Cheap Date Ideas

cheap date ideas


Fun Cheap Date Ideas For Couples

It’s that time of year again where we stress and over plan to show that special loved one how much they mean to us. Sure you can buy a 100 roses, wine and dine them before the theater, or take a trip to the mountains, but what’s special about that? In the spirit of Valentines, don’t make the day about celebrating the holiday, make it all about spending time together. This year instead of going all out, check out our ten cheap date ideas. You don’t need to go big to show your love; going small and intimate is always the best way.


1Main Feature w/ Snacks

As we grow up, most of us have a favorite movie. Doesn’t matter if it’s yours, your loved one, or one you two share together. The point is that this movie makes you happy and you love nothing more than to share it with the most important person in your life. So why not set up for a special viewing?

This is supposed to be done in the comfort of your home, so no need for expensive movie tickets and food. Not to mention dealing with people talking or crowded theaters. Depending on the main feature of the night, choose a theme that best works in the movie and your snacks. So maybe if the movie is Snow White, you might make a Carmel Apple bar for your snack. Pick something that is sweet and easy to snack on as the movie goes. You could even plan out a few snacks, but try your best to keep the overall theme going.

The best thing about this date is there are so many variables to make it special. You can have picnic on the floor, use a projector in the backyard, or curl up in bed and watch it in pure comfort. Whatever you decided, just know this is going to be a date they will always remember.

2Candlelight Dinner

We all like those special, fancy dinners in dark restaurants. Usually they cost an arm and a leg and that is if you were smart enough to make reservations months in advanced. Why not skip all that hassle, and work together to create your own three meal course. This is one of the best cheap romantic date ideas!

Cooking together can be a lot of fun. As well as totally rewarding. Take time to plan what you guys want to make, go to the store together, and plan your night in. Grab some candles, turn on the music and enjoy your time together. Worst case, the meal turns out horrible and you end up laughing about it over pizza.

3Fun Date Ideas: Volunteer Together

Just because the day is about your love, doesn’t mean we can’t take time to do stuff for others. Depending on your personality, nothing might make you happier than doing a good deed. So call up the local animal shelter, recreational areas, homeless centers, food pantry’s, or do some research and find a cause close to your heart. But whatever you two choose, choose it together.

4Spa Date

No matter who we are, we all live busy and crazy lives at times. Why add to the already stress levels of our lives by feeding into the idea you have to go big for Valentine ’s Day. This holiday plan a special spa day for the two of you. Spas can get very expensive and awkward if you’re a little shy or not use to one. Skip all that and search Pinterest to bring the Spa home.

You will be able to find some things that will fit with your style and tastes. Maybe all you need is some time in the Hot Tub with scented candles. Perhaps giving each other a massage will hit the right spot. No matter what you prefer, you can find tips to do it at home for half the cost.

5Cute date Ideas: Hike/Activity

Nothing gets the blood pumping and the body going like exercise. Why not plan an activity outside that will get you two moving? You two don’t have to share the same hobbies or be into the same things, but Valentine’s is all about spending time together. A fun activity to do is each person gets to choose an activity for you two to do together. For example if he is a golfer, then maybe you two go play miniature golf or a round of 18 on the course. If you like going for a walk, stroll around the neighborhood together.

6Music and Sunset

Why fight through traffic, weather, and people to go somewhere special to celebrate, when you have an amazing time at your house. Grab the blankets, some wine or sparkling cider, and your loved one to snuggle together as you watch the sunset. Doesn’t matter if it’s from your porch or even just the lawn, nothing will be more romantic then just relaxing and chatting as the sun falls for the night. Even if you have been together for years, this date never gets old.

7Cheap Date Night Ideas: Drive in Movie

Sometimes we just need to get out of the house and do something fun. Why not take a trip to the past by dressing up and going out to an old Drive in Movie Theater. Go all out in your 50s/60s glam, pack the cooler, bring the blankets, and get ready to see a double feature. Drive-In Movie theaters are all the rage right now and once you go you will understand why.

8Free Date Ideas: Game Night

Who says your night has to be sweet and romantic? Maybe you two are competitive and love showing each other up as you fight to see who is better.  Doesn’t matter if you’re into video games, board games, or just liked chess.  This cheap date will have you entertained for hours as you two have a blast.

9Search the Stars

Have you noticed a bit of a trend? We love snuggles and we love spending quality time with loved ones. That is why the best dates are the ones where you two just get to have time together and talk. Instead of the sunset, look to the stars. You can enjoy the beauty and calmness of the night, looks for constellations, or just enjoy a picnic. Whatever the plan is, let the stars be your guide.

10Creative Date Ideas: Create your own Project

We are all different people with different tastes. Maybe you two are not super romantic or into snuggles. Maybe you love working together on cosplay, crafting, art, baking, or whatever your hobby is. So why not take time this Valentine’s and create a project together. It could even be something as simple as a bookcase for the house. No matter what it is, you wo will have fun doing it together.

Hope we’ve inspired you with our list of cheap good date ideas for valentines day!



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