Romantic Date Ideas

Romantic Date Ideas

Top 25 Romantic and Cute Date Ideas

Dating can be a huge hassle. It can get pricey, awkward or boring, which means its almost more trouble than it’s worth. Let us help you take the stress out of dating with a curated list of fun and cute date ideas that range from the free to the pricey, casual to the fancy. Whatever your interests or personality, you’re sure to find something that you’ll enjoy doing. Whether you’re looking for creative new first date ideas or trying to keep the spark alive with your boyfriend, read on for 25 romantic date ideas!


1Happy Holidays

Create a holiday – just for the two of you! It’s your day so you can make up any traditions you like. Make up a history for the holiday, some foods you have to eat to celebrate as well as quirky rules you have to follow. Bonus – this can become an annual tradition if you’re in a long-term relationship.

2Cooking Class

Ready to take your meals (and your relationship) to the next level? Enroll in a cooking class and learn how to make everything from fancy desserts like pistachio macarons, to special diets like vegan gourmet dishes. These can be a bit on the pricey side, but sites like Groupon and LivingSocial often have discounts!

3Sip and Go

Grab a cup of coffee or tea from your favorite cafe and then take a walk around your city. No need to pick a specific destination, the fun is in the unhurried journey itself. Chances are, you’ll find new places to check out! Not to mention, you won’t run out of things to talk about because you’ll be constantly coming across new sights.

4Volunteer Together

Contribute in a meaningful way to a cause you care about, all while spending time with the person you love! For instance, if you both love animals, why not volunteer at a dog shelter? If you want something active, build a house with Habitat for Humanity! If you like kids, try a local Boys and Girls Club or after school program. The possibilities are endless! Follow this link for 3 websites you can use to find volunteer opportunities near you.

5Get Cultured at a Museum

Museums are cooler than they get credit for, and chances are, there’s a museum in your city you haven’t been to! A lot of museums have days where admission is free, so check the website to plan your trip. Also, you can get free admission through other programs such as Bank of America’s “Museums on Us” program.  A museum date is a perfect indoor activity for cold or rainy days!

6Game Night

Get away from your computer screen with some old-fashioned board game fun! Dig up some cards or board games from your childhood, or pick one up from the store. You can throw in some daring bets to add excitement, or just play for fun. Some cafes also stock games so you can take your game night there as well if you want a cup of coffee to sip on while you play.

7DIY Restaurant Tour

Pick out a few restaurants you’ve always wanted to go to and hit them up – in the same night! By splitting an appetizer or small dish at each one you don’t have to break the bank but can still sample many different places in one go. We recommend picking a place for appetizers, entrees and desserts!


Traveling can be expensive and a lot of work. Combine the carefree fun of a vacation with the stress-free nature of staying at home with a staycation! Pretend you are tourists of your city and spend the day going to attractions and sights you’ve always taken for granted. Bonus – this will show you a new side of your city and might even help you fall in love with it all over again.

9Workout Session

Work on your fitness by signing up for a yoga or spin class together. Go once just for kicks, or make it a weekly routine that also helps you keep your New Year’s Resolution of staying healthy. It’ll be fun to see one another in a new setting and you can even extend the date by feeding each other post-workout snacks!

10Blast to the Past

Dig up old baby photos and childhood paraphernalia and share them with each other for some laughs! Looking at baby photos is always a cute pastime and you can do it in the comfort of your own home! Bonus – as you share stories from your childhood, you can learn more about each other and become closer.

11Host a Dinner Party

It’s like playing house when you were a kid – but with real food. Get a taste of married life by acting as the hosts at a dinner party for your friends! Bond as you decide over the menu, cook the meal together, choose which friends to invite and keep up lively banter with your guests.

12Improv Comedy

Chances are, one of the things you like about your partner is that they make you laugh. Have some fun laughing together at an improv comedy show! This is a great way to unwind after a long day as well as a great way to break the ice with a new date. Check sites like Goldstar and Groupon for discounted tickets!

13Drive-In Movie

This retro activity is experiencing a comeback in a major way, and is an ideal date! It gets you out of the house but you can remain in the comfort of your own car where you can talk and eat snacks all you want! No need to worry about loud strangers or expensive popcorn prices here. Check this site to find a drive-in near you.


Yes, it might be a cliche, but there’s something magical about spending an evening together just looking at the stars. Plus, you don’t need anything except a blanket and maybe some snacks if you get peckish. Read up on constellations beforehand and have fun trying to find them with each other.

15Go Hiking

Combine sightseeing and exercise with a scenic hike! Pick a trail neither of you have been on and set out for some off the grid alone time together. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, go on a trail that ends in a cliff diving spot! It’s a great way to cool off after a hot hike. Or, bring along your dog for some quality “family” time.

16Pick Fruit Together

Take your love of fresh produce and farmer’s market and turn it into a date! Find a local farm and have a lazy afternoon picking berries or fruits. Take them home and whip up some delicious pie together to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  This is definitely a fun and unique date idea!

17Learn Something Together

Classes don’t have to be expensive, and you don’t have to go to school. There are thousands of classes available through MOOCs with everything from coding to Renaissance history. Pick something you’re both interested in and challenge each other intellectually as study buddies.

18Get Creative

Pick a creative pursuit you’re both interested in, such as writing, photography, pottery or painting. Get all the necessary materials and spend a day working on your own projects. The best part is sharing them with each other! You can even make something for your date to keep, like a clay bowl or a cute photo in a frame.

19Search for Hidden Treasure

Get in touch with your explorer side and spend the day solving clues to get to the prize. Geocaching is a modern day treasure hunt, all you need is an app and you can set out to find where people have hidden their “caches”. It’s an out-of-the-box date that helps you see each other in a natural setting, and you get the added fun of a treasure you can take home and keep.

20Dance, Dance, Dance!

Get your groove on with dance lessons! There are many different types of dances to choose from, like ballroom dancing or salsa dancing. Messing up on the dance floor is a great way to laugh with your partner, not to mention you’ll get physically close while showing off your best moves.

21Flea Market

Go to a local flea market for an interesting change of pace. Just walk around and look at everything from old records to vintage silverware to crazy cat tshirts, or make it interactive with a shopping challenge. Give each other a time limit and price limit to find each other the perfect gift. You get to show how much you know your date and get a present out of it. Ready, set, go!

22Spring Cleaning

It might seem weird to do chores on date night, but who better to do boring activities with than someone who gets your heart rate up? Crack open a bottle of wine to loosen things up and tackle a messy closet or go through your childhood belongings. Looking through your stuff is sure to bring back memories you can share with one another!

23Green Thumb

Give the gift that keeps on giving, and start a garden that you can reap the benefits of for years to come! Plant beautiful flowers, tasty herbs or fresh veggies and have fun watering and maintaining it as you watch them grow. If you don’t have a lot of yard space, get creative with urban gardens or terrariums.

24Cooking Night

No need to leave the house, you can make your own candlelit dinner! Cook each other’s favorite dishes, or have a themed menu, like Mexican food or Japanese food. Add some candles and flowers to add a romantic vibe, or keep it casual and enjoy your finished product with a movie.

25Role Play

Perfect romantic date idea for married couples or old couples who need to freshen things up, pretending to be on a first date can be funny, awkward and insightful! Agree to meet at a rendezvous point and pretend you have never met before. Off limits: inside jokes, references to your shared history. Bonus – you might walk away with new knowledge on your significant other!



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