka’s products can be used as a supplement through their skincare, or you can also take advantage of their makeup line as well. Regardless, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is a beneficial brand for your skin and health.

11RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty is one of the leading brands in the organic makeup industry and for good reason. Rose-Marie Swift has had many years of experience in the beauty world, and knows “first-hand the price our health can pay in the pursuit of beauty.” The company notes that using organic ingredients is a good first step, but also designs their products to heal and nourish the skin. They constantly try to transform the way that women use makeup and ensure that their products will look effortless on your skin, whether it be their popular luminizer line or eye palettes.

12Physician’s Formula

Producing face, lips, eyes, and skin products, Physician’s Formula truly is “Rx for Glamour.” Their mineral wear line is absolute perfection, making your skin look and feel more hydrated while also providing extraordinary coverage. This particular brand has been popularized in the mainstream makeup community as a less harsh alternative for your skin, which is fantastic news for both your skin and your wallet. Their Organic Wear line is 100% natural origin and 70% organic, as well as sweat and water resistant. The line is completely free of harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, gluten, GMOs, synthetic color and fragrances, and cruelty. Physician’s Formula is a serious contender in your difficult organic makeup brand decision and is definitely worth a try.



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