hairstyls for thick hair

Long and Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Rainy days can be a nightmare, and don’t even get started with humidity. Having thick hair isn’t always a walk in the park, we get it. But hey, it’s not all bad. Because as we all know, the grass always looks greener on the other side. At the end of the day, thick hair can be versatile not to mention glamourous so, embrace the big and beautiful hair you were gifted with! These trendy haircuts will emphasize all that is great and wonderful about having voluminous hair. Check out these 20 hairstyles for thick hair to make every day a good hair day.


11 Blunt Bangs

Add girly flair to your thick mane with a fringe! The wispy look is best left for thin, fluffy hair, so show off your thick hair birthright with bold, blunt bangs. Keep them just above or below your eyebrows for a flirty look.

1. Blunt Bangs

22 Bronde Ombré

Have some fun with color and jump on the trend train of bronde ombré! Lightening your ends works especially well with thick hair because it makes your hair look less heavy overall. Not to mention, it’s a great look to rock a ponytail in!

2. Bronde Ombré

33 Choppy Wavy Bob

Don’t run away quite yet — bobs don’t always have to result in a frizzy triangle shape. Rita Ora does short hair right with layered ends and big, loose curls. Leave-in conditioner can help keep the frizz at bay, especially if you’re in a humid climate, and make sure to blow dry your hair with a diffuser!

3. Choppy Wavy Bob

44 Central Part

Balance out your look with a middle part that parcels equal amounts of thick hair on both sides! Ask for lots of layers to thin out your locks, with the shortest ones hitting a few inches below your chin. Bonus – this look channels subtel boho vibes from the 60s.

4. Central Part

55 Classic Bob

Perennial fashion queen Anna Wintour shows off a classic bob that doesn’t shy away from her thick locks. Harness the volume of your thick hair with this look that has the added benefit of slimming your face. If you want to add some dimension ask for a more A line cut. Blunt bangs optional!

5. Classic Bob

66 The Lob

The only thing bigger than the bob this past year was the lob! It’s a great look for girls who aren’t ready or interested in the plunge to a short hairstyle. Part your hair on the side for some added volume, and mix it up by dying your ‘do an interesting shade. We’re loving this golden red hue on Lily!

6. The Lob

77 Braided Bun

If you need an elegant yet simple updo, try the braided bun. Deep condition your hair the night before to get a sleek sheen. To get this look for yourself, tie your hair into a long ponytail, braid your hair into two sections and then wrap them around in a spiral. All you need are some bobby pins and hairspray!

7. Braided Bun

88 Fishtail Braid

Remember when you used to show off all of the different braids you knew to your friends? Learning a new one was almost a rite of passage. Luckily, fishtail braids are just as relevant now and can be a chic update to a normal braid. Fishtail braids are perfect for thick hair because their thinner sections provide the illusion of finer hair!

8. Fishtail Braid

99 Sleek Updo

Updos are perfect for thick hair because they’re a breeze! While thin hair often struggles to hold curls or stay together, thick hair can remain unfazed for hours on end. We love this updo because the deep side part provides plenty of volume — just use hairspray on your roots to channel this look.

9. Sleek Updo

1010 Dramatic Curls

Hey, if you got it flaunt it right? Let your thick hair loose with these big bouncy curls that are both glamorous and sexy. Use a big barrel curling iron and your choice of hair styling product to get the look for yourself.

10. Dramatic Curls

1111 Stick Straight

Channel the cool chic of runway models (and pop stars) with super straight hair. Get the look by straightening your hair using a flat iron. Make sure your hair is completely dry before proceeding and slather on heat-protectant oils for added sheen.

11. Stick Straight

1212 Curled Ends

Who better to consult for hair advice than royalty herself? Kate Middleton is known for her beautiful, luscious locks, but before you get too envious, try this look out for yourself! Curling the ends keeps the top half sleek and adds a necessary bounce of volume that looks great even with a strong breeze!

12. Curled Ends

1313 Top Bun

Buns aren’t just for ballerinas! This hairstyle is sleek which gives it a polished look, while the high bun gives off an edgy and fun vibe. This look leaves your face in full view so take full advantage of it with strong eyebrows, flirty eyelashes and a bold lip color.

13. Top Bun

1414 Bowl Cut

This shaggy cut straddles the line between a bowl cut and a grown-out pixie. If you’re tired of maintaining long locks, this is a great look that leaves plenty of length while being very manageable. We love the choppy bangs in the front, they soften the look!

14. Bowl Cut

1515 Flirty Ponytail

Take a page out of hair goddess Jennifer Aniston’s book with this super casual updo! If you don’t have naturally straight hair, start by using a flat iron and then smooth your hair back.  Elevate this boring ponytail to the next level by tying a stray piece of hair around the base for a look that’s ready for the red carpet!

15. Flirty Ponytail

1616 Long Layers

Do you love your luxuriously long hair? Do you wave it around several times a day pretending you’re in a Pantene commercial? Make your life easier with a lot of layers that thin out your thick mane and add interesting levels and dimension. Curl in the ends of your layers for an extra sleek look!

16. Long Layers

1717 Retro

Relive the glamour of old-school Hollywood with these pin-up girl waves. Use a thick-barreled curling iron to create spiral curls. Make a deep side part, and curl back the front part of your hair for some va va voom volume! Supplement the look with bright red lips.

17. Retro

1818 Au Naturel

Go au naturel and embrace everything your thick hair has to offer with a beautiful fro like the one that Esperanza Spalding is rocking. I think we can agree, there’s something really special about someone who is comfortable in their natural state!

18. Au Naturel

1919 Beach Waves

When it comes to tousled waves like these, thick hair does it best! Sleep with your hair in wet braids, and unravel them in the morning for a look that is easy and natural. The greatest thing about this hairstyle is that it’s supposed to look tousled and messy, which makes it a great low maintenance look.

19. Beach Waves

2020 Half Up

Get your hair out of your face with this half up do that is easier than an up do and more formal than letting your hair loose. It also gets your hair out of your face which can be a lifesaver on busy days. Use bobby pins or fun accessories to get this look!

20. Half Up


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